Toxic Brew

by Chris Saxman

Okay. Buckle up. I am sharing with you several graphics that should lead, hopefully, to some serious discussions about the toxic blend of violence in movies, marijuana, smart phones and social media use in our youth — especially young men. First this article from the WSJ on how the use of widely available pornography can impact the development of teenage brains. Maybe rewire neural pathways? Yikes.

Look at the time lines of these (smart phone use, violence in movies, marijuana use – focus on the year 2010) and now add in the intensity/addiction of social media use.

From Fast Company article: 
PG-13 Movies Contain More Gun Violence Than R-Rated Movies

That is a toxic mess for young developing brains. Small wonder why so many mass shootings are by either young white suburban males or young black urban males. If the male brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25, it is incumbent upon policy makers, parents, and community/business leaders to address REALITY.

It will be awkward at first to wade into that cesspool, but problems do NOT SOLVE THEMSELVES. Taboos ain’t taboos anymore when they are THIS common.

This column has been republished with permission from The Intersection.