The Impact of Minimum Wage on Somoa, MarianasGovernment Accountability Office

Increases in the minimum wage have devastated the tuna cannery industry in Somoa but has been less of a factor in the tourism-based economy of the Northern Mariana Islands.

L.A. Gang Reduction Program Is Helping
Urban Institute
A drop in gang-related crime was evident before the Gang Reduction and Youth Development Program was launched, but the program appears to have accelerated the decline.

The Declining Impact of Extreme Weather Events
Reason Foundation
Global warming be damned. Aggregate mortality due to all extreme weather events globally — droughts, storms, floods and extreme heat — has declined by 90% over the past century in spite of a four-fold rise in population.

Empower States to Regulate Gas Drilling
Heritage Foundation
The feds should not hamper development of the country’s plentiful natural gas reserves. Let the states deal with environmental issues.

Creating Jobs by Conserving Public Lands
Center for American Progress
Conservation of public lands supports 388,000 jobs in recreation, tourism, renewable energy, restoration and landscape restoration.

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  1. What has the fact that we have more warning and are better at protecting people got to do with global warming.?

    Global warming may be causing more severe , and we are becoming better at spending the money to deal with it.

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