Fairfax Group Forms to Defend Police

Action, reaction. Police Officers’ Defense Coalition organized to defend policy officers from super-woke prosecutors.

by James A. Bacon

When Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano ran for office in 2019, he promised to reform the county’s criminal justice system by offering defendants greater transparency about the evidence against them. “Virginia’s rules force defendants to try to craft a defense without most of the information one would need to do so,” he wrote in his election platform.

But Descano’s office has adopted a very different stance in its prosecution of a White Fairfax police officer accused of using excessive force, including a Taser, against a Black man.

As the trial date approaches in September, an attorney for Officer Tyler Timberlake wrote in a motion that prosecutors have yet to turn over a lengthy police report, a 911 call, a bystander video of the incident, and an interview with the victim. “The Commonwealth has repeatedly dragged its feet and has deprived Officer Timberlake of his due process and right to a fair trial,” the attorney wrote.

Prosecutors respond that the materials need not be produced until 60 days before the trial, reports The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, the family of Donovan Lynch, who was slain by a Virginia Beach policeman during a chaotic incident in the resort area in which three people were killed, has filed an unlawful death suit against the city and the policeman, Solomon D. Simmons.

Whatever the merits of these particular cases, it is increasingly evident that prosecutors in Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington counties, who were elected on social-justice platforms, are less inclined to give policemen the benefit of the doubt, and citizens are more likely to sue. Rightly or wrongly, law enforcement officers in Virginia perceive themselves as under legal attack.

Now a new organization, the Police Officers’ Defense Coalition, has formed in Fairfax County to defend public safety officers, sheriffs and “all those who represent the law enforcement community fight against the ‘War on Cops.’” States the website:

Everyday our protectors in law enforcement are abused. First on the streets where they protect and serve society and then by the executives who represent the justice system which would rather prosecute law enforcement officers rather than criminals. Police Officers’ Defense Coalition and Committee for Police Officers’ Defense is committed to cleaning up the annals of justice by flushing out those who pretend to represent the people, but instead manipulate the system and the prosecute police officers as a stepping stone to their next higher political office. …

We work diligently in the political sphere to defend our men and women in blue, to fight against political zealots and politicians that use our police as pawns, and bridge the gap between law-abiding citizens and the police officers that protect and serve them every day.

We’re accustomed to seeing nonprofit activist groups on the left side of the political spectrum, typically funded by left-leaning foundations. But Democratic Party overreach in Virginia, especially Northern Virginia, is inspiring a reaction. Virginians unhappy with policies that undermine public schools, universities, and law enforcement are organizing. This level of energy and intensity has not been seen on the right since the Tea Party movement. The mainstream media, which exists in a liberal bubble, is missing a big story.

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32 responses to “Fairfax Group Forms to Defend Police”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    ah, they get to it: ” We’re accustomed to seeing nonprofit activist groups on the left side of the political spectrum, typically funded by left-leaning foundations. But Democratic Party overreach in Virginia, especially Northern Virginia, is inspiring a reaction. Virginians unhappy with policies that undermine public schools, universities, and law enforcement are organizing. This level of energy and intensity has not been seen on the right since the Tea Party movement. The mainstream media, which exists in a liberal bubble, is missing a big story.”

    Hey, at LEAST they are HONEST about who they are! No beating around the bush!

    1. Deborah Hommer Avatar
      Deborah Hommer

      You failed to address the left-leaning groups who are working hard to destroy anyone who questions what they are doing and their narrative all the while they are literally destroying cities currently in part with their Defund the Police movement and now many are scrambling to hire police back; just think of last summer where numerous Democrat cities were ravaged with looting, rioting, and the destruction of property. The Defund the Police activism is part of the problem that is destroying cities across the country, along with BLM and Antifa (cancer-causing infections).

      Then you have Prosecutors like Steve Descano in Fairfax County who have instituted a policy of no consequences for a large number of crimes committed that there used to be consequences for. Our Nextdoor neighborhood group is full of people complaining how crime is on the rise in our liberal area. Well, no shit. Yet the synaptic connections in their brains apparently aren’t firing as they are apparently not connecting the dots. I am no fan of Supreme Court Justice Wendell Oliver Holmes; however, he was correct when he stated that in order to curb criminals, there needs to be consequences.

      Some of the most liberal cities – Washington,D.C., Louisville, Rochester, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle (all Democrat cities) – have suffered from exponential crime stats, the piling up of body bags, businesses and residents escaping their broken cities, destruction of property into the billions of dollars.
      Please tell me you didn’t miss the connection between Democrat cities, their policies, and the negatives consequences.

      And here you are griping/mocking – I don’t know. What’s your point? What are you doing? – the Police Force Defense Coalition attempting to defend their communities and reputation; and yet you somehow see something wrong with this. Since when is it wrong to defend oneself? Cops are wrongly demonized. Go ahead, think for yourself and go look at the actual statistics instead of parroting those who are using you as a useful idiot for their talking points. What’s interesting is people like you make comments as such and then you call on the police when you need them. They are protecting you also. Thank goodness there are people who are thinking critically and attempting to protect their communities from these destructive infectious viruses.

