Spend Less, Invest More, Improve Credit Scores

U.S. Personal Saving Rate since 1960. Too low for all Americans.

The editorial board of the Virginian-Pilot finds it a matter for “concern” that African-Americans are denied mortgage loan applications in the Hampton Roads region at a higher rate than whites. “In Hampton Roads,” writes the Pilot, black applicants during the study’s period — 2015 and 2016 — were 2.4 times more likely to be denied mortgages than white applicants.

As I began reading this editorial, I braced myself for the usual insinuations that the disparity is due to discrimination, white privilege, institutional racism, or whatever. But I was pleasantly surprised. The editorial writers acknowledged that the study by the Center for Investigative Reporting from which they drew their data did not account for the credit scores of borrowers (or loan-to-asset ratios, for that matter). Indeed, they went so far as to aver, “There is no evidence that the gap is a direct result of discrimination.”

Still, they find the disparity troubling, and they suggest that “something more than economic trends might be a factor.” The report should prompt a “serious review” of lending practices to ensure that there’s “no subtle discrimination at play, no policies or actions that could — even unintentionally — lead to racial discrimination.”

I applaud the Pilot editorial writers for breaking free of the simple-minded institutional-racism narrative. But they don’t go nearly far enough. They remain so ensnared by progressive assumptions that they can’t imagine any other explanation for the disparity than a subtle, as-yet-undetected bias — even though, as they acknowledge, mortgage lenders say it wouldn’t make financial sense to deny a loan to any qualified candidate.

I would refer the editorialists to a December 2017 commentary by Alfred Edmond Jr. in Black Enterprise. Edmond addresses a fact, celebrated in other contexts, that African-Americans were estimated in 2016 to wield some $1.2 trillion in consumer buying power. Buying power is not the same as wealth, he cautions.

Addressing other blacks, Edmond writes:

The ability to build wealth depends on the degree we control our spending, so that after we pay income and other taxes, and for necessities such as housing, food, and transportation, we have something left over to not just spend, but to earmark for emergency savings, retirement savings, an investment portfolio, buying real estate (beginning with our own homes), financing businesses, and acquiring other assets.

Right now, while black income has grown rapidly over the past 70 years, our spending has grown even faster, which means we are spending every penny we make and then some (which is the case for most Americans). And what allows us to spend more than we make? Easy access to credit, of course. …

The truth is that money is in our garage, in our homes, and on our bodies, in the form of consumer goods, such as cars, clothes, electronics, and experiences (such as that daily, gourmet coffee-dessert) that we’re convinced we deserve and can’t live without, or even defer long enough to save, rather than borrow at interest, to have. And far too much of our money is going toward interest payments on the debt we took on (much of it via credit cards) to make these purchases.

Blacks can pursue one of two paths, he says:

A poverty-creation lifestyle. Spend more than you make, regardless of income, and borrow, paying interest and fees, to cover the difference. After providing for basic necessities (and often instead of doing so) you spend all of your income on high-priced, low-value, depreciating assets, such as clothes, cars, jewelry, etc.

A wealth-creation lifestyle. Spend less than you make, regardless of income, and save and invest the difference, earning interest, dividends and capital gains. Invest as much as possible in sensibly priced, appreciating assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc.

What Edmond writes, of course, is true for everyone, not just African-Americans. Personal thrift and saving were long considered virtues in the United States. But with the general disparagement of “bourgeois virtues” and the rise of hyper-consumerism, the willingness to defer gratification has gone out of style. Savings rates in the U.S. are half of what they were in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. (See the chart atop this post.) For whatever historical or cultural reason — perhaps attributable to past discrimination and a desire to enjoy the material blessings that other Americans take for granted — African-Americans spend more (thus accounting for their punching above their weight in consumer spending), save less, accumulate more debt, and have worse credit scores. Which means they get turned down more frequently when they apply for mortgages.

Rather than engaging in wild goose chases, seeking auras and penumbras of discrimination in the banking industry, society should be encouraging African-Americans to embrace the virtue of thrift. Resources devoted to underwriting deeply flawed and deceptive “investigative” reporting such as the Center for Investigative Reporting study (see my take-down here) would be far better deployed to teaching financial literacy to African-Americans — indeed, to all Americans, for financial illiteracy and irresponsible spending know no ethnic or racial bounds. Meanwhile, the editorial writers of the Virginian-Pilot would be well advised to broaden their reading list. Black Enterprise might be a good place to start.

