General Assembly Education Bills of Interest in 2022

Legacy Public School, Ashburn, Va.

by James C. Sherlock

I have reviewed the bills on the subject of education filed in this session of the General Assembly. Interesting and important legislation there, no question.

As you might expect, most of the high profile legislation was filed in the newly Republican House.

I am listing only highlights here. I have not read each bill in full, and therefore I am not sure whether or not I support them. But I intend to track them. It should prove interesting to see how each fares.

  • HB 319 Virginia Literacy Act; early student literacy, evidence-based literacy instruction, etc.
  • HB 344 Public charter schools; applications, review and approval 
  • HB 346 College partnership laboratory schools; application and establishment
  • HB 938 Public schools; evaluation & recommendations for certain current and proposed policies.
  • HB 1068 Public elementary and secondary schools; curricula and instruction.
  • SB 125 Public schools; regional charter school divisions. 
  • SB 275 Public school libraries; printed and audiovisual materials, selection, evaluation, checkout, etc.

There may be bipartisan support for at least some of these. Expansion of charter schools has some Democratic support in the Senate.

Then there is the Budget Bill developed by the Northam administration. The education components will draw a lot of scrutiny to both the money and the language.

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  1. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    You will have a lot more reading to do. Members have until 3:00 Friday, Jan. 21, to introduce bills. There will be an avalanche on Friday.

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