SONY DSCIt was a gorgeous day in Richmond yesterday, temperature in the high 60s and the most perfect blue sky I have ever seen — the ideal setting for street artists to ply their craft. In the second annual RVA Street Art Festival, nearly 30 painters gathered at the old GRTC bus garages this week and used brick walls as their canvas. Thousands of people came to watch. See more pictures of the RVA Street Art Festival.

Kudos to Ed Trask and Jon Baliles for organizing another great event.



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  1. reed fawell III Avatar
    reed fawell III

    What a delight and revelation. Just when you’re down about what’s going on the world per official reports of those who claim to know, your eyes are opened and your faith renewed by the simple act of walking city’s streets amid the imaginative expressions of people you otherwise might pass with blank expressions, yours for sure, and perhaps theirs too.

    This street art, its whole and in part, might recall this observation:

    “The world about us is not merely ours. We possess it only because our predecessors and others about us appreciated and cherished it. So we look at it through eyes that are not simply our own but (thought eyes) that to some considerable degree have learned their vision from the eyes of others. The eyes of painters and poets, of craftsmen and farmers, and … relations and friends … have illuminated our ambiance for us.

    Otherwise our world would been seen as if it were flat, without association, without the subtle hints of other things, and without the correspondence with ideas and experiences that link us to others and our past; and so our world would appear dull and meaningless, hardly sensuous at all.”

    Quote Adapted from Scotland’s Dowry by George Scott-Moncrieff

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