Youngkin Budget Leadership Faulted

David Toscano

by Dick Hall-Sizemore

This blog gives ample exposure to conservative bloggers Kerry Dougherty and Shaun Kenney, but not to bloggers with other perspectives.

David Toscano of Charlottesville, former Democratic floor leader in the House of Delegates and the author of a book on recent Virginia politics, regularly comments on Virginia politics, which is available to anyone who subscribes (free) to his e-mail list.

Here is his latest in which he takes Governor Glenn Youngkin to task for a lack of leadership on Virginia’s budget.  He contrasts Youngkin’s passive approach to the active approach of Mark Warner in somewhat similar circumstances.  Regardless of what one thinks of Toscano’s views on various policy issues that he lists in the commentary, it is hard to argue against the proposition that Youngkin has been absent in the budget negotiations.