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The Bacon’s Rebellion blog tracks public policy issues in Virginia.

We don’t do politics — just policy. Moreover, this is not a partisan blog. We entertain a broad spectrum of views. Our regular and semi-regular contributors include:

    • James A. Bacon, publisher. (View posts.) You can contact him at jabacon[at]
    • Stephen D. Haner. A former newspaper reporter, political operative, state employee, and lobbyist, Steve brings diverse perspectives to the blog. (View posts.)
    • Les Schreiber. After working on Wall Street, Les moved back to Richmond, he taught at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. He is now retired. (View posts.)
    • Don Rippert. Don has recently retired as a senior executive with a Fortune 500 company. He lives in Northern Virginia. (View posts.)

Contributors Welcome

If you would like to contribute a column, please contact Publisher Jim Bacon at jabacon[at] to see if your topic would be suitable. (Insert “@” for “[at]”.)

Blog Rules and Etiquette

We request, though we don’t require, readers to use their real names when they comment. For those unwilling to reveal their real name, we ask that they use a consistent pseudonym so others can more easily track who is saying what.

We have managed, so far, to avoid posting elaborate rules for participating in this blog. We simply urge contributors and commenters to maintain a collegial atmosphere. Direct all the fire and fury you want at another person’s argument, but do not engage in ad hominem attacks. The publisher reserves the right to delete any comments that violate this basic rule. Additionally, blog contributors have the right to delete any comments on their own posts only that they feel detracts from the quality of the dialogue.


Investigative reporting, R.I.P. In-depth reporting is dead. If not dead, it’s comatose. Reeling from declining revenue and eroding profit margins, print media enterprises continue to lay off staff and shrink column inches.

New entities are filling the void but they all have agendas. Think tanks engage university professors to write research papers and pump out political commentary. Corporations and advocacy groups churn out press releases and newsletters. Bloggers filter and comment upon the flood of raw material. But hardly anyone is left to do the old-fashioned digging, sifting and reporting that explains to the public how the world really works. The result: The public is inundated with information but many of the most important stories are going unreported.

Sponsor journalistic coverage. Bacon’s Rebellion covers public policy issues, not politics. Our contributors represent viewpoints across the ideological spectrum. With a mission of building more prosperous, livable and sustainable communities — not advancing a partisan agenda — we occupy a unique position in the Virginia blogosphere.

We work with trade associations and advocacy groups of all persuasions to research and write about subjects that will inform the public debate in Virginia. If traditional media are unable or unwilling to address the topics that you think should be part of the public discourse, you need to talk to us.

Previous sponsors include the Piedmont Environmental Council, Bon Secours and Smart Growth for America.

Current sponsor: Bacon’s Rebellion is covering energy and environmental issues under a sponsorship from Dominion. Read the sponsorship terms here.

Contact Publisher Jim Bacon at jabacon[at] or call (804) 873-1543.

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