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        How do black folks and other people of color feel about this? Are they also worried about “leftists” and destruction of their communities?

        1. Deborah Hommer Avatar
          Deborah Hommer

          I have seen reports that black businesses and areas of their communities were destroyed due to the riots, looting, destruction of property, and the lockdowns, and, yes, they do want police protection. In fact, it is black police officers in these black communities, black mayors, black politicians. That’s why I stated you should look at the stats that blacks are not being targeted. Are there police officers that need to be dealt with? yes. Is it systemic? NO. In addition, it is progressive policies that are hurting these people. Instead of getting into Title I and II schools and helping these kids, they keep raising our taxes and not helping these kids. Now these racists want to move better performing students into these areas to blur their failures. They also want to get rid of higher math classes. How racist is that message: “You’re black so you can’t perform.” It doesn’t get any more racist than that.
          Leftists are destroying opportunities for these people. It’s sickening and heart wrenching.

        2. Deborah Hommer Avatar
          Deborah Hommer

          Here’s an article that speaks directly to how the “defund the police” narrative disproportionately hurts communities of color. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/charles-barkley-defund-the-police-would-hurt-black-communities/

  2. energyNOW_Fan Avatar

    sounds like role of unions to defend members? If no union then you need something in times like this.

    1. Matt Adams Avatar
      Matt Adams

      I think and this is totally my opinion on the matter, is that the Union gives the rank and file a bad rap. They “protect” all members good and bad, by lumping those two together they aren’t being good stewards for their members.

      That and the Union bosses could give to f’s about their members, they just want the perks and slush.

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    Given how hard it has been for those who have had negative interactions with the police to get info on those interactions, including bodycams, I’m not seeing how this is much different.

    I also wonder with respect to the “pro” police groups – how these advocacies sound to black folks and those who feel they have been unfairly treated by police.

    Is this a middle-of-the-ground approach designed to try thread between the two spheres, or is this just a flat-out – one-sided advocacy?

    What I feel is more division , sides choosing up and positions locking in…

    A flat rejection of what black folks say they are feeling , no?

  4. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    One case in Fairfax makes it “increasingly evident that prosecutors in Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington counties… are less inclined to give policemen the benefit of the doubt….”? It would seem that it would take several cases to establish a trend.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Tightly clustered about the mean.

      Virginia, where once is a tradition.

    2. tmtfairfax Avatar

      Dick, the problem is that Descano has said on numerous occasions that its his obligation as Commonwealth Attorney to see that everyone is treated fairly. He’s also added that it’s his job to see that people aren’t prosecuted unfairly and inappropriately. Let’s leave the inconsistencies to the media. Everyone knows they have no ethical standards.

  5. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    Back the blue? Not backing the brown shirts in Loudoun County. 2 parents arrested at the school board meeting. Superintendent declared an unlawful assembly after the well attended public comment session went after the school board for a variety of issues. So much for the 1st Amendment. Hard to believe but true: the Loudoun County School Board has utilized the sheriff’s office to silence dissent.

      1. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
        James Wyatt Whitehead

        There was no disorder. Elected leaders could not take the heat so they threw their constituents out of the kitchen. Why would you invite the public for comment and then toss them into jail because speakers criticize the school board. Intolerable and Coercive! https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.timetoast.com/public/uploads/photos/9271625/intolerable_act_2.jpg

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          the video? No disorder? really? This is how you would like most government meetings conducted?

          There is no way that meeting could be conducted. People are supposed to sit and allow others to speak until their turn. Make their case, then sit down and let others speak including the elected officials.

          No way this is a reasonable meeting!

          1. Eric the half a troll Avatar
            Eric the half a troll

            The right to non-peaceably assemble and disrupt public meetings to garner media coverage and play the victim for the camera shall not be abridged…

          2. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
            James Wyatt Whitehead

            Insurrection. No? Like Jan 6.

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            No. But in a public meeting, everyone should have the opportunity to speak without being interrupted by others, and especially so if they have an opposite opinion. What those folks are doing is shutting down others’ ability to speak and borderline intimidation. Call it what it is. The next time, the Board will lay out ground rules and have plenty of deputies present and those that can’t or won’t behave should be removed. Every one of them until there is reasonable order in the room and the public business can be conducted without idiots who can’t behave.

            People feel strongly about issues sometimes. I have been an activist myself but I never ever wanted anything more than an opportunity to make the case.

            There are lots of other media and venues to also make the case – and there are elections.

            We have a process for change. do it and stop acting like a bunch of dumbasses.

          4. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
            James Wyatt Whitehead

            So based on your logic, Mr. Henry was out of order, disruptive, interruptive, and unlawful at St. John’s Church.

          5. LarrytheG Avatar

            Equating this behavior to patriotism is pretty flimsy. These yahoos are only patriots in their own addled minds. This not how patriotism really works in a Democratic society – where an angry crowd intimidates anyone who does not agree with them. This is little more than a mob IMHO.

