Vaccine Shaming Will Backfire

by Kerry Dougherty

Lemme get the straight. The president wants everyone in the country to get vaccinated against Covid-19 — an admirable goal that would likely reduce the virus to a national head cold.

So how is he persuading those who are reluctant to take the vaccine to get a shot?

By insulting them.

Just this week Joe Biden said “If you’re not vaccinated, you are not nearly as smart as I thought you were!”

Way to go. I’m sure that calling the unvaxxed stupid ought to convince them to roll up their sleeves.

And the CDC’s sudden about-face on masks — recommending that even the vaccinated should wear masks indoors in some places — will backfire as well.

I mean, telling people to get vaccinated but that they still have to wear face diapers is hardly an incentive to take an emergency use vaccine.

Worse is the CDC’s stern advisory that every single K-12 student, their teachers, staff and visitors should be masked in school regardless of vaccination status. That sudden turnaround has probably put the brakes on teenaged vaccinations.

After all, lots of teens believed that the vaccine was their ticket to breathe freely this fall. I personally know several who got vaccinated so they could have a normal school year, sans masks.

Now they believe they were duped. Do you suppose their friends will rush out for the vaccine?

Not a chance.

Worse still are nasty suggestions that those who chose not to be vaccinated should be denied medical care if they contract the virus.

Here’s a sample:

Monsters. All of them. (And don’t you love that Meg Ann has “be kind, wear a mask” in her handle? Nothing kind about this person.)

These social media haters are so angry that some of their countrymen haven’t fallen into line and taken the vaccine that they would take pleasure in watching them die.

What is wrong with people?

Would they also suggest that smokers not be treated for lung cancer?

Should heavy drinkers be denied treatment for liver ailments?

How about obese people who have heart attacks? Should they be allowed to die because they stopped at McDonald’s on their way to the cardiac care unit?

This isn’t how medical care works.

In fact, this isn’t how any of this should work.

This column is republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.