News Flash: Teaching Is Not a Work-from-Home Job

by Kerry Dougherty

This is rich.

Some Chesapeake teachers – you know, people who went to college to learn how to teach kids — are balking at orders that they return to the classroom in early November.

They don’t feel safe, apparently.

While it was initially expected that the first semester would be entirely virtual, a sharp downward trend in COVID-19 infections means that schools are reopening faster than expected. As high school kids return, more teachers are needed.

This does not include teachers with medical exemptions, by the way. They can continue to work from home.

Chesapeake was the first local school district to bring students back to the environment where they learn best: The classroom.

Study after study shows children falling dramatically behind in academics due to virtual learning. In a June article headlined “The Results Are In For Remote Learning. It Didn’t Work,”  The Wall Street Journal documented just how far behind students fell during their four-month rumspringa. It’s alarming.

A story in Sunday’s New York Times, “Private Schools Hold New Attraction For Rich Parents,” showed that admissions at pricey boarding and private schools are booming as wealthy parents remove their kids from online classes and put them in private schools. Until public schools reopen, middle and working class children will be left behind.

According to The Virginian-Pilot, some of these disgruntled Chesapeake teachers apparently believed that they were going to teach from the comfort of their homes for many more months.

“This may sound dramatic, but I feel like I’m going through the stages of grief,” one of the teachers whined.


Because she’s going to be back in class with students? This teacher insisted on remaining anonymous, of course.

The Pilot quoted another unnamed educator who moaned that she’d planned to teach from home for many months and had bought a TV to use as a computer monitor and upgraded her internet.

“I felt like all of the efforts I’ve been putting in to make this work were not valued,” she complained.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Kids are supposed to sit in their bedrooms and stare at computer screens all day because some teacher upgraded her home internet and bought a TV monitor?

Look, study after study, including a new one from Yale, show that young children are rarely vectors for the virus. Even teenagers are at little risk from Covid-19. And youngsters don’t seem to spread the virus to teachers either.


We’re often scolded by Team COVID that the U.S. has done a terrible job of handling the virus and we should look to Europe to learn how to behave in a pandemic. Well, Europe is experiencing major outbreaks, yet schools remain open. In a story headlined, “Europe Stays Committed To In-Person Classes As School Outbreaks Remain Rare,” The Washington Post reported that most countries on the continent have open schools and surprisingly few problems.

In fact, many European countries have dropped mask requirements for students because they’re seen as a distraction.

If we’re truly a nation that values education and understands risks and rewards, our goal should be to get the kids back into class as soon as possible, as our European counterparts have done.

 That means teachers have to be there too.

Frankly, if a teacher decides she wants a work-from-home job, she should apply for one. Teaching, like many other professions, requires workers to leave home.

They simply need to develop the bravery of Harris Teeter baggers.

This column was published with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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46 responses to “News Flash: Teaching Is Not a Work-from-Home Job

  1. seems like if we want to emulate Europe, we need to do this (from the WSJ):

    “To Keep Schools Open as Covid Surges, Europe Isolates Infected Students

    Schools that have already reopened in Europe have relied on isolating individual students or bubbles of children, while also tracing their immediate contacts. So far, relatively few schools in Europe have closed, despite a surge in infections in a number of European countries.”

    In this country – the school critics are often also the ones who say the virus is a hoax and that not wearing a mask is a “right”.

    The folks in Europe are committed to doing what needs to be done to open the schools. In this country, we have folks who just want to blame teachers and diss the idea of testing and contact tracing as fundamental to stayin open.

    When I hear Kerry demanding that we do the ALL the things that Europe is actually doing to keep schools open, I’ll take her more seriously.

    • I agree. We should develop protocols for isolating infected students, either individually or in “bubbles”. But I think we should reopen for in-person learning for as many students as possible, as soon as possible.

    • We should isolate infected students and do contact tracing? Where’ve you been? Why are you suggesting that Virginia do what it’s already doing?

      “The school reopening phases are aligned with the existing Forward Virginia phases, through which the state will progress by monitoring public health data and key measures on disease transmission, healthcare capacity, testing capacity, public health capacity to trace contacts of cases, and other relevant factors.”

      Bedford County for example has allowed parents to choose in-person or virtual. It’s working quite well, and students with special needs are thriving with more personal attention than before.

