Quote of the Day: Morrissey Takes No Prisoners!

Joe Morrissey

The Richmond City Democratic Committee (RCDC) voted Thursday night to condemn state Senator Joe Morrissey, D-Richmond, for telling an NAACP official he would rip his heart out of his chest.

“I was very upset to read, and then hear, Sen. Morrissey’s appalling and repeated threats of violence against a constituent, Mr. Jefferson,” said Jimmie Lee Jarvis, the member of RCDC that made the motion to censure Morrissey Thursday night, reports Brandon Jarvis in his Virginia Scope newsletter. (To see the full context of Morrissey’s entirely defensible remark, click here.)

What Morrissey had to say in response is priceless. (It’s so darn good, I’m going to put it in bold face rather than italics.)

They’re a bunch of young, white, entitled, wannabe-wokes who took a break tonight from spray painting people’s homes, setting fire to the city, and smashing windows, in order to censure me for simply defending the honor of my wife. They have spent the last two years whining incessantly about their insufficient stimulus checks and unsuccessful efforts to defund the police, but on the other hand, I have spent my last two years ending the death penalty, establishing mental health dockets, banning chokeholds, and increasing the minimum wage. All of my bills – who do you think has been more successful?

With that statement, Morrissey has lost the vote of dozens of young, White, entitled, militant wokesters … and won the votes of hundreds of constituents who are thoroughly sick of them.

The portion of the Jarvis story containing the quote sits behind a subscription paywall. But Chris Saxman quoted in his The Intersection newsletter here.