Virginia Needs to Prepare for November’s Election

by DJ Rippert

Chaos. Violent riots have become a nightly occurrence across America. Portland is now over 100 nights of protests and riots. Meanwhile, Portland’s mayor expresses his solidarity with the protesters while moving from his residence because of the number of violent protests conducted on his doorstep. You can’t make this up. People are dying in big cities and small. Kenosha has been a war zone recently and another inexplicable police shooting in Los Angeles has that city on edge. In Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently had an epiphany … the riots and looting were not protests. Rather they were “planned attacks.”  Sharp thinkin’ from the Land of Lincoln. Sadly, the Labor Day weekend saw 51 shooting and 10 killings in Chicago. Closer to home D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is talking about a possible “race war” stirred up by “outside agitators.” Charles Manson is getting his “Helter Skelter” 50 years late. Virginia has been no stranger to street violence as looting and vandalism have come to Richmond and Hampton Roads.

A ticking time bomb. November’s Federal elections are set to provide some real fireworks. First, there is the ongoing violence mentioned above along with a high rate of unemployment and economic despair. Fresh unemployment data indicates that the current recession will likely remain serious through election day and beyond. Second, there is a level of political rancor that is rivaling, if not exceeding, the days of Nixon and the Vietnamese War. Stunningly, a recent poll in six swing states found that a majority of respondents found both Biden and Trump to be mentally unfit for the office of President. Finally, there will be a massive number of votes cast by mail. While I see nothing inherently wrong with voting by mail, the process is far less monitored than in-person voting. At the same time, it may take quite a long time for the mail-in votes to be counted.

Who won? There is a considerable possibility that the results of the 2020 election will not be known on election night or possibly much longer. Republican voters are more likely to vote in person while Democrats seem to favor mail-in ballots. Early results could show Trump winning in states on election night that he will eventually lose. Videos of some miscreant dumping mail in general or mailed-in ballots in particular are bound to emerge. Cries of fraud can be confidently predicted. Neither side may be willing to concede for quite some time, leaving a volatile America on edge and ripe for violence. We may all be wishing for the simpler days of hanging chads.

Remember Charlottesville. On August 11-12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Va., the Unite the Right rally became a riot. Blame for causing the riot has been correctly affixed to white supremacists. Blame for failing to contain the riot has been correctly affixed to Virginia’s government. Authorities were warned about the possibility of trouble in advance of the riots in Charlottesville. As Politico stated, “The assessment raises questions about whether Charlottesville city and Virginia state authorities dropped the ball before, and during, a public event that was widely expected to draw huge crowds of armed, emotional and antagonistic participants from around the country.” An independent retrospective report provided a scathing review documenting the incompetence of local and state officials in containing the mayhem.

The gathering storm. Virginia, along with the rest of the nation, faces a gathering storm. Ongoing civil strife, deep political divisions, economic despair and a hyper-emotional election that may not be decided for weeks after the voting ends adds up to the equivalent of a fuse on keg of dynamite. However, Virginia, unlike most of the nation, has a proven record of incompetence in managing riots. Do our state and local political leaders have a plan for addressing what could be widespread rioting in the wake of November’s election? Have we learned the lessons of Charlottesville? Let’s first hope that the possible election-related rioting never happens. Barring that, let’s hope that Ralph Northam is considerably more prepared than his predecessor, Terry McAuliffe.

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  1. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    Lets sweat it out to the October surprise first.
    4,665,600 seconds until November 3rd.
    77,760 minutes until November 3rd.
    1,296 hours until November 3rd.

  2. The thing is that apparently few here were around during the riots after MLK was killed or they just have forgotten.

    Over 100 cities in the US had riots after MLK was killed.

    No one remember that?

    You think we have chaos now? How about some more bad cop videos ?

    We have a POTUS who is urging people with weapons to go to the cities where there is unrest yet he is said to be no more unfit that the challenger?

    • I was alive. The MLK riots in DC were terrible but they lasted four days.

      There will be more bad cop videos. It’s going to happen.

      What do you call a riot that lasts 4 months? A civil war.

      • are you saying we’ve had riots in over 100 cities for 4 months or what?

        If the police continue to kill black people on camera and some of the rest of us continue to insist it’s not a problem – it’s “rare” – I think you’re gonna have more problems.

        And no , I don’t think the POTUS urging others to take weapons into those places indicates he’s a “fit” POTUS and I doubt seriously his challenger is advocating anything like that.

