Virginia Tech Tuition & Fee Increase: 2.9%

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors have voted to raise tuition and fees 2.9% — the 17th straight year of increases. In-state undergraduates will pay an additional $390 per year, reports the Roanoke Times.

In other action, the board voted to construct a $15.2 million student-athlete performance center funded by an anonymous donation, to allocate $10 million to an ACC Network television studio, and to spend $3.2 million to renovate the Commonwealth Ballroom in the Squires Student Center.

By way of comparison: The Consumer Prince Index increased 2.2% over the past 12 months.

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2 responses to “Virginia Tech Tuition & Fee Increase: 2.9%

  1. It will probably look pretty good in comparison when all the rest are in, unfortunately. Uh, who is paying for that studio for the sports broadcasts?

  2. As Steve Haner himself has said before “money is fungible”!!

    I am curious – when our local schools “increase” their costs – there is usually more than just a “percent” increase. There’s usually some line items and there usually for continuing costs – usually salaries for something.

    This year there’s one for SROs, for example (sheriff armed deputies). so we know pretty much what the reasons are for the increase.

    When Higher Ed does it… does Va Tech break it down into what the increased 2.9% is actually for?

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