More Blue on Blue: Terry McAuliffe’s White Privilege

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The radicalization of Virginia politics continues apace. Now former Governor Terry McAuliffe, nobody’s idea of a conservative, is getting the Joe Biden treatment — criticized by Leftists for his reactionary views, and getting respectful media treatment for it.

McAuliffe was plugging his new book at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C., yesterday, when his book signing was disrupted by four residents of the People’s Republic of Charlottesville. In a 20-minute exchange that became heated at times, according to WAMU radio, the protesters took particular exception to McAuliffe’s defense of police actions during the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville two years ago and his promise to donate proceeds from the sales of his book to the Virginia State Police Association fund.

States WAMU: “At one point, a protester moved toward McAuliffe airing her concerns and then chanted, ‘Cops and the Klan go hand in hand.’”

“You’re using this book as a means to raise money for a contingent of people who contributed to terrorizing antiracist activists,” said Constance Paige Young, who said she was injured in the attack that killed Heather Heyer. “Please explain to me why you believe it’s appropriate to raise money for the very people who fail to keep us safe, and contributed to terrorizing us that day.”

“I cannot speak to specific acts of what the police were doing or how they were doing it,” McAuliffe responded. “Our goal was to try and do everything we possibly could keep people safe.”

The protesters also called on McAuliffe to “stop using black folks as political currency” and “stop denying white supremacists are in the police force and government.”

“The book was hurtful,” said another woman who did not give her name. “There’s a lot of things that we need to explain to you, as a white man, when you say that [phrases the white supremacists were saying] were surprising to you, it’s because you have the luxury of it being surprising to you. You have privilege.”

Bacon’s bottom line: Perhaps I’m making too much of this. There were only four protesters, and there is no way of knowing how representative their thinking is of Virginia’s rising left-wing movement. One thing cannot be denied, however: The media does not treat them as kooks or outliers, as it would if protesters had held similarly extreme right-wing views. WAMU (American University radio) reported the protesters’ statements even-handedly. I expect we’ll see more and more of this kind of thing in Virginia.

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14 responses to “More Blue on Blue: Terry McAuliffe’s White Privilege”

  1. djrippert Avatar

    You would think McAuliffe would stay as far away from the fiasco that day in Charlottesville as he can. Every week potentially violent fringe groups march in some city in America. Every week opposition groups come out to counter-protest. The Nazis used to have a regularly scheduled march in Grant Park in Chicago when I was living in the Windy City. Out came the Chicago cops – big dudes on bigger horses with extra long batons for head cracking from the saddle. The Nazis stayed on their side of the invisible line, the counter protesters stayed on their side. Nobody doubted that the cops would intervene at the first hint of physical violence.

    There was plenty of law enforcement in Charlottesville the day of the riots. Plenty of armored cars, plenty of firepower – lethal and non-lethal. But the police never intervened. They just watched. Why? You have to assume they were acting under orders from on high. But whose orders?

  2. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    So, if you were writing up the event for the RTD, you’d dismiss them as kooks and outliers? Hey, McAuliffe, Petersen, Biden (and then Harris got The Treatment, too, hilarious). There is an opening in American politics, probably the strongest chance since Ripon, to put a new party together. Leave the extremes on both ends to yell at each other and create a new Federalist Party. Just settled on the name…Hamilton’s in right now!

    1. Totally agree: The times call for a third party. The times are BEGGING for a third party.

  3. djrippert Avatar

    “One thing cannot be denied, however: The media does not treat them as kooks or outliers. WAMU (American University radio) reported the protesters’ statements even-handedly.”

    Good for WAMU.

    I thought even handedness was a hallmark of good journalism.

    WAMU reported the fact that one protester chanted “Cops and Klan go hand in hand”. That indicted the protesters as idiots far more than some rambling commentary from WAMU could have done.

  4. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: ” The media does not treat them as kooks or outliers.”

    Wow! That’s a TELLING point of view . I thought the media was supposed to report – and not add commentary but the fact that Jim considers them “kooks and outliers” and expects the media to so-designate… geeze… Now, I’m quite sure FOX “news” and Levin, Limbaugh and company WILL label them as “kooks” no question! ;-0

    1. I agree that the WAMU story was appropriately even-handed. But I question whether an article about protesters with extreme right-wing views would have received the same respectful treatment. I’m pretty sure they would have been depicted as kooks and outliers, if not outright racists, bigots, and Nazis.

      1. djrippert Avatar

        Fair point.

    2. Wrong, as usual, Larry. I am not advocating that the media treat left-wing protesters as kooks and outliers. I have amended the post as follows to make my point so clear that even you cannot misinterpret it: “The media does not treat them as kooks or outliers, as it would if protesters had held similarly extreme right-wing views.”

