WP columnist Morse is ‘stomping mad’ at both candidates

It’s Easter morning!

Oh yes, and FORGIVENESS is in the morning air. Both ‘Pubs and Dems can be angry at each other, but we have the power of forgiveness thanks to the one above.

The Blue Dog just returned from early morning Sunrise Easter service and breakfast at my favorite Evangelical church and the Dawg is feeling pretty darn good.

With church being so early in the morning, I forgot to buy my other Sunday Bible, err … the Washington Post, but the WP is Online! In the Sunday Outlook section, there’s a good article by Democratic pundit Gordon Morse, “Off to an Unimpressive Start” concerning the Kaine and Kilgore’s property tax proposals.


Morse concludes in the article: “Adlai Stevenson once advised against running for office in a manner that demonstrates your unfitness for the job. Kaine and Kilgore should bear that in mind.”

Apparently, WP columnist Morse (another Warner sycophant) is stomping mad at both candidates this time. But look on the bright side, at least Gordon Morse is not another Gov. Warner “Stepford-pundit” like his RT-D counterpart, Jeff ‘Good-Copy’ Shapiro.

The VA conservative blogging community (i.e. One Mans Trash) are simply sick & tired of reading Richmond Jeff’s ‘good copy’ because he is constantly washing Gov. Warner’s dirty laundry until it’s clean for public consumption.

He’s also good at removing ‘Kaine-stains’ …

But did you realize Gordon Morse was the chief speechwriter for Democratic Gov. Gerald Baliles back in the late eighties and served with his administration. During his tenure, the Virginia State budget nearly doubled and taxes were raised numerous times under Gov. Gerald Baliles — who loved spending our taxes as much as collecting them.

Yes, siree Gordo! He worked for Gov. Gerald ‘budget-busting’ Baliles, who is better known for raising VA’s sales tax and the gasoline tax (as part of a $422 million-a-year transportation tax package that was a bust as well). Baliles is now attempting to resurrect his political career as your favorite special-interests US Senator.

How apropos considering the Christian holiday of resurrection and redemption?

Oh, that was mean of the Blue Dog 🙁

Please forgive me, Mr. Baliles?

And I’m really sorry to bust the ‘Barnie for Senate’ fan club bubble as well. But Democrats can pick their poison here and now, because it’s either ex-Gov. Gerald ‘the Tax Governor’ Baliles — or Gov. Mark ‘the Revenator’ Warner as the 2006 Democratic US Senate candidate.

Geographically speaking, Gordon Morse is a native of the Shenandoah Valley — so he is fairly knowledgeable about raising state pork and knows all the clever ways to politically spin a tax increase.

After all, Baliles is the main reason then incoming Gov. Wilder had to cut state government 15-percent across the board. That’s probably the reason why the WP columnist never publishes anything good about the ex-Gov. and current Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder or his trusty sidekick and campaign manager Paul Goldman.

I’ll need to hop back in the pickup truck before I really get in trouble — and go to town again to purchase a hardcopy of the Washington Post. Then it’s off to Grandma’s house I go — with the wife and our children.

I’m looking forward to Sunday’s Easter Dinner (and today, I’m forgetting about that ‘low-carb’ starvation diet) with turkey & country ham and mashed tatters and corn pudding and pickled eggs. And topped off with Grandma’s chocolate Coca-Cola cake for dessert.

Yummy, yummy … That’s eating right.

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(comments below)


  1. Virginia Centrist Avatar
    Virginia Centrist

    Blue Dog:

    It’s hard to find anyone that thinks these property tax plans are anything more than political pandering in an election year.

    Frankly, Kaine’s plan sounds like Gilmore’s car tax plan. And Kilgore’s sounds like Communist China (state interfering with free market assessment values).

    Neither do anything for years. And neither the House or the Senate seem likely to support them.

    Both plans are a joke – and pure politics, nothing more. But you’re right, let’s discuss Morris’ employment history (20 years ago). That seems important.

  2. Adlai Stevenson also said…”I like Republicans, have grown up with them, worked with them, and would trust them with anything in the world-except public office.”

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m supposed to drop Barnie for U.S. Senate because Steve “18%” Sisson says so???

  4. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Blue Dog: You forgot to mention that Baliles’ $400+ million tax increase was supposed to solve our transportation problem once and for all.

    Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly with your other comments. Now if we could only transplant part of your logic to your other Democrat brethren…

  5. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    VA Centrist: Where did you get that capping assessments interferes with the free market? Assessments have nothing to do with the free market. They’re a government invention to tax you out of a phantom capital gain—a gain you’ll probably won’t capitalize on for years to come, if ever.

    Other states have already addresses the issue of skyrocketing assessments years ago. Remember CA’s Proposition 13?

    If something isn’t done about the real estate taxes that are escalating out of control, pretty soon people won’t be able to live in their houses. This is particularly true in NOVA where retirees are being forced to sell their properties because they can no longer afford the real estate taxes.

  6. Phil: I did said the tax increase for transportation was a BUST. That means a failure and I’m in agreement with you. Baliles was the Tax Governor.

    VA Centrist: I’m still debating the merits of Kaine and Kilgore’s property tax plans.

    But why discuss the past history of pundits Morse and Shapiro? Everything is relevant in politics, history and life. Most newspaper columnist and pundits have their agendas — The Blue Dog was colorfully, illustrating several examples for the blogging community.

    Next stop, to the anonymous blogflogging remark about 18-percent: If you’re trying to belittle the Blue Dog’s 2003 State Senate run, at least get your numbers straight. It’s 28.16 percentage (or 10,028 votes). I’m very proud of the effort since the Governor and the Democratic Party of Virginia did not support the anti-tax candidacy.

    So anonymous, I’m not the one stopping Barnie Day from running (Go, Barnie, Go).

    This culture that we’ve grown in this nation goes back to the beginnings, and today, those who could make a difference are mute or dormant like a block of wood. To bad most Americans choose to observe and criticize it, rather than ever participate.

    There is no shame in running for an elected office in America.

    Read more about the Blue Dog effort: General Election- November 4, 2003

    And the Blue Dog learned, obviously, if at first you don’t succeed, then don’t take up sky diving!

    Maybe you should do the same with blogging, but under your real name.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    It seems to me that Phil is correct: if property assessments and consequently taxes continue to outstrip the gains in personal income, then we have an unsustainable and increasingly unbalanced situation.

    It is true that citizens are responsible for much of the increase by demanding fancy services. That said, I’m more satisfied with the services I get in Fairfax than I am with the services I get in Fauquier – compared to the money I pay.

    See http://www.timescommunity.com/site/tab6.cfm?newsid=14212952&BRD=2553&PAG=461&dept_id=506105&rfi=6

    for a story that will turn your stomach if yu favor low taxes/low services.

    But the situation with services is the same as it is for roads – the demand goes up faster than the population growth. Denser population areas, like Fairfax, have not only more social needs, but more complex ones. Some issues that are below the radar in more rural places are major problems in dense places. Complexity is a big cost driver.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that the cost of government is going up faster than the the amount of inflation and rate of population growth would suggest. Even so, we have to keep the rate of government growth below the rate of overall economic expansion or we all go broke. In the meantime, political and economic disparities mean that some of us will go broke for the alleged betterment of un-named others.

    I believe that Proposition 13 was only the first of many, government limiting initiatives – close to fifty states have some sort of spending caps in place, and some of them are quite painful, in terms of lost services. Measure 37 in Oregon was another form of government limiting initiative.

    Lacking the initiative and referendum in Virginia, we are more prone to suffering through various forms of political pandering than Western states. Since Measure 37 was passed with over 60% of the vote Oregon politicians are going out of their way not to offend that part of the electorate.

    It is well and good to talk about running government in a business-like manner, but let’s not forget that one reason we have government is to take care of business no one else wants.

    As long as every issue is a winner-take-all issue, and no compromise is available, it is no wonder that no one wants to participate: you are faced with being whipsawn left and right while running a money losing business and living your life under a microscope, for which your reward is to eventually get unelected. Second prize is that if you succeed long enough you get to be governor.

    No Thanks

    Ray Hyde
    Delaplane VA

  8. NoVa Scout Avatar
    NoVa Scout

    I’m so confused. Was there something in Mr. Morse’s op-ed piece that Mr. Sisson didn’t agree with? Why all this talk about Mr. Morse’s previous employment? I, a hardened conservative and veteran of many a fight against federal spending, thought Mr. Morse was making excellent, common sense points about the current fiscal debate in Virginia. That he may be (dare we say it?) a Democrat doesn’t detract from what he was saying – or does it? Help me to understand.

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