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  1. Condescending on too many levels to even begin to craft a response. Wow.

    • Yup. I’ll try. The accumulation of wealth over generations is an issue. Generations of families who live in neighborhoods with “good” schools verses generations whose kids attend substandard schools. Inheritances – whites inherit -generational wealth… in far greater numbers than blacks:

      The information and data about this does exist and is fairly easily found but some folks prefer the “poor folks are lazy and irresponsible” narratives…

      • Of course the accumulation of wealth over generations explains some of the wealth disparity. Whites have more wealth than African-Americans on average. Having more wealth gives white people the means to maintain better credit scores and secure mortgages. So, what you’re doing here is buttressing my argument.

        My post has nothing to do with “poor folks are lazy and irresponsible,” which is a total canard on your part. Just admit that you’re a desperate clinger — clinging desperately to the narrative of ineradicable institutional racism.

        • ” Blacks can pursue one of two paths, he says:

          A poverty-creation lifestyle. Spend more than you make, regardless of income, and borrow, paying interest and fees, to cover the difference. After providing for basic necessities (and often instead of doing so) you spend all of your income on high-priced, low-value, depreciating assets, such as clothes, cars, jewelry, etc.

          A wealth-creation lifestyle. Spend less than you make, regardless of income, and save and invest the difference, earning interest, dividends and capital gains. Invest as much as possible in sensibly priced, appreciating assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc.”

          Are you implying that folks who did not benefit from generational wealth accumulation that they need to change their behavior if they want to get wealthy? Why would you assume that any group of people does not have wealth because of their personal habits rather than not inheriting it?

          Yes -you are making a point in that direction… no question about it.

          institutional racism IS exactly why some folks are worse off than others..

          I’m no apologist for folks who are not responsible for themselves; people do affect their own destiny by choices made and consequences of those choices but people who never owned anything to start with – and where themselves actually owned by other humans – then their sons and daughters were subjected to Jim Crow and then their sons/daughters subjected to massive resistance… there is more to it than your really squishy “lecture”.

          If you just gave it a fair and objective look – I could just quibble – but you weave something that is just not the reality… for a lot of folks – as if it don’t really exist and is not part of the equation anymore.

          it’s a virtual proxy for “people who are lazy and irresponsible get what they deserve”.

          sorry – you do tread this line – over and over.. I can’t tell if it’s your ideology … or your own beliefs or perhaps both -but it’s a fairly common narrative from many white folks of “conservative” views.. and anyone who questions that – is a “liberal”.

          People who do not have generational wealth – are much worse off in many different ways that people who HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to generationally acquire wealth – AND learn how to preserve it – to use it to even better improve your lot in life.

          People without it – never learned any of that.

      • Once again your graphs seem to have omitted our Asian – American brothers and sisters. Why is this, Larry? Are you prejudiced against Asian – Americans? Probably not. You’re just being misled by the liberal media. I’m guessing that Asian – Americans are not included in your graph because they would break down the “white privilege” narrative.

        Here’s an interesting article that shows Asian – American wealth vs White American wealth. The Asian – Americans have been gaining for years and are now neck and neck with whites. Have the Asian – Americans suddenly discovered long lost ancestors with large heretofore unclaimed fortunes?

        The author makes an interesting observation about his financial blog – Asian – Americans read the blog is vastly disproportionate numbers vs other Americans. While the blog is called Financial Samurai the number of readers who come in from Google searches, etc lessens the belief that Asian-Americans will read a blog that has Samurai in the name. If only life were so easy. Bacon could hike his page views by renaming his blog Bacon’s Ninja Rebellion.


        • Don’s charts on fanancialsamurai.com deserve their own extensive article on this website.

          We could build an entire graduate degree in cultural studies at an elite university out of the information so clearly illustrated and laid out in so many different yet relevant ways on these charts, including their component parts and their sub-parts, and how each and all parts and sub-parts can tested and compared in so many different ways from so many different angles, and endless combinations thereof, from soup to nuts.

          Take how American culture impacts each group. Why?

          What amazing myth busters these charts are! Myth Busters that bust up sick and tired myths not 4 ways to Sunday, but 14 different Ways to Sunday, only to start!

    • What was condescending about the post? The part where I quote extensively from Mr. Edmonds?

      • well his words did not “accidently” appear in the post..eh?

        they were purposely selected and put there ..one assumes because there was a purpose in doing it… no?

