Facebook Update

As Bacon’s Rebellion readers know, Facebook has begun rejecting the most anodyne of ads promoting our website on the grounds that they address “social” or electoral issues. But the social media giant does have a mechanism for people to prove they are not bots. I am in the process of jumping through the necessary hoops, and I will keep you posted on my success — or failure.

I am not a bot. But how about these “friend” requests I keep getting from beautiful young Chinese women? Are they bots?

I have accepted none of these friend requests, so it’s not likely that I have unwittingly put myself on some list of dupes. The young woman above lists a Hong Kong residence and goes by a name rendered in Chinese characters, which I cannot read. Her Facebook page shows photos of her dining out, playing golf, and posing in gardens. We have no mutual friends.

In the past two weeks, I have gotten similar “friend” invitations from two equally beautiful young ladies. This has got to be a scam — but there’s no hint of Nigerian princes or missing fortunes. How does this work?