No More “Medical Bandwagon Thinking” for Virginia

Dr. Marty Makary

by Kerry Dougherty

For the past several weeks, Glenn Youngkin has been busy appointing top members of his administration.

One of the most exciting announcements came this week when we learned that Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and public policy researcher with a dazzling resume at Johns Hopkins University, agreed to chair Youngkin’s COVID advisory team.

In other words, he’ll be Youngkin’s Fauci. Only Makary appears to be a lot smarter than Fauci and is unafraid to question the groupthink that forms many of America’s ineffective COVID policies.

Makary’s written two best-selling books and more than 250 articles on public health for publications that include The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He’s also a frequent contributor to Fox News, the only cable network that seems to allow dissenting views about Washington’s response to COVID-19 and Biden administration edicts.

Like Youngkin, Makary supports the COVID-19 vaccines but not vaccine mandates. Early on he urged public health officials to explore the role natural immunity plays during a pandemic, but establishment types resolutely refused, focusing instead on vaccines exclusively. He’s also been critical of the media for its lack of rigor in reporting about the pandemic.

In a recent Wall Street Journal piece headlined, “The Dangerous Push To Give Boosters To Teens,” Makary accused the medical establishment of reckless behavior by trying to get young people boostered.

The U.S. government is pushing Covid-19 vaccine boosters for 16- and 17-year-olds without supporting clinical data. A large Israeli population study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine earlier this month, found that the risk of Covid death in people under 30 with two vaccine shots was zero.

Booster mandates for healthy young people, which some colleges are imposing, will cause medical harm for the sake of transient reductions in mild and asymptomatic infections. In a study of 438,511 males 16 to 24, 56 developed myocarditis after their second Pfizer dose (or 1 in 7,830, at least seven times the usual rate). True, most cases were mild, but in the broader group of 136 people (including older and female patients) who developed myocarditis after the vaccine, seven had a “complicated course,” and one 22-year-old died. Moderna’s vaccine carries an even higher rate of heart complications, which is why some European countries have restricted it for people under 30. But in the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indiscriminately push for boosters for all young people.

Those recommendations came over the objections of the agencies’ own experts. The last vote by FDA advisers, in September, rejected the proposal 16-2. FDA leaders revisited the proposal in November and simply bypassed the experts. So did the CDC, whose advisers had rejected boosters for people not at high risk. Two top FDA scientists, including the head of the agency’s vaccine efforts, quit around the time of the September vote over White House pressure to authorize boosters for all. They wrote in detail about their concerns and criticized the push to administer Covid booster shots to teenagers.

It seems that instead of the Northam administration’s slavish adherence to the CDC’s capricious recommendations, the new governor is likely to get clear-eyed original thinking that will liberate Virginians from the endless and ineffective cycles of lockdowns, masks and mandates.

Last week I testified before Congress that many Covid policies are no longer driven by science. Data is being cherry-picked to support predetermined agendas, while the roles of natural immunity and life-saving therapeutics are being sidelined.

We’ve seen medical bandwagon thinking hurt the country before. The false assumption that Covid spreads by surface transmission still has Americans engaging in futile disinfection rituals. We’ve suffered from barbaric policies that prohibited people from saying goodbye to, or holding hands with, loved ones who were dying. Children were shut out of school for a less contagious variant. Our public health leaders are making critical mistakes and affirming each other with groupthink, while journalists forfeit their duty to ask key questions.

Real scientists tend to be skeptics without agendas who ask tough questions and refuse to engage in “medical bandwagon thinking.”

Looks like we finally have a critical thinker advising COVID policy in Virginia.

Bring on Dr. Makary. We need him.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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41 responses to “No More “Medical Bandwagon Thinking” for Virginia”

  1. Virginia Project Avatar
    Virginia Project

    Layman skeptics got it all right and a health industry flush with trillions in cash got it all wrong.

    1. Stephen Haner Avatar
      Stephen Haner

      My son in law gave me a book, “Biohazard” (1999, Ken Alibek). The tell-all from the Russian bio weapon expert who defected to the West and spilled the beans. He moved on to make a living advising the U.S. on bio-defense, and reading the discussion on that the other night was eye-opening. Vaccines are key to that (and developing vaccine-resistant diseases had been his goal working for Russia.) But he is quite open about the limitations of vaccines, and the possibility of bad effects from over-vaccination, some of which he suffered himself from repeated Anthrax vaccines. Specifically mentioned cardiac risks.

