Masks on Kids: State-Sponsored Child Abuse

by Kerry Dougherty

If you came here expecting to find fountains of gratitude to Virginia’s governor for restoring liberties he should not have removed in the first place, you’ll be disappointed.

Ralph Northam was prepared to keep the commonwealth’s face mask mandate in place for months, until he was blindsided by the CDC on Thursday night.

THEY forced his hand.

The sudden about-face from the CDC — the same clowns who just a few weeks ago were weeping about “impending doom” and who as recently as last week insisted that vaccinated people should continue to mask up in indoor settings — is a sign that they’ve been lying to us all along.

They’ve been blowing smoke about masks. About the risk of outdoor infection. And about the fatality rate of COVID-19.

And they’re still lying. Now they’re lying about the need for children to wear masks while the people most at risk of serious illness from the virus are vaccinated and mask-free.


As usual, Northam shunned critical thinking and common sense by ordering Virginia’s children to continue to wear masks in school. This isn’t a health-driven decision. It’s capitulation to the militant teachers unions who are still looking for excuses to slow-roll school re-openings.

Don’t believe it when they say most schools are open. Take a closer look. Talk to children. Talk to teachers who aren’t brainwashed union members.

In-person learning today resembles something you’d find in prison. Kids are masked up, separated from their classmates and if they’re allowed in the cafeteria at all, they must sit 6 feet from their friends.

A senior in a Virginia Beach high school told me that crabby teachers patrol the lunchroom like prison guards, screaming at students who lean in to talk to their pals over their sandwiches.

“Too close! Too close!” they yap.

In Virginia, teachers were the first in line to get vaccinated. Thirty-year-old teachers leapfrogged senior citizens and cancer patients to get their shots. They are in no danger from children.

Get the freaking masks off those little faces.

This is child abuse.

Northam is smart enough to know that children are far more likely to become seriously ill or die from the seasonal flu than they are from Covid-19. In 2018, for instance, the CDC recorded 480 flu deaths in the 0-17 age group. Since the beginning of the pandemic – 16 months – the CDC has recorded just 287 Covid deaths in the same cohort.

Do we mask kids against the seasonal flu? Of course not. No need to mask them now.

Northam also knows that the vaccines are only being distributed under an emergency use authorization.

Fine. Adults were in danger. The vaccines were developed in record time thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Adults could weigh their risks and give what lawyers like to call “informed consent’ before being injected with vaccines that lacked full approval.

Children can’t do that. Right now, kids as young as 12 are being administered shots without knowing the long-term effects of the drugs.

Long-term effects don’t matter much when you’re vaccinating grandma. But they matter a lot when minor children are involved.

In the beginning of COVID hysteria, children were masked to protect the elderly. Now that seniors are protected by the vaccine the need to slap muzzles on children has vanished.

No doubt you saw the hideous photo of the president, emerging from the White House Friday with his unmasked posse and one of his grandsons. A little tyke. Wearing a mask. OUTSIDE.


The battle for the restoration of rights isn’t over just because adults can burn their masks.

We need to protect our children and grandchildren from this grotesque government overreach.

This column is republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.