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From the Bull Elephant.

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    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      It’s a good fake. Sort of. The story ran in Natural News according to the byline, but not Mother Jones. You don’t suppose someone would fake the source to lend credence, would you?

      If you’d like to read the whole article, using such phrases as “Biden regime”, you can find it here…

      Truly, an aptly named site.

      The author is a real winner…

      1. Stupid of the meme maker to falsify the source of the material. The meme would stand on its own.

        1. Nancy Naive Avatar
          Nancy Naive

          No, actually it won’t. The battery plant wasn’t the sole reason cite by Evergy to delay the closing of the coal fired plant, which included reevaluating the reserve energy needs as a result of storm outages in 2021.

          “Our service area is experiencing some of its most robust electricity demand growth in decades, including very large projects like the Panasonic electric vehicle battery manufacturing factory and the Meta datacenter, as well as broad-based economic development in both Kansas and Missouri,” said Campbell. “Aided by well-coordinated efforts by state and local organizations, these projects are successfully bringing in investment and jobs across our region.”

          The CF plant was supposed to shutter in 2025/6 and will remain until 2028 as they complete conversion of another CF to NG for additional backup generation while adding more solar and wind.

          Since the battery plant won’t come on line until late 2025 and is surely intended to run for more than just three years, it stretches credulity to assume that the CF plant was needed just for battery production.

          This is a real newspaper story and includes Panasonic’s position of being fully operational on 100% renewable by 2028

    1. DJRippert Avatar

      More misdirection from the left. The hand puppeteering Hamas belongs to Iran, not Russia. You know, the country where Biden just unfroze $6B in assets. Claiming that those $6B will only be used for peaceful purposes is yet more lefty misdirection. Money is fungible. Even if Iran accepts the limitations on how they spend that money (which is highly unlikely) it just finances activities that Iran would have financed anyway, allowing Iran freed up cash to support Hamas.

      Beyond that, I thought the Democrats brilliant non-plan to keep funneling money to Ukraine (along with sanctions) was going to cripple Russia.

      Which leftist lie to believe?

      Russia is being crippled by Biden’s brilliant Ukrainian non-plan or …

      Russia is financially and militarily healthy enough to actively support Hamas?

      1. Iran got 6 billion recently, but the total amount if you include sanction relief and all other changes since Biden took office would be closer to 60 billion.

        When Iran has money, they do what they always do will it – fund terrorism.

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