      • “Having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.” Yep, you lecturing black people (and you were singling them out for your wisdom) on a pre-kindergarten level of economic advice (“save your allowance for a couple of weeks and you can afford something nice”) was condescending as hell. Just follow Bacon and Roesell’s simple formula for success and all your troubles will be over! If you really think that black people don’t get the basics because they are black the R word applies in full force. If you really think anybody in poverty can dig himself or herself out just by following your advice, and you are where you are just based on merit alone and not some additional advantages, then the B word is starting to appear. As in “blind.”

        • Dear Steve,
          There is a reason that businessmen have preferred Hispanics over Blacks. As a group they harder working and give less trouble. Repentance and education would help turn that around. But in order to change, there has to be a willingness to change. You keep blaming the wrong people.



        • Wow, Steve, you’re the patronizing one.

          First of all, I quoted at length Alfred Edmonds, a black columnist.

          Second of all, some black intellectuals, many black churches, and many black Muslims preach a doctrine of self improvement very similar to what Edmonds was espousing.

          Third of all, I made it very clear that the same virtues apply to whites — that the benefits of thrift and other bourgeois ethics apply to all races. The only reason I made this post about blacks is because the Virginian-Pilot and the Center for Investigative Reporting made it about blacks.

          Fourth of all, neither Roesell or I ever implied that “all your troubles will be over.” My point is that peoples’ credit scores are affected by their personal spending and saving patterns.

          I’ve got to say, I’m mystified by your response. I get Larry. He’s ideologically committed to the idea of America as a flawed, racist nation. His worldview would disintegrate if that proposition turned out not to be true. He has to defend it. But you surprise me.

          • Larry is not committed “ideologically” – he very much holds people of all colors accountable for being responsible for their affairs and poor choices and ignorant behaviors do contribute to their plight but what you and others are saying and the WAY you are saying it comes across EXACTLY as Steve has framed it – and not just on this one post – it’s a theme in many of the posts whether it’s about culture and family, food “deserts”, public housing, college loans, etc… it’s the same basic theme with racial overtones that you keep veering back to….

            And here’s the problem – if you really don’t see the real problem here with the cycle of poverty – you apparently have no ideas of how to go about trying to fix it other than “advice” to those who are in that situation to ” try being more responsible and save yur money”. This is to folks who barely earn enough to live and pay their bills to start with.. ” yes, they TOO can create family wealth if they just “learn” how to develop better habits”… sic – yuck…

  2. Dear Jim,

    Right idea. People have forgotten how to take constructive criticism. But there sure is plenty of the destructive kind. You can say that some people [cough, cough] are evil from birth, but can’t offer advice for improving other people [cough, cough]. We sure do live in a two-tiered society! As Mac Davis used to sing, “oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way, can’t wait to look in the mirror, I get better looking each day!” As General Lee said when asked by a mother how she could make her son into a gentleman, he replied, “I would teach him to deny himself.” That goes for all the colors. Identity politics (and economics) says, “no, I deserve because I am a non-White and / or non-male. I am crippled because of my ancestors!” Moral: Keep lying in your self-pity. You’ll get attention if you do, but still be stuck in the same rut.



  3. Dear Jim,

    Liberalism is like Hinduism turned on its head with everyone having a “racial kharma”: Whites are the new “untouchables”, who get punished politically according to their ancestors while Blacks are the new “Brahmin class” who are rewarded politically according to their ancestors. And remember the days of John Dollard in _Caste and Class in a Southern Town_ published in the 1930s. We even have our very own “racial etiquette,” the inverse of the old. https://www.amazon.com/Caste-Class-Southern-Town-Dollard/dp/0385092407/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1520961165&sr=1-1&keywords=caste+and+class+in+a+southern+town

    Sacrifices also have to be made on a daily basis to appease the perpetually angry ebony “god.” And woe unto him, or her, who won’t make the required propitiation!



  4. Sure thing, DJ – I’ve known for some time that Asians are superior to Caucasians (was reminded of that at the VMFA recently), just as Caucasians are clearly superior to….. well, you get the logic. About 75 years ago now my uncle was helping to mop up some superior Asians on Guadalcanal….and another uncle and great uncle were in training to fight across France to liberate some of those inferior Jews. (Being of German descent ourselves we didn’t have to look up or down at the Krauts.)

    This whole business just works out so well for the world, doesn’t it? Then when we are done with skin pigment or other minor anatomical variations we can start talking about superior religions…..there is a productive discussion.

