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The Woke Never Rest… Because It’s Hard to Keep Up

James Madison University already has a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) program. Now three WGSS professors are proposing creation of an “LGBTQ” studies minor, reports The Breeze student newspaper.

The program, which must undergo a lengthy approval process, would give students “access to a quality minor that would give them insight into queer lives,” says WGSS prof Kristen Kelley.

Sounds to me like JMU has a long way to catch up.

Consider that Virginia Military Institute, a military academy for chrissake, refers to “LGBTQIA+” in its diversity, equity and inclusion program. The “I” stands for intersex, and “A” for asexual, aromantic, or agender, according to Google. Not only that, VMI adds a plus sign to cover any permutations of sexuality and gender the other letters leave out.

Why no “I,” “A” or plus sign, JMU?

I’ll admit, wokism mutates faster than cockroaches after a nuclear war, so it’s hard to keep up. But, really, a gender program with only five letters? C’mon, JMU, you’ve got to up your game!


Wins Defends LGBTQIA+ Performance Artist at VMI

VMI Superintendent Cedric T. Wins

The rhetorical battle at the Virginia Military Institute rages like the Bloody Angle in the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse. In this ongoing war of words, VMI Superintendent Cedric Wins is like the corps commander who wanders dangerously close to the battlefront. Rather than rely upon subalterns and proxies to speak for him, he has waded into the rhetorical fray.

Wins recently distributed a letter responding to the criticism of VMI’s decision to host LGBTQIA+ performance artist Kimberly Dark. He argued that VMI has invited speakers, including conservative Judge Michael Luttig, representing a range of views. Taking issue with “unhappy alumni” who protested Dark’s presence, he framed the voluntary event as an opportunity for cadets to “listen to a speaker, evaluate the soundness of her analysis, hit her with tough questions, and see how well-founded her beliefs are.”

Bacon’s Rebellion has been sympathetic to the “unhappy alumni” Wins referred to, but we think he makes some reasonable points. Accordingly, in the interest of open dialogue, we republish his full letter below. –JAB Continue reading

Time for a Public Debate among Medical Experts on Treatment of Gender Incongruent Minors

John Littel Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources

by James C. Sherlock

When there is significant public interest in complex and controversial topics, it is best to let experts debate in public.

Such a topic is why Virginia children’s hospitals and clinics treat gender dysphoric children and adolescents with puberty blockers and cross-gender hormones as a standard practice.

And whether Virginia should permit them to continue to do so.

I offer for debate the recent decision by Sweden that the risks of hormonal interventions for gender-dysphoric youth outweigh the potential benefits.  They have restricted those specific interventions for minors to a very limited number of circumstances.

I recommend that the Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources sponsor a televised, structured debate among prominent medical experts.

Use the Swedish decision (below) that set strict limits on the use of hormones on minors as the motion, with the proposition/affirmative team arguing that decision is correct.

Ask leaders of the gender transition clinics at UVa and VCU to argue the negative side.  Use standard debate format and rules.

Such a public debate, as far as I know, would be the first of its kind on this topic in the United States.  It would draw a national audience and provide a national service.

Finding a broadcast venue to televise it should not present a challenge.

Continue reading

Virginia Not Ready to Criminalize Parents Who Reject Child’s Transgender Identity. Not Yet.

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman. Social workers know best!

by James A. Bacon

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, D-Prince William, stirred the hornet’s nest when she told WJLA last week that she would reintroduce a bill to expand the definition of child abuse to include inflicting “physical or mental injury” on children due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. Republicans criticized the criminalization of parental rights. The story went viral nationally before other local media had a chance to touch it.

The bill is so crazy (see Kerry Dougherty’s post below) that many Democrats have made a point of distancing themselves as well. But not all.

It’s worth noting that the original bill introduced in 2020 had two co-patrons: Del. Ibraheem Samirah, D-Herndon, and Senator Joe Morrissey, D-Richmond.

Also, while House Minority Leader Don L. Scott Jr., D-Portsmouth, declared that Guzman had assured him that she would not reintroduce a bill, he proceeded to defend her, according to The Washington Post. “She said her comments were taken out of context and that she does not want to criminalize any parents.” Continue reading

Don’t California Our Virginia

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman

by Kerry Dougherty

Whatever you do at the ballot box in Virginia, do not return Democrats to power in Richmond.

Or anywhere else.

You’ve been warned.

Leftist Northern Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman (D-Dale City), announced Thursday that she’s re-introducing legislation this year that would protect LGBTQ children from their parents.

Chew on that for a moment.

This is a push-back against Governor Glenn Youngkin’s department of education regulation that requires kids who identify with a gender other than the one they were born with to have parental permission to change their appearance and pronouns.

This sort of common-sense rule has made Democrats apoplectic.