      Your portrayal of what’s happening in this country is one misrepresentation after another. Very few people think the virus is a complete hoax. They often believe that news coverage of it is a hoax, because often it is. For example, I’ve seen numerous articles and broadcasts where a positive test is portrayed like a death sentence, when if the whole truth were told, the individual(s) were asymptomatic. The virus is serious but it isn’t smallpox.

      And it’s not wrong to favor guidelines over iron fisted mandates whenever possible. You take a few isolated extreme examples and make blanket statements about millions of people.

      • Let me understand. You are saying that schools right now are testing students and teachers, identifying infected and contact tracing?

        Can you point me to a school web site or news article or other evidence that that is occurring.

        Nothing I see at my local level is saying that this has to be done in order to get back to in-person instruction.

        • My wife works in the school system in Bedford. You are arguing about that which you are almost completely ignorant.

          Here’s an example. Keep in mind that this is Bedford County which is dark red Trump country. These are the very people you like to portray as all being of the opinion that COVID-19 is a hoax, etc. Your comments are very much at odds with reality.

          “A student or staff member at Liberty High School in Bedford has tested positive for coronavirus, according to a release from the school.”

          “School officials say that the person got the virus from an outside family member and not at the school, and is home in isolation for the next 10 to 14 days.”

          “Due to the day the person was in school around other students and staff, officials have determined through contact tracing that no other people need to quarantine.”

          “Officials say school surfaces have been properly cleaned.”

          “While officials don’t believe there was any exposure, parents are asked to continue to monitor the health of their students.”

          • Bedford County schools may not have as many Education PhDs and MAs on staff as in, say, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, but it sounds like they’re doing a far superior job of managing the COVID-19 epidemic. It will be really interesting to compare the next round of SOL scores.

          • Regarding testing, you need to factor in that everyone was virtual in the spring and they weren’t prepared to do that.

            The children who are attending in person are probably getting a better experience overall than last year. There are even fewer absentee students for whatever reason. Perhaps the protocols are resulting in fewer colds as well.

            For the ones who have chosen to attend virtually, it’s a mixed bag. Those with means, helpful parents, and a good Internet connection are doing well. But many of those already struggling for various reasons also seem to be the ones with poor Internet connections and parents or grandparents who are unable to help with computer issues.

            As has been stated previously, the move to virtual hurts mainly those who are already disadvantaged to begin with.

          • You talk like I don’t know my own county school system and teachers I know that teach here?

            Are YOU ignorant or just stupid?

            And I’m asking do schools have testing and contact tracing protcols like they use in Europe?

          • I’m not necessarily suggesting you don’t know what schools in your area are doing, but it appears you are unaware of what’s going on in areas where schools have decided to open.

            The information isn’t just on conservative sites. The results are so clear, they are now hard to avoid even with liberals. Here’s a tweet from Chris Hayes, definitely not a conservative.

            “Every public school district in America should be planning for in person school next semester. It can be done safely, *even in places with pretty high community transmission*. We now have pretty good data to show that.”

            London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco isn’t a conservative either. Here’s what she tweeted.

            “Today I issued a statement on the need for our School District to focus on reopening our public schools, not renaming them. To address inequities, we need to get our kids back in the classroom.”


            It’s time to put aside politics and hatred of Donald Trump and start doing what’s in the best interest of our children.

          • Well yeah you did….

            and yes I AM AWARE , I can read … and I read widely and I’d ask how you know beyond your own local school? Do you have special access to info that others do not?

            And you are evading the original point which is – are the US schools using the testing and contact tracing protocols that European schools are using that allows them to open and stay open?

            There is no “hatred” of Trump. He’s just flat out incompetent as a leader and no I’m not the only one by far that says that.

            In ALL countries – there is a top level Federal function for all manner of things from Highways, to drugs, to just about everything you touch in your daily life and that includes public health – which takes the lead in virtually every country -to establish uniform standards and support the implementation at the sub-levels of government.

            That’s what is happening in European schools that from what I can see is NOT happening in US schools and it’s what ia supporting European schools to open across their countries and sheer chaos in this country because many school systems simply do not feel safe opening and teachers and other staff lack confidence and trust in the protocols.

            I ask you once again to tell me about Henrico Schools which is where Jim Bacon lives. What’s going on with Henrico with respect to opening in-person?

          • “Well yeah you did….”

            I apologize then. I should have worded that differently.