    Yes, it’s culture, not genetics – and there is culture of persistent poverty with no correspondence to genetics that will not be addressed (and cannot be dismissed) by shallow lectures on a “wealth-creation lifestyle.” And there are very real economic barriers to progress for those so inclined, some of which we can address.

  5. I’m not sure who I am supposed to be patronizing, Jim. Some other adverse adjective might properly apply to me riding in on that high horse of mine. Hey, ever since I got called a “N-lover” fifty years ago next month when I bemoaned the death of MLK during 8th grade homeroom, I’ve been disappointing my white brothers. Glad to be surprising to you, too.

    The proper response to the VP study was people are turned down for loans because they are poor credit risks, not because of their skin color. The test for the truth of that proposition would be to correlate acceptance and credit scores and poverty without regard to other factors – which actually no one seems to have done. I’d like to see that result. Today the result might be reassuring, but not many years ago the result would have shown racial bias.

    I very much share the concern expressed by the editorial writers, and we’ve had this discussion on this blog before. To the extent there remains a strong correlation between skin tone and poverty, we’ve got a problem we need to address. A booming economy will help – and Trump has a right to crow about the dropping black unemployment rate. But too many people agree with Roesell above that some “groups” want to work and some “groups” do not. That is the very definition of racial discrimination, just as your post fit the definition of condescension. I will give Andrew points for being open about it.

    • Thank you, Steve, for the extra points! ;-))< Actually, people rise and fall on their own merits and a shiftless White man is lesser in that area, work, than a thrifty, enterprising Black man. It's in the numbers, however, that we make generalizations, and those generalizations are true, too.



    • Steve, we share the same aim which is an improvement in the condition of all men and women, whatever race, creed or nationality. The question is, how do you achieve that aim. I happen to believe that the 50-year experiment with the welfare state has been in many ways a disaster. Rather than acknowledge the limits of what can be accomplished through a bureaucratic welfare state, rather than revisiting their assumptions, liberals have doubled down on the proposition that racism is the problem. In so doing, they perpetuate new evils. Low-income Americans, African-Americans especially, are the guinea pigs of that failed experiment. We have to change our policies, and we won’t do that until we change the narrative.

      • “Low-income Americans, African-Americans especially, are the guinea pigs of that failed experiment.” Why especially? Have you never been to SW Virginia, where poverty and dependence are rampant but the racial composition is very different than Richmond or Petersburg? There it is Jim – you are giving the liberals the ammunition they need to keep the fire burning by assuming the downside of welfare dependency applies “especially” to people with African ancestors. Hold up a freaking mirror and look! My basic critique is that simple – but words matter. It ain’t about race!

  6. Dear Steve,

    There is a law in the spiritual life: You compare yourself now with where you were, and where you need to be. One does not compare oneself with others. For that opens the door to false or at least unrealistic expectations and envy, which, itself is a deadly sin, and upon which modern Liberalism has based itself, as has Socialism and Communism. The difference between Classical Liberalism, known as Libertarianism today, of which Jim is an adherent, and Modern Liberalism, is that the former championed equality of opportunity, which was what Martin Luther King spoke about earlier in his career, with equality of outcome, which he and his movement later openly advocated. Zero-sum gains like equality of outcome inevitably lead to conflict. My advice to you is to read the works of Thomas Sowell, a Black scholar of great acumen. He lays out the bloody record of societies built on envy. The problem is that people want “instant wealth.” True wealth is accumulated slowly, when it is accumulated at all, and those who already possess wealth then become the object of scorn by demagogues who build careers on the impatience and improvidence, and above all, envy, of those who want the Government to act as a “short cut” or “get rich quick” scheme, as in Huey Long’s “Every Man a King” slogan. These always result in the decomposition of morality and society. The ultimate problem, however, is that many people have forgotten the Christian truth that life here on Earth is but a preparation for the Great Judgment and its differing ends, and where those afflicted with greed, as well as envy and stinginess, will have much to fear. Too many people have placed all of their hopes on “dying with the most toys,” of which none of these things any of us can take with us when we die.



  7. Dear Fellows,

    Dennis Prager shared this 2014 UCal pamphlet yesterday in a tweet yesterday: https://t.co/xxrsMrq6Xu There lies the “mad house.” See my “racial etiquette” / John Dollard reference above, too. We will all be reading from scripts



    • re” envy and equal outcomes”.

