Democracy Dies in Sophistry

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm

by James C. Sherlock

All should note the article, “Average U.S. gas prices top $5 a gallon, as surging energy costs squeeze economy,” in The Washington Post.

The same Washington Post that is the only newspaper for most Northern Virginians who get one.

That article shows again the depths to which the progressive press will descend to deny the effects of the conscious policies of the left on domestic energy production.

It displays end-to-end such a thorough misunderstanding of economics that it is hard to critique the details.

It is hard to miss, however, that this lengthy report consciously avoids the point that the Biden administration came into office declaring a war on domestic energy that continues to this day.

His appointments to energy-related cabinet positions confirmed it.

Jennifer Granholm is the Secretary of Energy. She has been a senior research fellow at the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI). She was also a senior advisor to The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Clean Energy Program.

She is a prominent political progressive for whom the Green New Deal is dogma. She is very proud of her anti-fossil-fuel positions. She is welcome to them. America, unlike her native Canada, is still a free country.

Mr. Biden considered those views a defining feature, not a bug, in her appointment.

The Post author, clearly seeking to be helpful, spent considerable ink sorting through the Democratic options for where to deflect blame for high gas prices.

But to fail to discuss the fact that American energy companies are not investing in new long-term domestic production in significant part because of the openly-declared, full- scale government assault on their existence is pure sophistry.

But many in deeply blue Northern Virginia, D.C., and the Maryland suburbs care more about the blame than the policy outcomes.

The Post has printed all the news they want to read on this matter.