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Neighborhood Narcs

Getting fresh air is all we have left. Looks like the neighborhood busybodies want to shut that down, too.

by Kerry Dougherty

I always liked the idea of Neighborhood Watch. You know, loosely organized groups of residents who keep an eye on things.

Sort of like homeland security for your street.

We don’t have an organized watch in my neighborhood, but we do look out for each other.

Here’s an example: I remember walking my dogs late one night when I saw a man I didn’t recognize trying to open a neighbor’s front door. It was locked and I saw him duck around the back.

Despite the fact it was after midnight, McKerry the Crime Dog went home, grabbed her phone, woke the neighbors only to learn that the “intruder” was the husband’s brother, visiting from out of town. They’d left the back door open for him. Continue reading

Cabin Fever? Red Cross Has the Cure

Kerry donates blood.

by Kerry Dougherty

During these long and lonely shut-in days, I spend a lot of time talking to myself.

For instance, I got up yesterday morning, poured a cup of coffee, took a deep breath and turned on my computer.

What fresh hell awaits us today, I whispered as it flickered on.

Instead of another load of catastrophe porn, though, I found this: A message from the American Red Cross.

“Through March 18, nearly 4,500 blood drives have been canceled due to coronavirus to concerns, resulting in over 150,000 fewer blood donations. Yesterday, the Surgeon General stressed the importance of giving blood. Make an appointment.”

Geez, that’s terrible, I murmured, as I started to delete the message. I hope people donate.

Then I thought about a special guy I know who has blood cancer. He gets transfusions regularly. Without them, his prognosis would be grim.

Wait a minute, I thought. I’m people. I should donate. Continue reading

Ralph Northam’s Power Play

by Kerry Dougherty

After several weeks of acting with remarkable restraint, Ralph Northam on Monday suddenly gave in to his tyrannical impulses.

He sternly ordered all schools closed for the rest of the academic year.

Someone give this man a calendar. It’s MARCH. On the 13th of this month he ordered the schools closed for two weeks.

“I recognize this will pose a hardship on many families, but closing our schools for two weeks will not only give our staff time to clean and disinfect school facilities, it will help slow the spread of this virus,” he said at the time.

He jumped from that to this?

With one wave of his imperious little hand, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, Northam became only the second governor in the nation – after Kansas’ – to close schools through the end of the school year.

What’s the hurry, Governor? It’s not a race. Continue reading

Suburbia Is Swell

by Kerry Dougherty

There are at least two groups of babbling fools that have been mercifully silent during this emerging pandemic: anti-vaxxers and the so-called New Urbanists.

No one wants to hear from the nuts who refuse to vaccinate their kids right now. The world is praying for a COVID-19 vaccine and these crazies don’t even get flu shots.

The New Urbanists have also slunk away somewhere. To their high-rise co-ops, I suppose, where they’re trying to figure out how to ride the elevator while staying six feet away from their neighbors.

You remember the New Urbanists, don’t you? They were the urban planners who polluted Virginia Beach’s strategic growth office and tried to foist a billion-dollar light-rail system on us, insisting that the only way millennials could be persuaded to stay in our fair city was if we provided them with ant colony living.

The rail stops would become dense hubs of “mixed use” activity where people could live in tiny boxes above high-end stores and markets. While these visionaries praised sardine life, they also scoffed at the suburbs. Continue reading

Virginia’s Vengeful Politicians

LaBravia Jenkins

by Kerry Dougherty

Terry McAuliffe is a terrific politician. If you’ve met the former Virginia governor you know what I mean. He’s smooth. He oozes charm.

Like many skilled politicians, underneath that affable exterior lurks a ruthless operator with an elephantine memory.

Just ask LaBravia Jenkins, the well-respected commonwealth’s attorney for the City of Fredericksburg. It appears that she may have lost a bid to become a general district court judge last week over a four-year-old grudge harbored by McAuliffe and his disciples.

Another commonwealth’s attorney, Chuck Slemp, of Wise County was also bumped, apparently for the same reason.

In 2016, Jenkins was one of 43 prosecutors who signed a friend-of-the-court brief opposing McAuliffe’s blanket restoration of voting rights to more than 200,000 felons.

The Virginia Supreme Court agreed and found McAuliffe’s sweeping move unconstitutional. Governors are required to restore rights on a case-by-case basis. Continue reading

Yanking Drivers’ License Over Unpaid Court Costs Is Inhumane

by Kerry Daugherty

Many years ago, OK, 11 to be exact, I foolishly zipped along Rt. 58 through Emporia.