      If that is truly what one believes – then it does explain the advice and lectures that those in generational poverty “learn” to behave responsibility and create their own wealth and stop expecting the govt to help.


      Indeed – the concept of Public Education itself and governments role in it is an awful mistake.. a flawed “liberal” concept..

      Is that the essence of the Conservative viewpoint on this?

  8. re: ” I happen to believe that the 50-year experiment with the welfare state has been in many ways a disaster. Rather than acknowledge the limits of what can be accomplished through a bureaucratic welfare state, rather than revisiting their assumptions, liberals have doubled down on the proposition that racism is the problem. ”

    Nope. There ARE failures.. but there are also successes but when you characterize it ALL as a failure AND you seem to have no other suggestions other than “reform your lifestyle and learn how to be financially responsible” … etc… etc..

    ” Then when we are done with skin pigment or other minor anatomical variations we can start talking about superior religions…..there is a productive discussion.

    Yes, it’s culture, not genetics – and there is culture of persistent poverty with no correspondence to genetics that will not be addressed (and cannot be dismissed) by shallow lectures on a “wealth-creation lifestyle.” And there are very real economic barriers to progress for those so inclined, some of which we can address.”

    to sum it up … racism IS still with us – all this blather about “post-racial” went up in smoke basically the next time it surfaced again…

    so we’re back to the idea that some folks .. geeze an entire race… are largely “lazy, irresponsible and looking for handouts”… yes.. the creed of conservatism … that uses that idea to basically dismiss the entire issue of race and blame it on liberals as a mental condition or some such AND use that as justification for dismantling the “failed” agencies – and let them pull themselves up of their own bootstraps …etc, etc..

    A child in a bad school in a poor neighborhood – is NOT going to grow up to be a productive and working individual who creates wealth for his/her family and succeeding generations… it just don’t work that way.

    what to do about it ? keeping talking about liberals and faux racism ..??

  9. “Like ships passing in the night…” mutually incomprehensible without agreement on premises or conclusions. The split and splintering angering goes on and on… “god government” is yet another idol that cannot do what its devotees ask, nay, demand of it. But they can exact revenge of their idol’s inability by demanding human sacrifice of the infidels.

    • I agree on the talking past each other.

      but I do hold responsible those who say what we are doing now is not working to actually advocate for something specific to do instead.

      “Liberals” do promote what to do . Conservatives usually say it is not working and ultimately it ought not to be a government issue. right?

      I don’t think it’s responsible to pronounce something a failure .. and blame the liberals for their failed approaches then say or do nothing yourself other than advocate “more responsible personal behaviors”.

      Do we reject the CONCEPT .. purpose, of Government-provided public education? Is that also part of the Conservative response to what they call the desire for “equal outcomes”?

      If you reject public education – as a legitimate function of government – I can well see how the entitlement and other “assistance” is even further out on the conundrum of what we expect from Government or not.

      There are a ton of 3rd world and developing world countries that actually do have this philosophy… is that the basic core vision of Conservatism and Libertarianism?

      Again – we know what they don’t like .. and we know they blame “liberals” for the disease – but I’m never sure what exactly they are proposing instead.

  10. Michelle Singletary is a very respected black woman and syndicated columnist, author, and lecturer about thrifty living and financial responsibility, the things Jim is mentioning http://www.michellesingletary.com/about-michelle.html

  11. I think Oprah Winfrey is an exemplary example of someone bootstrapping themselves out of abject poverty to fame and fortune.

    Unfortunately 99% do not and it’s the 99% that is the problem.

  12. Dear Larry,

    Hold “responsible”? We have tried every ridiculous and contorted Liberal plan for the uplifting of Blacks as a group for over 50 years and the same gaps remain, even within school districts like Montgomery County, Maryland. Genetics likely IS a part of the inequality, as Arthur Jensen and Charles Murray and many other psychologists agree. The literature on the subject is vast. WHAT has Africa, sans the Mediterranean every produced, in terms of civilization? Yes, that is a rhetorical question. India has produced a high civilization. China, of course, too. Meso America did. The sad fact is that Africans have lived in a state of savagery before, and after colonization. Some Blacks are capable of higher attainments, but there proportion is significantly smaller than those of other groups. Even having said that, even the “non-gifted” among Blacks can still attain to virtues and godly habits that will make their lot better. But to demand equality is absurd, and “god government” cannot do what you want it to do just because you rub the lamp. Anger and discord and blaming innocent people won’t change that either. But it might make you feel better until the hyperinflation and civilizational collapse set-in as in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Haiti and other Black-ruled paradises.