            I’m not avoiding your question, you are avoiding the answer. The U.S. is structured differently than other countries. Here, many of the decisions are made by state. Neither of us can change that so I don’t understand why that’s your focus. It would take an Amendment to the Constitution to change our form of government.


          • Nah Nate. Don’t need to amend the Constitution. That’s what the Commerce Clause is for.

          • Schools in Virginia aren’t operating in a vacuum with regard to COVID-19. They get guidance from the Virginia Department of Education. Some decisions are local, but school districts are not completely independent, especially in matters such as operations during a pandemic.

            “The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has been working closely with the Governor’s Office, the Virginia Department of Health, and other state agencies to ensure our schools and communities have the most up-to-date information and resources. The health and safety of our children and staff are our top priorities.”


          • Well… appreciate the apology.

            re: ” I’m not avoiding your question, you are avoiding the answer. The U.S. is structured differently than other countries. Here, many of the decisions are made by state. Neither of us can change that so I don’t understand why that’s your focus. It would take an Amendment to the Constitution.”

            Nope. Every country has a top level and certain national functions that then flow down to the sub-level “state-level” governments.

            You have to have this if you’re going to have consisten boundary laws and rules. Otherwise every state boundary ends up with different rules for things like interstates, drugs, cellphone spectrum, on and on… thousands of things INCLUDING things like vaccines… and other public health.

            Without uniform standards – simple things like how to do contact tracing when it crosses state lines becomes almost untenable.

            And school protocols become whatever someone chooses whether it’s uniform with other schools or not.

            Because there is no standard approach, most schools that I know about do not have standard testing protocols and contract tracing.

            If someone moves to a new school – there is no data because it’s not shared and even if it was – it would be not done to the same uniform standards.

            So the question remains.

            Do European schools have standardized testing and contact tracing protocols ?

            And do our schools also have that but still refuse to open?

            The reason I keep asking you about Henrico is that you’re blaming schools for not opening in-person so are you also blaming Henrico for doing essentially the same as Fairfax and hundreds/thousands of other schools across the country?

            They’re all engaged in some sort of massive conspiracy to not re-open and instead assert power and control?

            What kind of foolishness is this? What rational person thinks that if schools across the country have similar problems that it’s because they are all engaging in the same power and control tactics? Who thinks like this? Trump?

          • Larry – “Nope. Every country has a top level and certain national functions that then flow down to the sub-level “state-level” governments.”

            Tell that to Biden.

            “Biden told NBC News during a town hall Monday night that he doesn’t believe a president can impose a national mandate nationwide. But Biden says as president he’d require masks on federal property, an executive action with wide reach across the country.”


            It’s not incompetence for a President of the U.S. to recognize the limitations placed on the office by our governing documents. I’m no Biden fan, but I appreciate that he has finally backed off his previous position about federal mandates for COVID-19.

            “The reason I keep asking you about Henrico …”

            Sorry, I’m not your research assistant. I have other work to do and have grown tired of this discussion.

            Schools all across the country are reacting to the national news media driven hysteria that refuses to distinguish the difference between risks to elderly and those with other risk factors from the vast majority of K12 students.

          • Every POTUS has authority over every Federal facility no matter where….

            So I’m asking again – are schools in Virginia and other states using the same standard protocols that European schools are using to stay open?

            And what does media have to do with that? You’re accusing all schools across the country of being influenced by fake media? That’s the reason they won’t open not that they are truly concerned at the local level?

            If Virginia and this country had standardized protocols like Europe is using – I’d be WITH YOU on the criticisms of the teachers and the school systems LIKE Henrico, but here we cannot even agree whether they are in use or not or should be….

            The critics have no advocacy to make things safer. Their main premise effort is to force teachers back into the schools no matter the risk or their trust of protocols. No compromise. No support for safer protocols – just blame and LED by the POTUS who is not doing what the leaders of other countries are doing to help schools re-open. It’s fundamentally irresponsible. Real leaders work to help the country recover, not blame people.

      • re: ” Your portrayal of what’s happening in this country is one misrepresentation after another. Very few people think the virus is a complete hoax. They often believe that news coverage of it is a hoax, because often it is. For example, I’ve seen numerous articles and broadcasts where a positive test is portrayed like a death sentence, when if the whole truth were told, the individual(s) were asymptomatic. The virus is serious but it isn’t smallpox.”

        are you not listening to interviews with folks about masks and social distancing , etc?

