Important Updates in the World of Bacon

Introducing a new feature on Bacon’s Rebellion — our healthy eating recommendations. As all good Baconauts know, it is our personal responsibility to embrace good nutrition to maintain our health and control health care costs. It’s important to eat lots of salad.

Hat tip: John Butcher

Of, course, no survivalist’s pantry would be complete without Yoder’s canned bacon — with an astounding 10-year shelf life! Only $189.99 on for a case of 12 cans!! Without bacon, there’s not much point in outliving the collapse of civilization.

Finally, an update on the growing list of animal enemies… First they came for the pigs. Then they came for the cats. Now they’re coming for the dogs. From today’s Washington Post: “The dog is one of the world’s most destructive mammals. Brazil proves it.”


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2 responses to “Important Updates in the World of Bacon

  1. Ten year shelf life? Like our blog postings? Crunched long ago.

  2. My dog is a feral dog rescued as a puppy from a bank parking lot in the Caribbean. Known as a Potcake he’s an almost perfect pet. Loyal and friendly to family, fierce and aggressive to strangers. No reason for the Washington Post writers to operate in a fact vacuum. I only live about 15 miles outside of DC. They should drive over and meet my dear dog. They can try to eradicate him themselves.

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