Yep, the speeding capital of the Old Dominion.

I saw the flashing lights in my rearview, heard the screaming sirens and prayed that the cop was chasing one of the cars ahead of me.

He wasn’t.

It’s one thing for out-of-staters to get nabbed along that rural ribbon of alternating 45, 55 and 60 mph speed limits with a cop car lurking behind every bush, but those of us who live in Virginia should know better.

Despite begging the officer for just a warning, and explaining that I had a good excuse: I’d been listening to a football game on the radio and Ole Miss just scored a touchdown on LSU. I’d accidentally mashed the accelerator in celebration. Continue reading

Democrats Circled the Wagons, Propelling Biden to Big Virginia Victory

by Kerry Dougherty

Wow. What a difference 12 years makes.

During the 2008 Democratic primary in Virginia, when Sen. Barack Obama swept the commonwealth with 63.7% of the vote, Joe Biden, 65, straggled in with 0.1 percent. The senator from Delaware finished in 6th place that year, behind Hillary Clinton, John Edwards (remember him?), Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson.

Out of 986,203 votes cast in that historic primary, Biden got just 795.

It was a vastly different scenario last night when Biden roared to victory with about 53 percent of the vote, and a vote total of roughly 704,623.

Biden was the big Super Tuesday story, nationwide. The gaffe-prone 77-year-old exploded in primary after primary — including in Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren finished an embarrassing third and Biden edged out Bernie to come in first.

Virginia Beach: No Reason to Fire Mayor Bobby Dyer

Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer

by Kerry Dougherty

Virginia Beach Councilman Aaron Rouse — on the job for a mere 14 months — has announced that he’s ready to resign his seat to run for mayor.


Some of us who supported him for council feared this might happen. It’s a bad move. Very bad.

First, Mayor Bobby Dyer is doing a terrific job. Why in the world would voters fire him?

Dyer’s been in office since November of 2018 when he was elected to fill the remainder of Will Sessoms’ term after the former mayor abruptly quit. That expires this year and Dyer’s seeking his first full term as mayor.

In the convulsive 2018 local election — where three city council races went to recount, one councilman was removed by the courts over a residency problem, and the political establishment backed his opponent — Dyer won with 82,201 votes, and 51.8 recent of the vote. Continue reading

State Senate Saves the Commonwealth. Again.

by Kerry Dougherty

Here’s a morsel of good news from Richmond: Virginia will not be joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact movement.

This year, anyway.

For the second time in 10 days a State Senate committee saved us from extreme bills that had already passed the drunk-with-power House of Delegates.

First, it was the vague assault weapons bill, which would have turned thousands of law-abiding Virginia gun owners into felons. That proposal was scrapped, thanks to four bold Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who sided with their GOP colleagues.

This week, the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee tabled — for this session, anyway –– HB177, a measure that would have relinquished Virginia’s sovereignty to California and New York by awarding our electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections. Continue reading

Norfolk Needs a Newspaper, So Does Virginia Beach

The Virginian-Pilot building in downtown Norfolk

by Kerry Dougherty

Come spring Norfolk will no longer have a daily newspaper. Neither will the commonwealth’s largest city, Virginia Beach. Or its second-largest city, Chesapeake.

No matter how The Tribune company tries to spin its boneheaded decision to drag the remnants of the once-sprawling Virginian-Pilot staff to The Daily Press building in Newport News — 26.3 miles away — this will no longer be a paper that’s produced in Norfolk.


You don’t move a newspaper out of its coverage area. Not if you care about covering the news, that is. Continue reading

Virginia Dems Shoot Down Assault Weapons Bill

I am pleased to announce an affiliation with KerryDougherty.com published by former Virginian-Pilot columnist Kerry Dougherty. Kerry writes on a wide range of topics pertaining to politics and popular culture from a conservative perspective, and she has given us permission to re-post her commentary regarding the follies and foibles of Virginia here on Bacon’s Rebellion. — JAB

by Kerry Dougherty

After I wrote a piece last week revealing where Rep. Elaine Luria hid during the State of the Union address, one reader – we’ll call her Joan – left a comment on my Facebook page.

“Why don’t you ever write anything positive about Democrats?” she lamented.

“Like what, Joan?” I replied.


Well, Joan, this one’s for you. Turns out there are some anti-gun measures that even Virginia Democrats can’t stomach. As a result, I have something very positive to say about Creigh Deeds, John Edwards, Chap Petersen and Scott Surovell, the four Senate Democrats who boldly broke ranks with the anti-gun zealots running their party to vote against the so-called “assault weapons” bill. Continue reading