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America Is Tired of Elitism

by Kerry Dougherty

There is nothing that members of the corporate media hate more than being told they’re elites.

Thing is, they’re so elite they don’t even realize it.

Take The New York Times White House correspondent, Annie Karni, for instance.

It isn’t simply her job to report what’s going on in Washington, she’s also the self-appointed  defender of former presidents not named Trump.

On Sunday, CNN’s Jim Acosta took time out from attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — apparently it’s the anchor’s job to try to damage a likely GOP frontrunner for president in 2024 — to give Karni a chance to blow kisses to the Obamas.

Acosta pointed out that there was criticism of the party Barack Obama threw for himself at his Martha’s Vineyard $12 million estate Saturday night. Leaked photos showed a crowd of unmasked revelers, including Obama, dancing inside a crowded large tent.

Criticism of the party was “overblown” according to the NYT reporter. Continue reading

Bobos and the Epistemic Regime

by James A. Bacon

David Brooks, writing in The Atlantic, serves up a brilliant update to his 2000 classic, “Bobos in Paradise,” in which he explores the nature of America’s new ruling class. Borrowing terminology from Jonathan Rauch, he introduces the concept of the epistemic regime — “the massive network of academics and analysts who determine what is true.”

The epistemic regime, he writes:

possesses the power of consecration; it determines what gets recognized and esteemed, and what gets disdained and dismissed. The web, of course, has democratized tastemaking, giving more people access to megaphones. But the setters of elite taste still tend to be graduates of selective universities living in creative-class enclaves. If you feel seen in society, that’s because the creative class sees you; if you feel unseen, that’s because this class does not.

Thank you, David Brooks, for articulating ideas I have been groping to define in Bacon’s Rebellion. Continue reading