      If he posted that chapter on Facebook today, he’s be kicked off I’m sure for challenging orthodoxy….But he wrote it in 1999 or so. Man, am I even more convinced we are dealing with a manufactured pathogen….

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        seems like a bioweapon, to be effective for the developer, would have to be able to infect your adversaries but not you. So the giveaway on that supposed strategy might be that the developer also had developed effective vaccines (or other measures) to protect their own folks , no?

        or perhaps this was a lab experiment gone awry?

        1. A good point as China has always put its citizen’s welfare first

          1. Well played, sir.

        2. James Kiser Avatar
          James Kiser

          The Chinese sent thousands of unarmed soldier against American and Allied troops in Korea. Don’t think they wouldn’t sacrifice thousands of their “citizens” today if it meant world dominance. The documentation is there in black and white that Fauci Dazak and Baric were working with Chinese in Wuhan to develop SARS virus for medical purpose. Heck DRAPA turned them down before they went to the Chinese. Was it deliberate? Don’t know but never under estimate lab personnel to do something stupid like sell carcasses of test animals in a wet market to make extra money. Fauci has billions of dollars at his disposal to do all kinds of experiments like run HIV vaccine tests on over 580 kids killing 85 of them. BBC ran a storu on this and RFK JR. had his book banned for calling Fauci out.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            I think if I was inclined to conspiracy theories, you might draw me in but I’m not. I don’t rule out nefarious motives on the part of any of our adversaries of which the Chinese are.

            At this point, I need “more” to convince me that this mess was entirely due to China.

            Fauci is one guy of many that Conservatives have focused on in their attacks. If he did what he is accused of, other people would know and it would be very difficult to keep secret.

            I don’t know where you got the 580 kids from..pretty sure it’s an unfounded conspiracy theory though unless you have a credible link.

            I don’t know or understand why some of you are inclined this way – not only on this but on a wide number of things… that end up making you distrustful of most all govt and science and then you seem to get some/much of your info from clearly questionable sources.

          2. James Kiser Avatar
            James Kiser

            Did you read what I said the BBC made the report about Fauci, the reason we are so distrustful is fools like you suffering from mass psychosis of fear. Keep drinking that Kool Aid pal.

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            give me a link and I’ll read it.

            I’m well in the majority, including most Conservatives and GOP – you’d be in that fringe group calling others “fools”. 😉 Ya’ll have issues IMHO. I did go to
            have an MRI done this morning for a minor thing but you’re not getting in that building without a mask and if you try, you’ll be escorted out. ‘mass psychosis of fear and Kool Aid”, yepper

          4. Merchantseamen Avatar

            I tried to send you a link to see what you thought and Disqus curbed stomped me once again.
            Fauci and HHS officials discuss using new virus from China to enforce universal vaccines in footage from 2019. It is on rumble if you can find it and care to check it out. I am in the same camp as you about “conspiracies” but this is weird.

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    I’d be curious to hear Haner and JAB’s view.

    1. Stephen Haner Avatar
      Stephen Haner

      Haner is currently forming some views based on personal experience. 🙂 Seems to be resolving….for which I thank the vaccines and booster.

      Makary has been one of the more optimistic prognosticators, more optimistic than Gottlieb IMHO. His early predictions that we’d reached herd immunity blew up in his face, but didn’t keep him off FOX or out of the WSJ. Not an epidemiologist. Everybody loves experts that tell them what they want to hear, me included.

      1. VaNavVet Avatar

        Glad that it seems to be resolving and perhaps more evidence that Omicron will find most everyone. This could allow Kerry to form some views. Would be nice if Makary was indeed clear eyed and hence stayed off Fox.

  3. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    So now we know why UVA bumped up the booster to January 14.
    Omicron has already crested at UVA. It is a virus. The “vaccine” does not prevent infection. The positive effect is not known. Lots of people cite lessened effects, but we do not know at what cost. What does it do to the immune system? How come post approval studies of Comirnity are required? Can you explain the VAERS data? How come VAERS was accepted since the beginning and the underreporting was known, but now only kooks are posting the events?
    But worse, when did it become acceptable to violate federal law? When did it become acceptable to violate the Nuremberg Code? What is wrong with you people? You have been scared into submitting to evil.
    The positive effects of HCQ and ivermectin were know in early 2020 and yet a vax only strategy was pursued. How many people died by discouraging therapeutics?
    What has been done constitute crimes against humanity. Now, since the evil Leftists can’t stop the virus from virusing (and you can’t stop the climate from climating), the CDC is admitting that they can’t stop it, that the deaths are mostly people with one or both feet in the grave, etc.

