Jeanine’s Memes

From The Bull Elephant

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    1. Teddy007 Avatar

      The waste problem exist with the existing spent fuel. Whether new reactors or built or not, the issues with long term storage of spent fuel remain the same.

    2. LarrytheG Avatar

      Yep, not discussed much by the pro-nuke crowd.

      1. The “pro-nuke crowd”? You mean Governor Red Vest and his SMRs for SW Virginia?

    3. Store it on the moon until our sun begins to die, then launch it all at once into that giant orb of burning gases.

      Who knows, maybe it will buy the earth an extra 5 or 6 minutes…

    1. You Republicans can mock Eric all you want, but here are some facts that he is too much of a gentleman to point out.

      The RNC (as does the DNC) puts a LOT of money into state races — money as well as putting staff into states to help state candidates, most of whom operate with very limited $$$ and skeleton staffs.

      Lara Trump’s FIRST ACTION as Deputy RNC Chief was to fire every single person employed in the RNC state support division as well as diverting every penny of state support $$$ to Trump’s legal fees.

      Trump has just destroyed the RNC capability to support endangered state races — both state and federal candidates.

      The RNC has around $8 million in the bank. Two weeks ago, in one day, Joe Biden raised $53 million, all of which went to the DNC. In NYC, Thursday night, is a “Night with Three Presidents — Clinton, Obama, Biden” that has raised $10 million with more coming in. Teh DNC has over $150 million in the bank and climbing daily. Almost all big $$ donors have dropped the RNC. Some of Haley’s donors have announced they are supporting Biden.
      Trump forced the RNC to accept an agreement by which 60% of all donations go to his PAC (to pay his legal fees, his legal judgements, and the loans on his properties ) while 40% goes to the RNC — unless he needs more.

      Damn, but you people are suckers.

  1. EIGHT OF THE EIGHT men killed or injured in the Key Bridge collapse were immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, or Honduras. At least four of them had families here.

    The next time I hear a Republican telling me about “immigrants taking jobs from hard-working Americans,” someone may get punched in the face.

    There were ZERO “hard-working Americans” on that bridge at 1:30 AM, doing the brutal, cold, thankless work of patching potholes.

    I live in a rural county with a lot of “hard-working Americans.” Not one of them would take such a job. They are too goddam lazy and, besides, they couldn’t pass the drug test. They prefer to hang around the Moose Lodge shooting pool, picking up odd jobs here and there, putting their wives to work cashiering at WalMart and the Kwik Stop, while they cruise around in a new pickup (wife qualified for the loan), tending their hunting dogs and talking about “puttin’ meat on the table” during deer season. And voting for Trump.


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