Miyares Moves to Support Israel

Jason Miyares

from The Republican Standard

In the wake of the attack on Israel carried out by terrorist organization Hamas last week, Attorney General Jason Miyares is calling upon Virginia law enforcement agencies to help Israelis fight for their lives in a new way.

Fox News obtained copies of a letter distributed to over 100 sheriffs’ offices by the AG’s office, urging them to donate “surplus body armor, protective gear and other tactical equipment” to be collected by his office and sent to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Miyares also noted in the letter that “While I’m aware that some police departments are stretched for resources, many departments have expired equipment that are required to be donated or discarded. If you have excess law enforcement protective equipment, my office will collect them and ship it to the Israel Defense Forces.”

In a tweet, Miyares also summed up the call in the following way:

“Israel is fighting for democracy and human rights in the face of absolute evil, and they need our support.

“That’s why I’m launching an effort to send them expired, surplus body armor and tactical gear.”

Republished with permission from The Republican Standard.