        In terms of it not being the smallpox – perhaps in some minds positive tests are “portrayed” but I think most folks understand it’s real and not “portrayed” and that, yes real people do die and that the public health experts are saying that in order for us to re-open we must wear masks, social distant, test and contract trace – which is what virtually all countries on the planet are doing and we are largely not.

        We have more infections – and deaths as a percent of our population that most all other countries on earth becasuse we refuse to do what public health experts tell us to do and instead make it political.

        I’m off to do some errands and won’t be back for 2-3 hours.

        • “are you not listening to interviews with folks about masks and social distancing , etc?”

          So it only takes a few clips of individuals to portray millions of people? Additionally, I believe what people do in private regarding masks and social distancing is their own business. I’m conservative but I agree with some objections, and disagree with others. I would need more details about a specific instance to comment further.

          “public health experts are saying that in order for us to re-open we must wear masks, social distant, test and contract trace – which is what virtually all countries on the planet are doing and we are largely not.”

          First of all, there are lots of public health experts and they aren’t all saying the exact same thing – unless of course you just listen to the ones that agree with you.

          Also, under our system of government, the specific regulations you site are the responsibility of each state. If you don’t like what’s happening in Virginia, the appropriate people to contact would be your state legislators or the governor.

          Here’s Governor Northam’s contact page. Have at it.

    • LarrytheBiden’s arguments are lost in the ozone again. PS: That’s a Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airmen reference for you obscure music aficionados.

      Not only are schools open in Europe they are also open in a number of Virginia jurisdictions. What happened to the prissy white nervous Nellie’s on this blog who claimed that there would be a rash of teacher deaths if schools reopened. Just more fear porn I guess.

      Schools that are open in Virginia (that I know of) use cohorts, just like in Europe.

      • If you’re still into the band, there is a [relatively] recent release called “Found in the Ozone”. It’s a collection of early “live” recordings originally made by Augustus Owsley “Bear” Stanley at several shows the band did in, I think, 1971. The recording quality of the live music he taped in the late 60s/early ’70s is superb.

        Apparently, Mr. Stanley also used to manufacture the purest LSD available outside of a pharmaceutical lab, but that is a different story.

  2. ““This may sound dramatic, but I feel like I’m going through the stages of grief,” one of the teachers whined.”

    I don’t think that particular person is cut out to be a public school teacher in the first place. Perhaps she/he should find a different vocation.

  3. If we do not have protocols , it undermines trust in the system. If they did not have protocols in Europe – they’d have the same problem

    chicken – egg – do the protocols then cut loose those who still don’t want to teach.

    In Europe the protocols are driven by the Federal Level – their version of CDC. In this country – our CDC “guidelines” do none of what Europe requires as a condition of opening.

    • Another dishonest comparison. What Europe does by country, we do by state. And many of our states are significantly larger than many European countries.

      Are you aware of what a state is? Ever heard about some people or area in the world that desires to have its own state – “Palestinian State” for example?

      Our states were originally sovereign entities which joined together into the United States. As part of the agreement that unites them, each state retains the powers not specifically given to the Federal Government. These are powers they already had as states, that they retain to this day. (And will continue to retain unless the Democrats get total control.)

      10th Amendment:
      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      If President Trump actually did what you are suggesting, the left would call him a dictator and scream bloody murder. Well, actually they are doing that anyway.

      The point is, there’s no pleasing the left. In many cases, they just look at whatever President Trump does and then insist that he should have done the opposite.

    • Why do you say there are no protocols? The Northam Administration had an extensive evaluation process for schools to use in order to decide if they could open full in-person, hybrid distance and in-person or remain virtual. The Fairfax County Public School superintendent used that protocol to determine that FCPS could open with a hybrid in-person / distance approach whereby social distancing could be maintained if the schools were half full. This would be accomplished with a hybrid model. The teachers heard and went into revolt. The aging liberals on this blog went into full Ron Jeremy mode with their fear porn predictions of mass teacher casualties. Guess what? Based on results from various school districts in Virginia that followed the guidelines and opened either hybrid or in-person … the FCPS’ initial approach appears to be right. The teachers’ unions and BR fear porn merchants were wrong. Who suffers? The kids of course.

      • Well I did not say no protocols. I pointed out that the protocols that Europe are using – allows them to open their schools and it appears that we are not doing that and instead insisting that we open “just like Europe has” which seems not the case because they appear to be using testing and contact tracing for both students and teachers – and as far as I can see, that’s not being done in our schools.