          6. LarrytheG Avatar

            So James, I’ll share my view and would
            ask you to share yours after reading mine.

            Just imagine how classrooms or courts or even Church or funerals, would work if they were rooms full of yahoos all talking and yelling at the same time and displaying anger at the elected.

            BOS, SB, and other govt meetings would become more like some sports stadium venues. No real rules. Just anyone/everyone get up and start talking, yelling, gesturing, whenever they wanted to.

            The way that Democracy was designed to work IMHO is you make your case to the ELECTED (as opposed to a KING).

            If they don’t listen, you organize and gain support and throw them out of office and replace them with folks that are more responsive to citizens.

            That’s the fundamental difference between a KING and an ELECTED and the Liberty and rights our Founding Fathers actually fought to secure.

            We ELECT our leaders.

            We don’t seek change by forming mobs that overwhelm meetings, destroy decorum, and personally threaten and intimidate current elected leaders you may disagree with. That’s not much better than having a KING IMHO!

            The big problem with Democracy though is the minority and what they sometimes want to do if they know they are a minority and cannot prevail in elections.

            Then their tactics sometimes seem to be to show up in force at meetings, flaunt the rules designed to let everyone have their say – one at a time and even intimidate the elected by functioning like a mob.

            That’s not Democracy, but anarchy. And in my mind, any teacher of American History worth his/her salt would know that without a doubt without having a “lefty” lecture him so.

            I’ve always considered you a reasonable and polite person and so respect your views even if I do not agree.

            So , your view? Have at it.

          7. WayneS Avatar

            Wait their turn for what? Being arrested?

            It is astonishing to me that you rushed to declare the crowd unreasonable for reacting to one of their members being arrested. and manhandled by the police. Unfortunately, the video does not cover the time before the arrest, so we don’t know why the man was arrested, but it is telling that you automatically sided with government officials and the police when you viewed a short video of a mostly white crowd raising a ruckus at a public meeting.

            If the man being arrested was black and the crowd was primarily “people of color” I am virtually certain that your reaction to the video would have been VERY different.

          8. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
            James Wyatt Whitehead

            Welcome to Mr. Larry’s World.

          9. LarrytheG Avatar

            Did you look at the other people in the video? Have you been to a govt meeting where much of the attendees were standing and talking and shouting at the same time?

            You can’t have any kind of reasonable meeting if everyone is standing and talking at the same time.

            It’s mayhem and anarchy.

            Set ground rules for participation and have the deputies remove those who won’t follow the rules.

            It hss ZERO to do with white or black or anything else. It has to do with each persons responsibility for attending and participating in the meeting.

            We have a bunch of yahoos and cretins these days whether it’s in a meeting or being on an airplane or other venues.

          10. WayneS Avatar

            They were reacting to a member of the audience being arrested. Have you ever been to a public meeting at which a member of the audience was dragged out of the meeting room by three cops?

            “We have a bunch of yahoos and cretins these days whether it’s in a meeting or being on an airplane or other venues.”

            Or the streets of Richmond last summer?

            “It has ZERO to do with white or black or anything else.”

            Nevertheless, if the man being arrested had been black and the crowd was primarily “people of color” I am virtually certain that your reaction to the video would have been VERY different.

            PS – They are public meetings, not government meetings.

          11. LarrytheG Avatar

            He got into a struggle with the police instead of sitting down or leaving.

            It does not matter what others thought. They also have a responsibility to behave and they did not. They acted like a bunch of cretins.

            re: ” Nevertheless, if the man being arrested had been black and the crowd was primarily “people of color” I am virtually certain that your reaction to the video would have been VERY different.”

            How can you ascribe motives to me?
            Once again, you do not seem to be able to control yourself and not direct personal attacks at others. Don’t do that. Learn to dialogue guy. deal with the issue not ther person. Man up or go away.

            Yes, they are “public meetings” conducted by the government for the public with RULES for participation and if you cannot or will not abide by the rules and behave like an adult – then suffer the consequences.

            If you want to be a yahoo, then be ready for the consequences.

          12. WayneS Avatar

            …says the guy who regularly engages in personal attacks and regularly ascribes motives to others.

          13. LarrytheG Avatar

            I will return the favor in personal attacks sometimes. If you ever see me initiate one, do say so.

            I also do NOT ascribe motives to people personally. Again, if you see me do that, then call me on it.

            You guys can’t seem to help yourselves sometimes.. it seems to be a common thread.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Nah, very bad. Things were fine. They had no right to declare an unlawful assembly… until the crowd started trying to sing the Anthem. Then it became an awful assembly.

  6. tmtfairfax Avatar

    Everyone accused of a crime deserves a fair trial. And as Descano has said, it’s his obligation to see that this occurs all of the time. This does not mean he doesn’t put on a strong case, but, if he’s treating some defendants inconsistently, he’s not doing what he promised to do.

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