Guzman’s bill, she said, would expand the definition of child abuse and neglect to include those who “do not affirm” their kid’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Continue reading

UVa Children’s Takes Step Forward in Support to Gender Dysphoric Minors

by James C. Sherlock

I congratulate UVa Children’s Hospital for taking a step forward in the treatment of gender dysphoric minors.

One of the criticisms of that service was its singular focus on endocrinology.

Moving from mental health support to hormone therapy is, as Mayo Clinic warns, a big step.

Starting this week, comprehensive services in the Teen & Young Adult Health Center Transgender Health Services will for the first time include treatment by clinical psychologists of gender dysphoric minors for anxiety, depression and ongoing emotional issues.

UVa Children’s has added Professor Laura Shaffer, Ph.D., the chief of the hospital’s section of pediatric psychology, to the staff of that service. She is joined there by Assistant Professor Haley Stephens, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor Sara Groff Stephens, Ph.D.

This welcome change should ensure:

  • that a child arriving at that clinic will be thoroughly and professionally assessed and treated by a clinical psychologist;
  • that no child is referred to hormone treatment who can be effectively treated with psychotherapy; and
  • that both the minor and his parents will fully understand the risks of hormone therapy and, while being supportive, the psychologist will emphasize to parents the importance of allowing their child the freedom to return to a gender identity that aligns with his or her sex assigned at birth.

Continue reading

Media Gins up Anemic School Walkouts

by Kerry Dougherty

You could almost hear the local media panting Tuesday morning. There were rumors that some Virginia high school students were going to walk out of school to protest the new parental rights policies of the Youngkin administration.

You know, the Department of Education regulations announced earlier this month that support the principle that parents are the ultimate authority over their own kids.

I wrote about this reversal of Ralph Northam’s policies on parental authority last week.

The mainstream media, desperate to weaken an increasingly popular Youngkin, portrays the policy as limiting transgendered rights.

That’s nonsense and if members of the media took the time to actually READ the language of the regulations, as I did, they would know it. Continue reading

Use of Cross-Gender Hormones for Gender Transitions in Minors

by James C. Sherlock

In the sometimes murky world of diagnosis and treatment of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents, the following steps generally but not always occur in order, with each potentially serving as an off-ramp:

  1. Diagnosis;
  2. Mental heath support;
  3. Social transition;
  4. Puberty blockers;
  5. Cross-gender hormones; and,
  6. Surgery; often but not always waiting for surgery until a child reaches the age of majority.

That list gets dangerous when it gets to step 4.

What UVa Children’s Hospital requires is the diagnosis before it can proceed. It cites a list of “gender affirming” medical professionals to whom it will refer patients for that diagnosis. Many of them are on staff  I hope they are not as forward-leaning on this diagnosis as their advertising suggests.

The home page of the clinic lists the following services in order:

  1. Puberty blockers that delay sex-related physical changes;
  2. Cross-sex hormones, like testosterone and estrogen;
  3. Referrals for gender-affirming surgeries and voice therapy;
  4. Education about sex and contraception;
  5. Referrals for therapy to help manage anxiety, depression, and ongoing emotional issues;
  6. Help finding resources in the community.

I think those are presented in the wrong order. Therapy should be first. More on that later. Yesterday we discussed puberty blockers.

Today we will focus on cross-gender hormones. Continue reading

Slick Selling of Child Gender Transitions at UVa Children’s Hospital

by James C. Sherlock

The University of Virginia Children’s Hospital offers a Madison Avenue-quality sales pitch for child gender transition.

As written and smoothly delivered, it deflects any reservation parents may have in supporting such transitions by telling them they have been misled or are being selfish or both.

It helps parents decide by blaming their reservations on myths.

I offer below both a video and a transcript of that sales presentation.

The presenter uses a variation on the closing technique called the “question close.” In this one she both asks the questions — identified as myths — and answers them. The presentation carefully avoids mention of the word sterilization.

I expect that, given the sensitivity of the subject, it is very likely the best technique for closing the sale. Brilliant even.

If that is your goal.

The reputation of UVa hospital likely will be damaged by this exposure of how it sells this particular product. They have earned it. Continue reading

Parents’ Rights Are On The Virginia Ballot. Again.

by Kerry Dougherty

Good news. Virginia’s Democrats have taken the bait.

So far at least four liberal school districts in the commonwealth have declared that they will defy Virginia’s Department of Education model policies on parental rights that were unveiled late last week.

You know, policies that contain “radical” ideas such as these:

“Parents have the right to make decisions with respect to their children”

“Schools shall respect parental values and beliefs.”

Oh, and here’s the new definition of “transgendered”:

The phrase “transgender student” shall mean a public school student whose parent has requested in writing, due to their child’s persistent and sincere belief that his or her gender differs with his or her sex, that their child be so identified while at school.