        The National-level govts in Europe set the standards and the political subdivisions implement so that the same testing and contact protocols are uniform across the country which allows them to fully do in-person.

        We don’t seem to be doing that.

        • “We don’t seem to be doing that.”

          You have demonstrated that you have absolutely no clue what schools are doing. Your entire stream of comments in this thread is based primarily on your own imagination.

          The article is about schools in Virginia, so it would be nice if you had some specifics to back up your numerous complaints.

          If you have complaints about what’s done in other states, that’s not as relevant, but please tell us specifically what you are upset about and where.

          • I actually DO KNOW what our local schools are doing and I can and do read widely on what other schools are doing.

            I would say that YOU are the one that has no clue and believes what you want to believe based on apparently what you hear from right wing media.

            I’m not “upset”. I’m making simple comments about what Europe is doing to open their schools and that we seem to be not doing.

  4. It is a lost year. Start planning NOW for mass grade repeats starting when the 2021-22 session opens in August-Sept.

    • It may well be a lost year but not the end of the world either.

      We always had the option of emulating Europe rather than just claiming their success as an excuse for us to do none of what they do, just re-open – and blame teachers… Our politics are dumb on this.

    • James Wyatt Whitehead V

      This is the best crack we will ever get at advocating for school choice and year round public education.

    • Year? Year? What makes anyone think this is just a year? Do you have a scientific crystal ball?

    • Steve;

      THAT’S RICH… there hasn’t been a ‘grade repeat’ since the 1970s — it’s too painful on the student’s self esteem…… when i taught high school in the early 1980s —- we couldn’t fail a student

    • There will be no grade repeats. The teachers’ “unions” in conjunction with the social justice warriors in Richmond will simply eliminate standardized tests and insist that all students receive a GPA of 3.0 or better. Every child is above average.

  5. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    The Class of 2021 is going to know exactly how the 1994 Montreal Expos felt.

  6. No fear porn, just some nice Rubenesque nudes.
    These facts presented are verifiable with scientific reports on the web, but because of my status, I only get one link before my comment gets tossed to moderation.

    1) COV-SARS2 is a highly contagious airborne pathogen, a couple of times greater than the flu and colds.

    2) While the lungs, i.e., avioli, are the principle target because of the airborne nature of infection, autopsies have revealed that the virus damages all organs and glands including the pancreas, kidneys, liver, heart and brain, hence the issues of co-morbidity. Aside from the breathing and oxygenation problems, if you have co-morbid conditions, e.g., diabetes then it worsens the effect by further damaging the pancreas and kidneys; hypertension and heart disease then it further damages the circulatory system; Conservatism, it causes further damage to the brain.

    3) It least effects children under 15. This is probably because of
    a) a robust immune system, and
    b) because of a lack of co-morbidity; any damage to other organs heals faster because those organs are still growing and cells are reproducing faster until around age 12.

    4) Conversely, It effects those over 65 for just the opposite reasons; high co-morbidity presence, slower healing times, e.g., for an adult, it takes TWO WEEKS for body to repair the effects of a single shot of whiskey (I’ve got a 10-year backlog going). In 6 months in the US, COV2 killed 80,000+ over 65. The usual #1 cause of death in that age group is heart disease at 300,000+ over a similar same time period.

    [This is where the Pollyanna type like to parse with “He died WITH Covid” to lower the numbers. Okay, WITH works. In which case, Covid is a reaper disease cutting the normal lifespans of those with co-morbid conditions. Wow, nice distinction. Like Brutus justifying killing Caesar with a “well, at least he won’t have so long to worry about dying.”]

    5) Immunity is still a question. Cases of re-infection have been reported, and preliminary evidence indicates up to 6 months of immunity is provided a recovered patient, but the jury is still out on that, both factually and on the severity of any reinfection. There is no herd immunity for recurring disease, e.g., rhinovirus.

    6) Until now, the fastest novel vaccine development — 4 years. There are several vaccines in various stages, albeit, two have been paused or suspended, as have two novel therapeutic regimens.

    7) COV2 shows no sign of abatement. Its duration is unknown as is the immunity duration of any infection or any vaccine under development. COV1 was around for 4 years, so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but if you’re over 65, ya might not want to go into the light.

    Taken all together, especially given #2, it is entirely possible that COV2 can become the leading cause of death for those over 65.
    Ya might want to start taking from the IRAs and spend it. It may not have to last as long as you thought.