    There has never been a reason to vaccinate on a broad scale anyone under 30. And it is an experimental medical product…that doesn’t work!

    I asked how VDH came up with its statewide mask policy – it sent me the joke CDC mask study that said if masks are fitted properly and worn properly and not handled and not touched and kept clean, then they may have some effect. Everybody knows that is not how they are actually handled. Further, that same study cited that a 2015 randomized clinical trial showed they did not work. It is theater. But VA followed the CDC slavishly and the CDC is a bunch of educated buffoons, government hacks.

    How come Fauci attacked the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration personally (through his left wing media allies) instead of addressing their (now vindicated) claims? SCIENCE! – right Larry?

    Science is a process of skepticism. I will never forgive the experts for my daughter getting the shots (first time she chose, but only because of UVA’s mandate) and the booster, nearly crying, at fear of being disenrolled. And she had previously “survived” Covid. Evil. Period. The Nuremberg Code violation is real. Read the one page.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      much much more than “Fauci”: Worldwide science:

      It’s a dangerous and basically ignorant concept that does not really understand the pernicious nature of infectious diseases, especially when they can and do mutate and can become more virulent to the younger.

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        The vaccines don’t work, at least not in the normal sense of vaccination. They shouldn’t even be called vaccines. They should be called prophylactic therapeutics. Which is why Fauci and the drug companies didn’t want the existing therapeutics used.

        Meanwhile, more Americans have died of Covid under Biden than died under Trump, even with the so-called vaccines. But where is the mainstream media shrieking about Biden’s incompetent management of Covid? Biden claimed he would get 500m test kits manufactured and distributed but the testing is still backlogged due to lack of kits. Where is the main stream media with its criticism of senile Joe?

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          can argue about semantics but whatever you choose to call them they DO WORK , CLEARLY.

          When you can point to what Biden did not do that did result in deaths, you might have something, but the reality is that Biden did engage in a massive effort that HAS saved millions.

          He probably did screw up on the testing but remember what Trump said about testing…. Biden HAS taken heat on the MSM on testing and also shortages of other therapeutics.

          What Biden has NOT done is refuse to act by claiming it’s not the Federal govt responsibility – per the prior POTUS idiot.

          If the former POTUS was still in charge, there is no doubt the outcome would be far, far worse.

          Judging Biden on what he hasn’t done that he should have done? Senile?

          Yep…we know who you are.. and it’s not exactly unbiased. right?

          1. Stephen Haner Avatar
            Stephen Haner

            The new Pfizer therapeutic also works. But you cannot get it. With my history the doc wanted it for me, but it doesn’t exist in this market. And guess what, Larry, I blame the government and President Brandon 100%. They have ignored and undervalued everything except the jabs.

          2. LarrytheG Avatar

            and you have faith that Trump would have done it better, right? 😉

            They did focus on the jabs because that would help the most people the fastest and they did not take a more comprehensive approach , fair point but the former guy was such a wacko , you’d never know what he was going to do or not…and he pushed stuff that clearly was not legitimate… Would he have done more/better than Brandon? You really think that? 😉

          3. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Larry – what does Trump have to do with this? He did Operation Warp Speed. Since CommieLa and SlowJoe and Cuomo were all downplaying the jab when OrangeMan was Prez, were you dutifully repeating, casting aspersions?
            See, unlike you, I was wary because it was brought to market so fast and has not been fully tested. I appreciated the faster development, but my position then and now has been the same – get it if you want to and are at risk, but you cannot mandate an unproven product. That is actually healthy skepticism, you know like SCIENCE! requires when it is not a religion…

          4. LarrytheG Avatar

            No one downplayed the vaccine. They were worried that that idiot would politicize the process, and they were right!

            when I saw that millions of people were getting the vaccine and the people I do trust said it was safe and effective, I did what I usually have done with other vaccines like the FLU and got the shot with confidence.

            I get shots every year based on CDC recommendations. I do trust them.

            Most Conservatives these days do the same.

            It’s smaller fringe groups that have gone wackadoodle IMHO.

          5. James Kiser Avatar
            James Kiser

            compared to the polio or smallpox vaccines or even Mumps and Rubella vaccines the Chinese vaccine doesn’t work.

          6. LarrytheG Avatar

            what Chinese vaccine?

            Do you know the history of the Polio vaccine in terms of safety and effectiveness?

