ODU Professor Allyn Walker Put on Administrative Leave

by Kerry Dougherty

That didn’t take long.

Two days after Old Dominion University issued a tepid word salad supporting assistant professor Allyn Walker, who’s attempting to normalize pedophilia, the president of the university, Brian O. Hemphill, placed Walker on administrative leave.

Looks like the brass at ODU heard loud and clear from the parents, donors and students — you know, normal people — who are outraged that an assistant professor in the department of sociology and criminal justice is urging society to dignify pedophilia by referring to these freaks as “minor-attracted people” or MAPs.

This is the person — who uses they/them as pronouns – who’s been in the news for the past few days:

In a letter addressed to students, faculty and staff, Hemphill minced no words in his disapproval of the “research” performed by this assistant professor. His strongly worded missive stands in sharp contrast to that bizarre gibberish the university produced on Sunday essentially supporting Walker.

“Many individuals have shared with me the view that the phrase ‘minor-attracted people’ is inappropriate and should not be utilized as a euphemism for behavior that is illegal, morally unacceptable and profoundly damaging. It is important to call pedophilia what it is. As a father, I am troubled by this narrative and its potential consequences for my children and that of future generations.”

Well put, Dr. Hemphill.

Pedophilia is an abomination. It doesn’t deserve cute euphemisms concocted by a twisted cult trying to gain acceptance for increasingly abnormal behavior.

People who lust after children are sick. The notion that there should be no moral judgement attached to these creatures who prey on society’s most vulnerable members is repugnant.

Walker is gone. For now, at least.

Excellent news, indeed.

One more victory for parents and others who are pushing back against the left’s perverse influence in education.

Let the woke crowd howl.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.