cooch dream teamBy Peter Galuszka

Ken Cuccinelli just can’t keep away from the bizarre, but perhaps that’s what makes him what he is.

He stages a convention instead of a primary to neuter Bill Bolling. And since a convention is smaller, it draws more GOP hard-righters than  June bugs on a humid night and they succeed in getting Bishop E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain selected. They underline the social conservatism that turns millions off and makes Virginia the butt of jokes on late night talk shows.

The Bishop is an even bigger gay basher than Cuccinelli and says that Planned Parenthood is responsible for more fatalities among African-Americans than the Ku Klux Klan. This may be new to a Harvard Law graduate, but women of any color have a legal right to an abortion within limits. The U.S. Supreme Court said so. Look under Roe vs. Wade.

Then there is the attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain of the legacy Republican family. He proposed and withdrew legislation to require any woman in Virginia who miscarries a pregnancy to report it to the police. The idea is so repulsive it is beyond words. A woman may have miscarried to her great sorrow due to medical reasons and then would have to go through the added horror of having to report to the police? Yes, this comes from a cabal that otherwise wants to keep the government out of your lives. Even Josef Stalin wouldn’t think of this.

What does the dream team have to say on the many policy issues facing a troubled state? We have a bunch of lame and poorly thought out tax cuts and Cooch playing hardware store populist. Cuccinelli was against McDonnnell’s mammoth road building tax plan and has since backed away from his opposition.

Is this good news for Terry McAuliffe, who has plenty of issues of his own? Yes, I would think. Cuccinelli doesn’t need the fringe hard right voters. He’s already got them in his pocket. He needs the center and Mark and the Bishop aren’t going to be much help there.

It boggles the mind how Virginia is so schizo. It is attracting hundreds of thousands of newcomers who are running the state’s economy and are dragging it into the 21st century world. Yet the Republicans put up people like this who aren’t dragging us to Virginia’s recent dark past but to medieval times.

Global investors might think twice or three times before investing in this freak show.

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6 responses to “The Cooch’s Freak Show Dream Team”

  1. larryg Avatar

    I could be wrong , but I believe this may be the election in Va which truly pits the urban areas against the rural areas.

    sure there are right-wingers in the urban areas but if they are overt at election time – they are usually toast – although truthfully a few do remain ensconced.

    the other interesting thing in Virginia is that many suburbs are as red as RoVa is…. even though they work in the urban areas…..

  2. Breckinridge Avatar

    Twenty years ago Mike Farris packed a VA GOP convention with home school families and won the nomination for LG. He then turned out the same in large numbers in the fall. The turnout helped bolster George Allen and Jim Gilmore, but lots of moderates cast their LG ballots for Don Beyer. Farris lost.

    Will the pattern follow this time? Will EW Jackson spark a huge Tea Party turnout that boosts Cuccinelli and Obenshain but proves insufficient for his own election? Maybe. He will at least be good copy. The difference is that in 1993 neither Allen nor Gilmore was as firmly aligned with the Christian Right/Tea Party elements of the party, and moving to the middle was easier for them. They found victory in moderate positions on social issues and a focus on fiscal issues and crime.

    This time we get to test the favorite political theory of many disgruntled Republicans, who are never satisfied that their nominees are sufficiently pure in their ideology. Well, if these guys don’t fit the bill, who possibly could?

    1. Ghost of Ted Dalton Avatar
      Ghost of Ted Dalton

      I think you hit the nail on the head. For decades we have heard the most conservative members of society rant about how moderate the GOP is. They have always claimed that if they could only get a “true conservative” nominated that people would flock to the polls in droves and the “true conservative” would dominate debates with the Democrat.

      The people making this argument in Virginia are cut from the same cloth as the freak show in Illinois in 2004. They took over the nominating process after Jack Ryan dropped out and nominated Alan Keyes to oppose Obama. I don’t think Keyes got 30% of the vote.

      So now Virginia is the new test case. There can be no whining about the result. An off-off year election skews as conservative as you’re going to get. So we shall test this hypothesis. But if it fails, will these people admit failure? Absolutely not. We will hear a myriad of excuses….”vote fraud” “irregularities” “corruption” “low information voters”…..I’m afraid that the GOP created the freak show and they’re going to be stuck with it for a long time.

      It’s a shame b/c I generally vote GOP. I tend to really enjoy Bacon’s writings and see a lot of merit in specific conservative ideas. But this ticket is simply off the scales.

  3. Darrell Avatar

    Guess you aren’t reading the GOP blogs where there is a civil war going on between not just grassroots and establishment, but also those who favor a primary vs a convention. Ask DJ about that.

    1. Breckinridge Avatar

      No, I waste little time reading the GOP blogs. And that discussion is moot as the convention has already been held.

  4. larryg Avatar

    if you think the GOP savages libtards you should see what they do to their own!


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