    • Andrew and I agree about a lot, but I want to make it clear that I do NOT think that genetics plays a role in explaining the economic disparities between the races — either in the United States and globally. I think historical, cultural and ideological factors explain the differences.

  13. ( I was going to add “socialist” to “Black-ruled paradises, but the application timed out before the “post comment” confirmed it. I also added “Liberals ‘walk by faith not by sight. At least for Christians, “natural theology” confirms our faith, but Liberals’ “unnatural theology” is contradicted by the empirical evidence.”)

  14. And I ask again – if you feel that everything tried has failed – what are you recommending?

    That’s the problem with the critics… they know what they don’t like but they usually have nothing else to offer others than “walk away , it’s not our problem and we can’t fix it anyhow”.

    So – is that the “Conservative” response – along with the “genetics” argument that Charles Murray has posited – AND Jim Bacon actually has blogged on previously?

    You know, we have a whole country of rural white folks who are just as bad off as the urban blacks… yet I never hear of a Conservative solution for them either… but a lot less talk about genetics.

    • Dear Larry,

      Charity and Government can aid those who are in need, no matter whether they are Black and White, etc. The help should be based on need. What should not be assumed is that there will be equal outcomes in many things. Yes, the idea of equality of opportunity combined with a belief in equality of ability is pernicious and doomed to failure. So, yes, Blacks and Whites should be given access to resources on a color-blind basis, just don’t get too upset when the same unequal results happen, for they surely will. Liberal districts have yawning achievement gaps in racial differences, even within schools in “progressive and enlightened” places. Jews score higher and have higher i.q. than non-Jewish White gentiles. They make more money, too, in spite of many of them coming to the U.S. penniless. And there is a great deal of anti-Semitism based on envy, too. Asians have a 105 average i.q. while that for Whites is about 100 and for Blacks about 85. As Liberals like to tell Conservatives, “you are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts.” Just so. The future of America, at least parts of it, regrettably, is likely that of Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Haiti. Pay attention to the headlines in the first two and read this history of the third.



  15. To sum up, a belief in equality of opportunity “married to” a belief in equality of ability inevitably morphs into a regime based on equality of outcomes, and the resulting tyranny will require that the more successful in economic terms be damaged in order to assuage the injured pride of the less successful. The Christian places his highest priority on acquiring virtues, of which the accumulation of wealth is looked at with great distrust, due to its tendency to concentrate the mind on luxury, licentiousness and worldly things rather than the Kingdom of God: “Many of those who are first now, will be last, and many of those who are last now, will be first.” That is where all things will be righted. As for now we live in the condition of our fallen humanity. What is far more destructive to persons is not the admission that all do not have the same talents either in quantity or quality, but that each possesses an immortal soul made in the image of God. The development of virtues is an equal opportunity thing, one that will serve the person far better than mere wealth or power, which come to nothing in the end.



  16. Correction: What is far more destructive to persons is not the admission that all do not have the same talents either in quantity or quality…[but the loss of the belief] that each possesses an immortal soul made in the image of God. AER

  17. Or as Will Shakespeare put it in the Taming of the Shrew of our modern rules of Liberal racial etiquette:

    Come on, i’ God’s name, once more toward our father’s.
    Good Lord, how bright and goodly shines the moon!
    The moon? The sun! It is not moonlight now.
    I say it is the moon that shines so bright.
    I know it is the sun that shines so bright.
    Now, by my mother’s son, and that’s myself,
    It shall be moon, or star, or what I list,
    Or e’er I journey to your father’s house.
    (to servants) Go on, and fetch our horses back again.—
    Evermore crossed and crossed, nothing but crossed!
    (to KATHERINE) Say as he says, or we shall never go.
    Forward, I pray, since we have come so far,
    And be it moon, or sun, or what you please.
    An if you please to call it a rush candle,
    Henceforth I vow it shall be so for me.
    I say it is the moon.
    I know it is the moon.
    Nay, then you lie. It is the blessèd sun.
    Then God be blessed, it is the blessèd sun.
    But sun it is not, when you say it is not,
    And the moon changes even as your mind.
    What you will have it named, even that it is,
    And so it shall be so for Katherine.

