Bacon Bits: Bills of Interest

More transparency for land-use proceedings (HB 626). Submitted by Del. Danica Roem, D-Manassas Park. Alters land use disclosure requirements applicable to boards of supervisors, planning commissions and boards of zoning appeals by broadening the language from “relationship of employee-employer, agent-principal, or attorney-client” to “business or financial interest.” The same change is made to existing provisions that currently apply only to Loudoun County but will now apply statewide.

Comment: Good. The more transparency in land-use governance the better. The additional disclosure should not prove burdensome.

Anti-harassment mandate. (HB 757). Submitted by Del. Paul E. Krizek, D-Alexandria. Requires each employer with five or more employees to provide training for sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. The training required under the bill must be provided by an educator or human resources professional.

Comment: Bad. Says Hans Bader: “Requiring an hour of anti-harassment training for all employees by a human resources professional is likely to be a pain for small employers that don’t have human resource departments. (Two hours are required for supervisors).”