Lift the Wakefield Speaker Ban!

Governor Jim Gilmore informs me today that he was never allowed to speak at the Shad Planking as a candidate, though Don Beyer was invited. I never knew this and find it personally offensive. The darkest day in North Carolina’s political history, to my way of thinking, was the day the legislature there passed the infamous ‘Speaker Ban’ law. When we reach a point in this country where we are afraid of words, of views, of opinions, where we don’t feel competent to let them compete in the unfettered marketplace of public expression, we are done for as a people. Let this be out cry between now and April 20: Lift the Wakefield Speaker Ban!

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m siding with the former Gov (jim) and the future U.S. Senator (barnie) on this one. Lift the ban!

  2. Alas, I attended the 1983 Shad-Planking Boys Club when a female reporter from the Washington Post, Karlyn I beleive, strolled up the pine path to Planking history.

    The Boys of Shad were never the same. Assigned to porta-potties, no longer allowed to use their manhood behind the old pine tree. At least the ones with manners did.

    The Saga of Sussex continues with the speaker’s ban.

    Long live the Loblolly!

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