  5. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Not sure that four people is that big a deal. When you went to UVa. in the early 1970s, I gather that such protests were rare. I was in college in Boston at the time and all kinds of similar hell would break out. It was much, much rougher then.
    Speaking of Boston, there were plenty of street demos. They always brought the BPD’s Tactical Force, big, husky Irish guys who had huge sticks for whacking. That is sort of like what Don the Ripper saw in Chicago.
    I had actually planned on going to the C-ville demo since I do a weekly radio spot on politics for WTJU, U.Va.’s radio station. They warned me off, saying it was going to be bad. I watched it on TV and was surprised at the lack of police control. In the 1990s,there was a resurgence of the far right. I covered Klan rallies in Cleveland and West Virginia. Taking a cue from Rudy G. in NYC, the cops did not put up with anything. Attendees could not come in with anything larger than a car key. They were X-Rayed and herded in one of three gated areas — pros, cons and press. If anyone got out of line, they were promptly whacked and hauled o0ff. I say it.
    It was the opposite in Moscow during a 1993 coup attempt. There was open, armed conflict with tanks and personnel carriers shooting real bullets and shells. Scared the shit out of me and it lasted for two days.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      I see nothing wrong with a show of force when the alternative is chaos, mayhem and death. If they told you not to come to Charlottesville then they must have known it was going to be a fiasco. Why then didn’t the police (state and Charlottesville) intervene and keep the two sides separated? And why is McAuliffe writing a book when it was significantly his own inaction as governor that lost control of the situation? I’m guessing the book does some olympic caliber finger pointing.

      “I cannot speak to specific acts of what the police were doing or how they were doing it,” McAuliffe responded. “Our goal was to try and do everything we possibly could keep people safe.”

      Really? Who do the state police work for, Terry? And nobody doubts your goal of keeping people safe but everybody wants to know how that goal was so God awfully executed.

  6. Back in the 60s I attended a college political debate on the question [I paraphrase], “Should a communist be given ‘equal time’ by the MSM to promote his views?” The argument for “no” centered on the notion that communism was committed to the overthrow of the Constitution itself including all its “rights”; the press has no obligation to give equal time to someone pledged to destroy the freedom of the press itself.

    Now we have this exchange:
    DJR: “‘The media does not treat them as kooks or outliers. WAMU (American University radio) reported the protesters’ statements even-handedly.’ Good for WAMU. I thought even handedness was a hallmark of good journalism.”

    Larry: “Re: ‘The media does not treat them as kooks or outliers.’ Wow! That’s a TELLING point of view. I thought the media was supposed to report – and not add commentary . . ..”

    How can the MSM cover attacks from the extreme left or right that so depart from the known facts that their proponents deserve to be called “kooks and outliers”? How should the MSM handle a chief executive whose hallmark is attacks on the MSM — on its access to the truth, on its reporting as ‘fake news,’ on its failure to report administration statements which are evidently untruths, or its reporting them with qualifiers — without accompanying ‘commentary’? How should the MSM deal with its own, including radio hosts and an entire television network whose ‘commentary’ strikes many of them as deliberately malicious? Have we crossed the line into other exceptions to the even-handed “equal time” rule?

    1. djrippert Avatar

      We have two or three political parties in the US right now (depending on whether you consider Libertarian a party). Let’s call it 3. Those 3 parties cover the views of what … 98%, 99% of Americans? Seems to me that they deserve equal time. Do Flat Earth Societies deserve equal time with the Democratic Party? Not in my mind.

      MSM should carefully delineate reporting (i.e. news) from commentary (i.e. opinion). Reporting should be factual and even handed. If Donald Trump says the Earth is flat then the news reporting is that he said the Earth is flat. Commentary might show a picture of a round Earth from the Space Station and question Trump’s intelligence but that’s commentary.

      Much of what Donald Trump says (or Tweets) is opinion. When he calls Baltimore “rat infested” that’s his opinion. In 2018 Orkin rated Baltimore as the 9th worst US city in terms of rat infestations. So, is calling Baltimore “rat infested” a completely unreasonable opinion to hold? Other of Trump’s statements are what I’d call technical errors. For example, if he called Baltimore the murder capital of America he’d be technically wrong. Saint Louis had the highest murder rate in the most recent statistics I saw. But Baltimore was second.

      More than half of what the left and MSM claims are Trump lies are actually differences of opinion. Is Baltimore a mess? There are 17,000 vacant homes in the City of Baltimore. Same number as in 2010. Only 600,000 people live in Baltimore. If you assume 4 people per vacant that’s more than 1/10 of the housing stock sitting unoccupied. I go to Baltimore a lot. Those vacants are abandoned – they are not in between rentals. They are crumbling, disintegrating, used for drugs and breeding grounds for … rats. Should Elijah Cummings spend more time ranting about the conditions in his home district and less time whining about the Obama era detention centers on the US – Mexican border? Is don’t know but it’s a fair question.

      As far as the MSM – when Jussie Smollet perpetuated a hoax regarding a beating he supposedly took in Chicago it was huge news to the MSM and prima facie evidence of institutional racism. When Jahangir Turan got beaten to a pulp for wearing a MAGA in Manhattan the MSM was pretty uninterested. They covered the story a couple of days later.

      I stopped supporting the death penalty after the OJ Simpson trial when I saw what a farce our criminal justice system had become. I stopped believing in the MSM’s fairness when Chris Matthews claimed he felt a chill run up his leg when Obama was elected.

      When the MSM reforms itself maybe they’ll get the respect they think they deserve.

  7. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    A significant amount of the blame for deteriorating social relations rests with the MSM. They are purposely inflaming the extremes on both sides by refusing to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. There are millions of people from around the world who followed the rules are here legally. Many have become citizens. But there are an estimated people who are here illegally.

    Rational discussion of immigration reform requires a discussion of the facts and the use of correct terms. I don’t know how a so-called MSM journalist can look him/herself in the mirror each morning. Basically, the MSM is only slightly above organized crime in terms of dishonesty.

    1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

      Errata – estimated 11 million people who are here illegally.

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