Bacon Bits: Pigskins, COVID, Unemployment

Hail the to Pigskins.

The football team formerly known as the Washington Redskins has punted on adopting a new permanent name this season, and will refer to itself for the time being as the Washington Football Team. The pause allows the team to “undertake an in-depth branding process” that incorporates player, alumni, fan, community and sponsor input. the team announced. What a cop-out. I’m still holding out hope for the team to rename itself the Washington Pigskins.

COVID risk metrics for school districts. The Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Education are collaborating on a new COVID-19 dashboard to guide local education officials when deciding how to reopen schools this fall. The dashboard likely will include eight to 10 local metrics such as confirmed cases, percent-positive rates on tests, hospitalizations, and the number of local emergency room visits for COVID-19-like illnesses. School divisions will be flagged, red, yellow and green to indicate whether they should reopen, adopt a hybrid model, or adopt a distance-learning model, reports the Prince William Times.

One suggestion: The dashboard should include the number of people testing positive in the age ranges corresponding to elementary, middle, and high school.  Given the different risk profiles for younger and older children, it makes no sense to impose a uniform policy. School boards might consider keeping elementary schools open while going online with high schools.

Economic health metrics. Meanwhile, another 37,946 Virginians have filed for unemployment claims, according to the Virginia Employment Commission. That’s up 17.5% from the previous week. All told, more than one million Virginians have filed for unemployment benefits for the first time since March. “Virginia’s preliminary weekly change — up 7,896 on a seasonally adjusted basis — was the largest increase among the states,” reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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10 responses to “Bacon Bits: Pigskins, COVID, Unemployment”

  1. djrippert Avatar

    Snyder may be evil but he’s a marketing genius. Fans will rush out to buy this year’s no name merchandise with “Washington Football Team” emblazoned on coats, hats, sweatshirts, etc. Then, next year, those same fans will rush out to buy Washing Warthog (or whatever the team name ends up being) merchandise. A double cha ching for Danny Boy.

    Meanwhile the team formerly known as the Redskins need a new fight song. Hail to the Washington Football Team lacks the lyric cadence of Hail to the Redskins. It may be time to repurpose America’s classic Horse with No Name.

    On the first part of our lifetimes
    We had a team that was pretty good
    There were wins and scores and playoffs and things
    There was Riggo and Superbowl rings
    Then one day we met a man named Danny
    And the sky filled with clouds
    The O was cold and the D was bad
    In the stands there were no sounds
    Now I root for a team that never wins, in fact it’s got no name
    No doubt in my mind that Snyder deserves every single bit of the blame
    In the District you can’t remember your name
    ‘Cause watching football brings nothing but pain
    La, la la la la la la ….

    1. I don’t know how long it took you to compose those new lyrics, but they’re pretty damn funny. Sadly, one has to old enough to remember the song to fully appreciate the genius.

  2. WayneS Avatar

    Why not Washington’s Team for Football?

    That way their initials could be WTF.

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    DANG – there we go quoting that lying leftist rag the RTD – AGAIN!

    I wish Bacon would get it straight. Either he thinks they are a pile of warm poop or not… no?

    1. I look forward to the day when I no longer have to quote the RTD. But it’s just about the only game in town. Whaddaya going to do?

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        If they are lying sacks of doo-doo why in the world would you quote them? “only game in town”??? lying sack of – you quote? geeze?

        you’re sending out very mixed messages here – actually hypocritical ones, no?

        1. There are two kinds of lies: lies of commission and lies of omission. The RTD and other newspapers are pretty good about not committing the first kind of lie. They value accuracy. They double-check their facts. So, one can usually trust what they write. The problem is the lies of omission — the facts, context and differing perspectives they fail to report. Here they fail grievously. They create social-justice narratives and do not deviate from them. When all you report is half the truth, you aren’t reporting the truth.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            I completely understand the complaint. But why do you go back once you’ve condemned and dismissed them as a legitimate source?

            How can you condemn them then turn around and quote them – which means – you’re continuing to read them even after you’d disavowed them?

            Several of ya’ll have this problem. You pontificate long and strenuously about how corrupt and disgusting MSM and now the regional Virginia papers are – but you still read them – and quote them – to substantiate your own writing.

            I have never ever believed everything any of the papers have reported. It goes without saying that some of it is biased -but as you say – not overt misrepresentation of facts. The other think is that they don’t promote conspiracy theories like we see with more than a few in alternative media.

            But I though if you wrote off RTD, stopped subscribing, you were done with them.. yet just like stinky smells, you go back!


          2. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
            Reed Fawell 3rd

            “When all you report is half the truth, you aren’t reporting the truth.”

            Yes, and also you are lying!

  4. James Wyatt Whitehead V Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead V

    In June of 1931 unemployment in Virginia was somewhere between 50 and 60,000 workers. By June of 1932 this number had soared to 145,000 unemployed Virginians. There were about 725,000 eligible workers and the unemployment rate was near 20%. In June of 1932 state revenues had fallen 32% from the June 1929 level. Tax delinquencies soared to 20%. Industrial wages fell by 24%. Industrial output in Virginia fell by 14% in 1932. Farm prices could not find a floor to fall on. Some categories of farm prices fell down 60%. The drought of 1930 added to the misery. Still the most severe drought in modern record keeping. A four month strike at Dan River Mills required the deployment of the National Guard. Yearly farm incomes in 1929 $2,500; this collapsed to $600 by 1932. State workers faced a 15% pay decrease from 1930 to 1933. State agencies faced a 30% cut from appropriations. State wide teachers were laid off. Kindergarten cancelled.

    This was the mess that the professor from William and Mary John Garland Pollard inherited as Governor of Virginia during the Great Depression.

    From Depression and New Deal in Virginia by Ronald Hieimann

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