    Petruchio, go thy ways; the field is won.
    Well, forward, forward! Thus the bowl should run,
    And not unluckily against the bias.
    But, soft! Company is coming here.
    (to VINCENTIO)
    Good morrow, gentle mistress, where away?—
    Tell me, sweet Kate, and tell me truly too,
    Hast thou beheld a fresher gentlewoman?
    Such war of white and red within her cheeks!
    What stars do spangle heaven with such beauty
    As those two eyes become that heavenly face?—
    Fair lovely maid, once more good day to thee.—
    Sweet Kate, embrace her for her beauty’s sake.
    (aside) He will make the man mad, to make a woman of him.
    Young budding virgin, fair and fresh and sweet,
    Whither away, or where is thy abode?
    Happy the parents of so fair a child.
    Happier the man whom favorable stars
    Allot thee for his lovely bedfellow!

    Why, how now, Kate! I hope thou art not mad.
    This is a man—old, wrinkled, faded, withered—
    And not a maiden, as thou say’st he is.
    Pardon, old father, my mistaking eyes
    That have been so bedazzled with the sun
    That everything I look on seemeth green.
    Now I perceive thou art a reverend father.
    Pardon, I pray thee, for my mad mistaking.
    Do, good old grandsire, and withal make known
    Which way thou travellest. If along with us,
    We shall be joyful of thy company.
    Fair sir, and you, my merry mistress,
    That with your strange encounter much amazed me,
    My name is called Vincentio, my dwelling Pisa,
    And bound I am to Padua, there to visit
    A son of mine which long I have not seen

  18. HuffPo helpfully illustrated my point on harming “the more successful group.” Thanks, HuffPo! https://www.infowars.com/huffington-post-editor-celebrates-discriminating-against-white-people/ ;-))<



  19. Will again, this time the opening scene of Romeo & Juliet.

    Abraham: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?
    Sampson: I do bite my thumb, sir.
    Abraham: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?
    Sampson (to Gregory): Is the law of our side if I say ay?
    Gregory: No.
    Sampson: No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you sir; but I bite my thumb, sir.

  20. There is an eye-opening article in today’s Wall Street Journal by Jason Riley. Some quotes:

    “The peasants fleeing Ireland had a shorter life expectancy than slaves in the US, many of whom enjoyed healthier diets and better living quarters. Most slaves slept on mattresses … Most poor Irish peasants slept on piles of straw.”

    “The black scholar W.E.B Du Bois wrote that freed slaves were poor by American standards, “but not as poor s the Irish peasants.”

    “The Irish who left for America were packed into the unused cargo space of wind-driven ships returning to the US, and the voyage would take up to three months, depending on the weather. These cargo holds were not intended to carry passengers, and the lack of proper ventilation and sanitation meant that out-breaks of typhus, cholera, and other fatal diseases were common. Emigrants slept on 3-by-6-foot shelves, which one observer described as “still reeking from the ineradicable stench left by the immigrants of the last voyage.”

    “In 1847, 19% of the Irish emigrants died on their way to the US, or shortly after arriving. By comparison, the average mortality rate on British slave ships of the period was 9%. Slave-owners had an economic incentive to keep slaves alive. No one had such an interest in the Irish.

    “The 19th century immigrants from Europe usually started at the bottom, both socially and economically, and the Irish epitomized this trend … ‘No other contemporary immigrant group was so concentrated at the bottom of the economic ladder,’ writes Thomas Sowell in his classic work Ethic America.”

    “32.3 million Americans today are of Irish descent.”

    See Lessons from the Rise of America’s Irish by Jason L. Riley, found in today’s WSJ Opinion Section.

    Take a look at https://www.financialsamurai.com/the-average-net-worth-and-income-for-asian-americans/ And you can see much of the same is still going on today.

  21. Dear Reed,

    That’s true. Engelmann & Fogel wrote an excellent study on slavery & immigrants in their wonderful book, _Without Consent or Contract_, published in the 1990s. https://www.amazon.com/Without-Consent-Contract-American-Paperback/dp/0393312194/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1521124916&sr=1-1&keywords=without+consent+or+contract+the+rise+and+fall+of+american+slavery