      2. walter smith Avatar
        walter smith

        Larry – Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. And I see you did your usual disparage people who disagree with your team bit, claiming bias, because Marxists are never biased, amirite?
        Is it ok to violate the Nuremberg Code?
        Is it ok to violate Federal law (apparently so when Dems do it)?

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          Walter – look at the 97 separate REFERENCES that wikipedia provides. –

          I don’t disparage people who disagree – I RESPOND to the initial disparaging…

          did I say Marxists are not biased?

          and the Nuremberg Code – that’s sheer idiocy guy. The idea that virtually every country on the face of the earth is violating that code is clearly not accepted by the vast majority of people – it’s a very limited viewpoint of a very small minority of people, no? And the point is , you can make that same claim about many if not most laws – around the world, No?

          Each of us is welcome to form our own views of the world and we do, clearly. I am usually comfortable with the consensus… and if it changes, also.

          1. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            12 doctors were executed for what became the Nuremberg Code. The ineffective vaccine is an experimental medical product. So violating the Nuremberg Code is good if everybody does it?
            97 citations – Wired, The Guardian. The Hill….all serious sources, amirite?
            How come Fauci bragged about getting an attack article in Wired? Why didn’t he attack the course proposed?
            Larry – let’s try facts.
            Is the ineffective vaccine not approved? Yes or No
            If not approved, does that make it a medical experiment? Yes or no.
            If a medical experiment, under the Nuremberg Code, is the willing, informed consent required, free of coercion?
            Yes or No.
            The answer to all 3 questions is YES. Read the damn thing and quit being the flack who repeats the MSDNC talking points. It remains a massive crime against humanity. And I don’t care how many “billions” have done it. Is genocide bad? How about rape? Even if everybody does it?

          2. LarrytheG Avatar

            walter, I’m just not buying your wild conflations and conspiracy theories, guy.

            It’s got approval to be given and it has an impressive record worldwide – no question.

            It’s NOT in any, way, shape or form – genocide…

            you’re off in LA LA LAND IMHO.

            you do represent a certain viewpoint but it’s just wacadoodle… not even most Conservatives sign on to it. They take the shots… they wear the masks.. they believe the govt and science.

          3. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Still no rebuttal. Did you read the Nuremberg Code Larry? It’s only 1 page and Point 1 is most applicable, although a number of other points are violated. So to paraphrase your brilliance, slavery was ok since all the world did it, right?

          4. LarrytheG Avatar

            The nuremberg code has ZERO to do with vaccines… IMHO.

            Slavery was never worldwide and even if it had been, it would have been recognized as morally wrong.

            Vaccines are not that – they save lives – the opposite .

            COVID vaccines don’t violate the Nuremberg Code.


          5. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Larry – you are such a waste of time.
            The Conversation is basically a compendium of college propaganda articles when the regular propaganda isn’t enough, like UVA Today. UVA frequently has things in The Conversation. The authors are from NSW. What’s that? New South Wales in Australia. How is Australia doing? Wanna talk to Novak Djokovic?
            Meanwhile, did you read the article? Did you read the Helsinki doctrine? Did you know it has informed consent language?
            The article is a joke. Drafted to make stupid people think Nuremberg doesn’t apply anymore. And the statement that Nuremberg is only for clinical research is a false distinction.
            The fact of the matter is that if the Covid vaccine was known to be safe and effective, then it would not be EUA. It would be approved. It is not. And even if it were approved, the politics around it are deeply troubling. The FDA skipping the committee of experts to approve vexing and boosting 12-17 year olds was outrageous…and not scientific process…pure politics.
            So back to Nuremberg, Belmont Report, Helsinki, Hippocratic Oath, Patients Rights – informed consent without coercion is the standard everywhere. The “vaccine “ is EUA. It is experimental. Ignore that it doesn’t work. Ignore that we don’t know the long term effects (but that is part of why it is still EUA). As an experimental product, no one can be forced to participate in a medical experiment without violating basic human rights. Maybe I should nominate you for a lab rat experiment to find out why some people will cling to be8mg wrong no matter what. For the good of society! You agree d9n’t you? Aren’t you being greedy not to agree?

          6. LarrytheG Avatar

            Equating experimentation of people sent to death camps with people who freely agree to be vaccinated is a problem, and that’s not the first problem here.

            the rest is fringe. A large number of people in the world – willingly decide to be vaccinated , not just for COVID but for a variety of other deadly infectious diseases. It’s a no brainer for folks with at least half a brain…. They trust the science and they trust the govt unlike the fringe folk.

