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Scandal in Virginia Not-for-Profit Hospital Reported by the NY Times – Regional Perspectives

Richmond Community Hospital – “A glorified emergency room”?

by James C. Sherlock

Sometimes my subscription to The New York Times pays off. This is one of those times.

The subtitle on the Times story is:

Bon Secours Mercy Health, a major nonprofit health system, used the poverty of Richmond Community Hospital’s patients to tap into a lucrative federal drug program.

It is a blockbuster of a scandal, extremely well reported. I hope a Pulitzer awaits.

The Times, as is necessary in that paper, made it a racial issue. Bon Secours has for generations served the Black population of Hampton Roads nearly exclusively. It continues to do so and continues to lose money doing so.

That was not mentioned in the Times article. Nor in the editorial in the Richmond Free Press about the scandal.

But it doesn’t really matter. What happened in Richmond was wrong. This scandal is not the work of a properly led charity.

I have directly dealt with and reported on Bon Secours Hampton Roads for years. I will attempt to offer background on this mess for perspective both looking back and looking forward. Continue reading

What Leadership Looks Like – Teacher Shortages, Learning Losses and Gov. Youngkin

by James C. Sherlock

Sometimes you just have to let leaders speak for themselves.

This is one of those times.

Faced with critical teacher shortages and learning losses, I publish here the Governor’s Executive Order 3 and Bridging the Gap: Learning Loss Recovery Plan

I don’t just congratulate the governor, but everyone involved, especially including the fifteen school divisions who agreed to try to become part of the solution in learning losses. Continue reading