A Ray of Hope Ends a Troubled Week

State Sen. Chap Petersen, D-Fairfax

Just when hope has largely departed, a ray of sunshine.  Senator Chap Petersen of the 34th District in Fairfax showed up in my inbox with a nice message on why he was pleased to attend this week’s festivities in Jamestown.

Why did he feel the need to explain, I wondered?  I didn’t have to wonder long, as this screed appeared on the Arbiter of Leftist Political Correctness, Blue Virginia, casting Petersen into Democratic purgatory.  Blue Virginia, of course, is a perfect showcase for that strain of potty-mouth Democrats who taught Donald Trump his political manners. Resistance?  No, just rude and crude and nasty.  Ibraheem Samirah is their hero of the week, Petersen the goat. 

Maybe the disarray in the Democratic party is really sufficient for them to blow their chance to regain control the Virginia General Assembly!  I was spending an afternoon on VPAP trying to figure out the chances, and nothing I saw there cheered me as much as did Blue Virginia’s rant against Petersen.

If you want to read its attack on one of the better and more thoughtful members of the current General Assembly, follow the link above.  But for your real reading pleasure, here is Petersen’s comment in full:

Petersen Senate Sentinel: 

Friends, Virginians, Citizens of Fairfax:

On a hot summer day on July 31, 1619, the first House of Burgesses convened in Virginia.  Was it the first democratic assembly in the New World?  Likely not.  But it is the only democratic assembly which has continued to meet every year since 1619. 

From its humble beginnings, a tradition of self-rule began in English-speaking America. Within centuries, this Virginia tradition would be joined by its cousins:  freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  The world would never be the same. 

Today’s America likes to imagine it’s in a crisis.  Hyperbole and bellicosity are omnipresent.  But the first settlers in Jamestown had real problems.  They were surrounded by hostile natives.  They had no food.  During the starving time, over 80% of the settlers died.  Those who survived did so through cannibalism. (The real kind, not the political kind).

Yet they survived.  And eventually they created a new nation, which became the envy of the world.

In 1619, the first Africans also appeared in America.  They came in slave ships from shores of West Africa.  They were pressed into a cruel and barbaric existence, from which they too survived and then thrived. The twin strands of Virginia’s DNA, like a double helix, thus began its inextricable intertwining.

As for my family, we washed up in Tidewater Virginia, followed pioneer tracks through the Cumberland Gap, then clustered to the suburbs of northern Virginia.  All in search of the American dream.

So, did I choose to join the 400th anniversary celebration in Jamestown on Tuesday?  You’re damn right I did.

Sic semper tyrannis and Wahoowa.

I am proud to be a native of this land.

I’m still on dozens of legislator email lists, and usually hit delete as a reflex.  But never with Petersen.


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12 responses to “A Ray of Hope Ends a Troubled Week

  1. Hooray for Peterson.

    Let’s see how long it takes for him to be primaried.

  2. Chap beats me by just a little in a 5K race.
    I tried again this year, but now I am losing my half-fast speed.
    I say Hi but he does not know me as a BR supporter of him.
    Guess I need a BR hat so people know.

  3. Chap Petersen is one of the very few General Assembly members with both guts and something on the ball. Despite their liberal leanings I have to accept that Scott Surovell and Paul Krizek both have a lot of potential. I also respect Creigh Deeds and hope for a return of Ken Cuccinelli to the political arena. I don’t know the GA as well as Steve but I start running out of confidence after that short list of names. Tommy Norment? Dick Saslaw? Ugh!

  4. I was gonna say – I hear the Blue Virginia angst – but Lord, look at the GOP in Virginia…. geeze…

  5. Here’s the reality – ask yourselves what GOP could win in NoVa on the merits?

    Don’t blame Blue Virginia – they probably do represent NoVa voters more than the RPV does.

    Bonus Question: What would RPV have to do – as individual candidates – to win in NoVa?

    Again -don’t blame Blue Virginia – you gonna blame the voters?


    • This guy can win …. https://panforvirginia.com/

      “For years we have heard about Northern Virginia’s transportation problems, yet we have seen little progress. Fixing these problems must be a priority in Richmond. Gary will fight hard to ensure that Northern Virginia finally gets its fair share of transportation funding. Transportation funding is not enough, we need to develop smarter approaches to alleviate traffic in our area. As a business leader, Gary understands that a holistic view of the congestion issue is important to ensure that there is relief across all Northern Virginia. Additionally, Gary is concerned with the quality of many rural roads in our district. Northern Virginia cannot continue to be shortchanged with funding, and roads that are in inadequate condition must be improved to increase quality of life for commuters. Furthermore, Gary will fight to expand and improve public transit and to reduce commute times across the entire district to support the growth of our vibrant economy.”

      That’s the right track for Republicans in NoVa … it’s time for Richmond to stop ripping off NoVa. Force Democrats like his would-be opponent Kathleen Murphy to defend their Quisling – like approach in The Imperial Clown Show in Richmond.

      The first step is a simple, honest accounting of where the money comes from in Virginia and where it is spent. My guess is that it would unlikely that NoVa is getting 25 cents on the dollar paid.

    • I got that question as caucus director 30 years ago, and my advice to the candidate was simple: move! (He did and did get to the House eventually…)
      Demographically NOVA is gone for a long, long time. Let’s see how Hugo does. As noted before that trend started with FDR. The Deep State has to live somewhere….Rippert below does touch on some useful themes.

      • Not sure about FDR, lol. The 10th district was safely in Republican hands in NoVa from 1980 through 2018 between Frank Wolf and Barbara Comstock. Ex-Marine and Republican Vince Callahan held the House of Delegates position for various NoVa districts for 40 years. In 2008 he decided to retire at age 77.

        Growing up in NoVa it was pretty Republican.

        It took longer for Henrico County to flip from red to blue but flip it did. And I doubt many workers in the Deep State commute to DC from Henrico.

        The RPV is a disaster.

        Where are the Vince Callahans, Frank Wolfs, Tom Davis’, John Warners, etc? The RPV went from Vince Callahan to Corey Stewart. Really?

        Once the RPV decided to become the party of wealth transfers to Hooterville they lost NoVa. Now they’re losing Richmond too.

        Somebody needs to tell the RPV – you can’t fight demographics and win. I guess they’ll learn that in November.

  6. I remember doing that to Joe Gartlan, same basic political message. Everything old is new again….

  7. Steve, I agree with you on Peterson but I am not sure the Dems are in disarray. Northam, Fairfax and Herring have been in scandals but they have so far survived. The GOP is truly in disarray. Many mainliners can’t stand Trump but can’t really say so. Nick Freitas, an up and comer, can’t seem to handle electoral paperwork. Poor Riggleman has the mighty Cumberland County GOP attacking him for attending a gay marriage. They make up maybe two percent of his district but it shows just how far back in time much of the GOP is.
    There’s an excellent chance that Dems will take over the General Assembly. And, last November,, three Democratic really kicked butt, showing what can be done.

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