          7. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            “Freely agree” = lose your job? Huh, Larry?
            “Freely agree” = get disenrolled from your college?
            Are you so stupid that you cannot understand the concept of bodily autonomy belongs to the individual?
            That any vaccine mandate needs to be passed into law by the legislature? That the CDC has proved it shouldn’t be trusted uniformly? Trust is earned Larry. Tell your authoritarian friends to quit lying.
            Meanwhile, which is worse for a healthy 40 year old – Covid or poverty? How about the kids in that family? Dad was a hero while all the rich white liberals stayed home. Dad delivered food to grocery stores. Dad got the Rona and doesn’t want the shot. Dad is a black man with lingering distrust because of Tuskegee and knows he doesn’t need the shot. And you want him fired! So I guess this proves you are a racist!
            Prior to this illegal power grab, and all you who approve of it are stupid or naive, we lived in a sane world where people made their medical choices and doctors were allowed to practice medicine and life went on as normal.
            There were limited required vaccines. Most people got them. To balance the individual liberty issues, there was always a medical or religious exemption. The required vaccines were VERY established. We need to go back to that world.
            But if you are comfortable with, even cheering for, total control of your life by “scientists,” you’ll be quickly disposed of, among the first like a good little lemming.
            Read Martin Niemoller’s “first they came” poem.

          8. LarrytheG Avatar

            Nope Walter. Millions of people around the world , without coercion, willingly got the shots just like we have for prior vaccines like the Flu.

            What really stupid is your denial of realities.

            As I said earlier, MILLIONs of people DO TRUST the CDC based on lifelong experience with them on infectious diseases.

            Covid or poverty? yet another false narrative from someone who refuses to deal with realities?

            I DO TRUST the government and science when it comes to all the things they do regulate from food safety to toxic substances to vehicle safety to clean water and air.

            Some folks are so paranoid that it clouds their ability to deal with simple realities. They just got to have boogeymen to fight!

          9. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Larry – millions got the shot, willingly. How many millions have been forced to get the shot, unwillingly?
            Do you not understand the difference? May I make medical decisions for you? Can I get a lobotomy for you? Oops…too late!
            The medical authoritarianism is dangerous. Evil. Are you incapable of understanding that dehumanizing people who disagree with you is a path to totalitarianism. Most of the people who you dictator lovers are stupidly calling anti-vaxxers are vaccinated with all the other vaccines. THEY DON’T WANT THIS EXPERIMENTAL SHOT WHICH IS UNPROVEN AND IT DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED AND ITS FULL, LONG TERM EFFECTS ARE NOT KNOWN AND THEY HAVE MADE A CALCULATED CHOICE THAT THEY DON’T NEED IT AND THEY ARE MOST LIKELY CORRECT, BESIDES NATURAL IMMUNITY BEING BETTER.
            That decision belongs to the individual. But I’m done arguing with somebody who disproportionately wants to kill black people…

          10. LarrytheG Avatar

            millions got the shot like they always agreed to shots. You can agree to not get the shot but it has consequences that you own – just like that tennis player. He made his own choices. The “medical authoritarianism” is in your own mind Walter – it’s your own paranoia that is not shared by the vast majority of people who DO TRUST our medical folks. It’s not a problem for them, never has been.

            There have always been some folks who have your view.I acknowledge that but consider it wacko, sorry.

            I trust the govt to do airline safety, food safety, prescription pill standards, MRI safety, etc, etc, etc. Not perfect by any means , there are flaws, but overall they deserve my trust.

            Have you ever had an xray Walter? Do you trust the govt standards for the machine and tech?

          11. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Ok Larry. I’m done arguing with a racist who wants to disproportionately kill black people. You can trust who you want. I don’t trust people who lie. You do, because they are on your team.
            I really need to remember Proverbs 26:11 when it comes to you…

          12. LarrytheG Avatar

            back to LA LA LAND for you…….

  4. And he doesn’t give taxpayer money to torture puppies and monkies

  5. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    Here is a recent Dr. Makary article. It looks like he makes scientific arguments…
    Is it OK to question our betters?
    This is long overdue.

  6. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    And here we address all you science as a religion, instead of a process of healthy skepticism and inquiry, types who worship the false idol, Dr. St. Fau(x)ci –

  7. Merchantseamen Avatar

    I am relieved that my 3 and 6 year old granddaughters are not facing these sick abusive policies anymore.

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