This means that students who present themselves as a gender other than the sex they were given at birth without their parents’ permission will not be allowed to change their identities in school. Continue reading

Parental Rights, My Ass

Attack the most vulnerable and say it’s for everybody. What could go wrong?

by Joe Fitzgerald

The so-called “parental rights” policies designed to force questioning teens to out themselves to their families would affect perhaps 4,000 students in Virginia, according to the Post.

Bringing it a little closer to home, that would work out statistically to about 25 students in Harrisonburg and 40 in Rockingham County.

But would it affect them all? If half the teens questioning their gender are able to talk to their families about what they’re feeling, then we’re left with a policy targeting fewer than three dozen families, county and city, affected by the coercive policy.

Trumpeting this as parental rights ignores that it is only creating those rights for a miniscule minority of parents, and that those are quite possibly, perhaps probably, the parents whose children may have the most to fear from them.
It’s hardly something the wielders of this latest wedge issue are doing for all parents. Rather it is something they are doing to a tiny and isolated group of teens who may already be feeling friendless. Continue reading

Youngkin on Fire

by Kerry Dougherty

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is a quick study.

In eight short months he learned that there is no pleasing leftists. No matter how cordial you are, no matter how many times you extend your hand, the far left will slap you away if there’s an R after your name.

Despite the amiable governor’s good-natured attempt to win friends with a charm offensive — remember his face-to-face meeting with nasty Delegate Don Scott, D-Portsmouth, who questioned his religious faith on the floor of the General Assembly? Remember his friendly visit to vitriolic State Senator Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, to present her with one of his fleece vests after she mocked his attire?

To no avail. Lefties don’t want to play nice. Youngkin gets that now.

Finally, Youngkin is playing serious offense. He’s being true to himself and the people who voted for him. He seems to have grown impervious to the relentless attacks from nuts on the left.

A strong sign that Youngkin’s now playing hardball came over the weekend with the release of new policies by his Department of Education. The new regs simply reinforce parental rights and strip schools of their power to come between a parent and child. These rules will go into effect in all of Virginia’s school districts in 30 days. Continue reading

Youngkin Unveils New Trans Policy for Schools

by James A. Bacon

The Youngkin administration has issued a new set of model policies designed to uphold the “privacy, dignity and respect” of all students and parents in Virginia public schools, replacing a policy put into effect by the Northam administration in 2021.

The new policies strike me as eminently reasonable. The guidelines make it clear that “all students have the right to attend school in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, or bullying.” As a practical matter, it looks like single-user bathrooms are the future for Virginia schools. But the guidelines also fulfill Youngkin’s promise to represent the interests of parents over educational activists and bureaucrats.

The Northam policies, states the “2022 Model Policies,” “promoted a specific viewpoint aimed at achieving cultural and social transformation in schools.” They disregarded the rights of parents and ignored legal and constitutional principles that impacted how schools educated students, including transgender students.

“The Department … fully acknowledges the rights of parents to exercise their fundamental rights granted by the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to direct the care, upbringing, and education of their children,” states the model policy. “The Code of Virginia reaffirms the rights of parents to determine how their children will be raised and educated. Empowering parents is not only a fundamental right, but it is essential to improving outcomes for all children in Virginia.” Continue reading

VCU Police Department Signals Its Wokeness

VCU Police Chief John Venuti

by James A. Bacon

A new “resource” will be available to the LGBTQIA+ community in Richmond. Virginia Commonwealth University — yes, the same institution that recently lost $470,000 in a cyber scam — has assigned two campus patrol officers as “campus LGBTQIA+ liaisons.”

A recent university announcement noted that VCU Police Chief John Venuti has designated the two liaisons as part of the department’s “culture of inclusive community outreach for officers and staff.”

It is not clear, either in the VCU announcement or a WRIC story, what the two officers actually will be doing… aside from liaising and collaborating. Nor is there indication why such liaising and collaborating is necessary.

VCU News said only this: “While the department mandates Safe Zone training for all staff, Officers Hakilah Hudson and Briana Jackson will actively collaborate with offices and groups for outreach and events on both campuses and will be the points of contact for groups on and off campus.”

The VCU page on LGBTQIA+ Liaisons adds this: Continue reading

Taking Food From Needy Children to Advance the Trans Agenda

by Kerry Dougherty

This ought to be the number one campaign issue in the U.S. right now: the Biden administration’s radical plan to starve the National School Lunch program unless states adopt far-left gender identity rules for schools that include allowing biological boys to compete in girls’ sports.

This outrageous federal blackmail leaves states struggling to choose between protecting girls and keeping needy children from going hungry.

And it’s just another case of a federal agency — this time the USDA — exceeding its authority. How many times will Biden’s out-of-control bureaucrats have to be smacked down by the U.S. Supreme Court before they stop illegally exercising powers not delegated to them by Congress?

Twenty-two Republican attorneys general sued Tuesday to block the Agriculture Department’s newly announced guidance making student-lunch funds contingent on enforcing the Biden administration’s gender-identity agenda. Continue reading