The Wonk Salon, October 7, 2011

Refining the Role of Charter Education in AmericaCenter for American Progress

There are 5,000 charter schools in the United States but waiting lists indicate a demand for more. Congress should encourage the states to open more charter schools while also holding them accountable.

How Technology Can Transform Education
Brookings Institution
Imagine a system in which teachers take on the role of coaches, students learn at their own pace, technology tracks student progress, and schools are judged based on the outcomes they produce.

Everything’s Big in Texas… Except School Choice
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Texas has made strides towards school in choice in the past decade but the Lone Star State has a long way to go before it becomes a leader in education reform.

How Are New Orleans Charter Schools Working Out?
Rand Corporation
Hurricane Katrina wiped out the old New Orleans public school system. Charter schools have flourished since then. Parents with children in charter schools  experience greater satisfaction.

How to Squeeze $2 Trillion out of Future Health Care Costs
Urban Institute
Obamacare did not begin to exhaust all the cost-containment ideas for health care. Start by capping the tax break for health care insurance, doing a better job of coordinating care, and enacting malpractice reform.

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