    • COVID-19 is one of many risks we all face ever day. The leading cause of death is heart disease with about 650,000 deaths annually. Many of those are related to choices people make on a daily basis. If we are to treat those risks as we have COVID-19, shouldn’t we declare a national emergency and mandate good diet and exercise for everyone? Would any objections to that approach indicate that someone doesn’t believe in following the science?

      The only people not at risk of serious complications or death from something, are the people already dead. To the largest extent possible, people should be allowed to weigh risks and make decisions themselves.

      My primary complaint about the left’s approach to dealing with the virus is their insistence on a totalitarian approach. Take the irate parents about school openings for example. Many of those objecting were in districts that allowed parents to make their own decision. Why are leftists so averse to personal choice and liberty?

      I also don’t think COVID-19 should be used to target religious people. This will be interesting to watch.

      “Bombshell Lawsuit Sheds Light On Governor Cuomo’s Anti-Semitic Coronavirus Order”

    • Sounds like a good argument to quarantine / lockdown those over 65 and let the rest of the world go about its business to the extent people want to go about their business.

      There is no vaccine for AIDS. Once upon a time an AIDS diagnosis was a near certain death sentence. Several of my young, healthy co-workers caught the dread disease. They all died shortly after their diagnosis.

      Then came the therapeutics. Not cures, not vaccines but treatments. No longer is an AIDS diagnosis a near certain death sentence. Despite that, 16,000 Americans died of AIDS in 2019. AIDS is still a terrible disease that kills too many people.

      The same thing is happening with COVID-19. The therapeutics are working. Beyond that, COVID-19 has a lower fatality rate for people 40 and under than the overall rate for the seasonal flu.

      Most importantly – the schools that have opened with a hybrid or full in-class approach are not reporting outbreaks, let alone deaths. It isn’t happening.

      So, what prevents FCPS from adopting a hybrid in-class / distance policy as was originally contemplated under Northam’s school opening guidelines? Nothing but fear porn.

      • “So, what prevents FCPS from adopting a hybrid in-class / distance policy as was originally contemplated under Northam’s school opening guidelines?”

        The desire to make decisions for others and control what they do. This is about power and control. It’s also about insisting that every word Trump utters is wrong and dangerous. President Trump advocates for opening schools, so they are against it – completely and for everyone.

        What’s best for the children doesn’t seem to enter the equation.

        • you know, you should ask Jim Bacon what Henrico County schools are doing… to see how that might compare…. He’s been pretty quiet about that.

  7. I’ve seen frequent posts from teachers I know who have loved working from home and hoping that it continues for the foreseeable future.

  8. I sit on a citizen committee and we are STILL meeting virtually and it looks like we will continue to do so for some time. I don’t see this as some sort of “union” thing or “refusing to work in person” thing. We are following the protcols that have been set up and it’s clear that most government meetings in our region are being conducted this way. City Council, Boards of Supervisors, Planning Commissions and all manner of commissions. It’s not a “partisan” thing.

  9. News flash to LarryG: Under the U.S. system of government, police powers are reserved by the states. States are in charge of applying those police powers under states of emergency to combat COVID-19. The federal government does not, as much as you and every idiot commentator on CNN and MSNBC might wish otherwise, have the constitutional power to dictate to the states how to exercise those police powers. Bottom line: There is no way under our system of government to have a uniform response to the epidemic.

    And that, in your mind, should be a good thing. Because if Donald Trump had untrammeled power to impose a uniform response, what would that look like? I doubt you’d like it.

    • Let’s go through the different Cabinents to see what their functions and roles are and how they apply to the states.

      Do you take drugs that only the state decides is safe? How about that ladder you buy? or the tires on your car or the nutrition labels on food?

      how about that flu shot you get ? or the air bag in your car or the insecticide you can buy?

      How about those “police powers”?

      In terms of Trump “imposing”. Do you want a list of what he has interfered with – from the Jusitce Dept to the EPA to the CDC to trade with other nations – to the START treaty , etc? He tells the states he’s in charge of the cities and will send troops to take over?

      And at the same time he promotes conpsiracy theories like Q-anon and claims that Obama was investigating him – the same Obama that he promoted conpsiracy theories about his citizenship and legitimacy?

      What head of other countries actively promotes conspiracy theories?

      what kind of leader does that?

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