Where Are the Free Speech Advocates?

When Douglas Muir lost his job teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia after making a Facebook comment highly critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, WCVE reporter Hawes Spencer wondered if his treatment raised free speech issues. He couldn’t get any first amendment advocates to return his call. Recalling the column I wrote  a couple of days ago (see “Safe Spaces: Not Just for Classrooms Any More“), he contacted me.

Listen to the podcast here. It’s only 58 seconds long.

UVa’s over-reaction was bad enough. It’s an even sadder commentary that Spencer could find no other than a blogger willing to question UVa for that over-reaction.

Update: I’m getting Facebook feedback that Muir may have had problems other than his Facebook post. My comments were based only on Daily Progress news articles and the university’s official announcements on the subject.