    However, at the risk of sounding cynical, our Liberals are not truly motivated by a desire for truth, but in punishing their perceived enemies. To paraphrase Voltaire, “If White hostility did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it.” The Liberals have already decided that the past is more important than present factors, i.e. “the dead hand of the past” rules omnipotently over the living. The past, by definition, whatever one’s view of it, cannot be changed, but they insist on carrying everyone along in their endless monologues, placing everyone, supporters and opponents in a forced “march to nowhere,” as a friend once put it. They bemoan something that cannot be changed but find it very convenient to rationalize their animosities and demands for ever-greater power in the present and future. There is no concept of actual repentance and forgiveness in the Christian sense. There is only the unending demand for more “human sacrifices” that their “high tech priesthood” demands, and these demands become ever more absurd and unsatisfiable with each passing year, nay, day! It is bullying, pure and simple, the very thing they prate on about in other contexts. We are dealing with people who are deeply embittered, ultimately, I believe because they have abandoned their hopes in both the Kingdom of God and personal immortality while pining for an “earthly kingdom of man” that cannot work. But having secretly given up on their plans for a utopia, they are settling for a dystopia, one in which everyone will be equally miserable.



  22. Ah, another “human sacrifice” to satisfy the Angry One (our “lord”, Equality). That’s two “assists” in one day from HuffPo. As always, thanks! : https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/penn-law-professor-black-students_us_5aaa3ebfe4b0600b83005c2e?ncid=APPLENEWS00001 Of course, as a result of the demotion of the blasphemer, said scores will suddenly turn up everywhere as grateful hearts begin to burn the midnight and ace the biased exams.

  23. “Wax declined to comment to HuffPost. She has defended her statements in the past, and doubled down on her argument in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, asserting that people seek to move to countries with ‘superior’ bourgeois values.” Student and Faculty mob heard now to chant, “BACON! BACON! BACON!” Moral of the story? “Triangulation is futile!”

  24. I agree with most of what you have said. I would also expand your comments to say that your comments apply to all ideologues on the left and the right. And that your comments also apply to all obsessive compulsive seekers of power and unfair advantage of all sorts over others. No matter the profession or endeavor, these power hungry people construct and often invent out of whole cloth enemies to vivify and attack by ginning up hate and envy against the “Other” (those deemed outsiders). This historically is the quickest and easiest route to aggregating power. We can see this everywhere around us now. These immoral aggressorsweaponize the misfortune of their group create power for themselves while leading their group into ever more negative and counter-productive behavior. Hence a few demagogues thrive off the the problems and misfortunes of others. And they manufacture misfortune if it otherwise cannot be found.

  25. Very well put, Reed. I wholeheartedly endorse your assertion that ideologues of the Right still guilty of the same things, though their particular, formal reasons differ, the “formula,” but the end is amassing power and hurting people. Richard Spencer and David Duke come to my mind. And, no, I’m not triangulating on this one! They may say accurate things on some issues, and wrong on others, of course, but they are not to be trusted. But they and their ilk have a bright future so long as the Left continues to morph into the monstrosity that it currently is. Extremes feed one another. They enjoy an odd, symbiotic relationship, raising recruits out of “the other’s” messages. Called “feedback loops”?



  26. Speaking of feedback loops, witness the recent hysteria at Charlottesville Va. and at the University of Virginia.

    Witness the the chronic bouts of hysteria there in Charlottesville all of those events driven by an alleged systemic culture of “racism, enslavement and white supremacy, along with its rampant rape cultures that are said to be festering in white male fraternities and related power structures, as well as the ongoing abuse of Palestinians by Jews at Mr. Jefferson’s University.”

    Are these happenings an example of your feedback loop? Are they going on with increasing frequency all over the country now?

    And, might these happenings be echoes, and indeed the beginnings of what we witnessed in the first half of 20th century in Europe, Russia, and Japan?

    Apparently, UVA wants $30 million to discuss these issues. We that inflame future events? Will truth or lies, including offensive memes, be told and sold there yet again?

  27. Dear Reed,

    Pat Buchanan paints a grim and plausible scenario here: http://www.vdare.com/articles/patrick-j-buchanan-is-the-gop-staring-at-another-1930 The lack of an historical memory and just plain ignorance have made a lot of “suckers” who will be betrayed, yet again. They aren’t even aware of how they are pawns on someone else’s chessboard. I look forward to the Kingdom of God, but will do my best until my “number” is called, which is nearer, statistically speaking, on account of having just turned 50 and seeing a higher “life” insurance premium hike. But we are not forsaken. We must always have hope even in bad conditions. Ours is another age of mass delusions, and those don’t end well. Sorry to ramble on from the family living room.



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