        • As I said at the end of the article – I hope there are no riots. There weren’t any around the Bush Gore election of 2000 that I recall.

          However, if Trump were to win a contested election I could see riots escalating across Virginia with lily livered politicians refusing to let the police / national guard aggressively end the riots while non-rioters decide they are going to defend their property with firearms. Then what?

          Remember, I have experience in Ukraine. The Euromaiden Revolution sprang up very fast. In the city where I usually work – Lviv – an Army armory was broken into and thousands of guns stolen. We’ve seen how fast protests can turn into riots. You’re being naive if you think riots can’t turn into mini civil wars.

          • Actually, I’ve heard the opposite. If Trump loses, there will be a civil war… I heard that!

            And yes.. I have zero doubts NOW, that this country could turn into another Syria or Iraq and it makes me sad to say it but I’m afraid it might be true.

            And yes.. if it does get to that point, I do see some groups going after some minorities.. not just blacks…

            Is this what our Founding Fathers – … not sure the right word – “expected”?

            I have no trouble with Trump getting re-elected. Seriously. I think the GOP will finally bail at some point because I’m convinced, we’ve not seen anything yet, if he gets a second term!

            At some point – even most of the GOP is going to bail.

      • I too remember ’68, for far more than just the MLK assassination and the subsequent riots. Didn’t know him yet, but my future father in law owned a print shop in the district at the time. A riot that lasts four months (as in Portland) is indeed a mini civil war.

        I also remember who won in ’68.

        I expect continued trouble either way, but if Trump is victorious (after sixteen recounted states and some lawsuits over mail ballots….) it will get much uglier very fast indeed. Somebody is behind the new Black Shirts and will really turn them loose at that point.

        • The riots in 68 may have been 4 – days but many involved large parts of the cities – I’m not sure about Portland but it looks like it’s more limited.

          I have zero positive thoughts about the idiots in Portland – BTW but I have the same thoughts about the POTUS and his merry band of vigilantes… It’s much, much worse when you got the POTUS urging them on…

          Can you imagine that kind of behavior from the POTUS during ’68 ?

          We used to thank our lucky stars that we were not one of those countries that had civilian militia in our streets. No more.

          • Portland is much more contained than the DC riots of 1968 but DC is only 62 sq mi to start with and about 1/4 was ablaze.

            The big problem right now is that we have some mayors and governors who don’t think they should use the law enforcement or the national guard to end riots – like in Portland. If that happens on a wider scale and Trump send in the federal forces, well … that will be ugly.

          • “We used to thank our lucky stars that we were not one of those countries that had civilian militia in our streets. No more.”

            We also used to thank our lucky stars that we were not one of those countries that frequently had violent “protesters” marauding through our streets breaking things and stealing from the populous. No more.

          • Wayne – were you not around during the MLK riots?

            Do you REALLY want “militia” that may not be on YOUR side “marauding”?

            Have you thought this through?

          • Wayne – have you listened to Trump talk about how he feels about the elections? Not the media. Trumps own words.

            Have you heard him say “rigged”?

            If he is saying that PRIOR to the election – do you REALLY think those who worry are overreacting with “boogeymen” ?

            Do you actually listen to him?

            Don’t get distracted by the media, just listen to him.

          • No I do not. But where did I say I want ANY militia in the streets.

            Once again, you have assigned me a position just so you can berate me.

            PS – I was in nursery school during the MLK riots.

          • Wayne – you sounded like you supported the militia if there was unrest in the streets.

            You do not?

            be honest and straight-forward here – no games.

          • “… you sounded like you supported the militia if there was unrest in the streets.”

            I did not intend to sound that way and I am truly sorry that you misinterpreted my comment.

        • ” … if Trump is victorious (after sixteen recounted states and some lawsuits over mail ballots….)” That is, in my estimation, the worst case scenario. If the election results aren’t resolved by Inauguration Day then it falls to the House of Representatives. But what House of Representatives? Today’s or the one that was maybe elected in November? Do we now effectively have three mentally incompetent possibilities for President – Trump, Biden and Pelosi?

          • No, I expect even if Trump loses in a landslide – he will claim the election is illegitimate and urge his supporters into action.

            Anyone who listens to this guy – never mind the “media” – just listen to him directly in his press conferences and on Twitter – knows this.

          • Larry,

            “No, I expect even if Trump loses in a landslide – he will claim the election is illegitimate and urge his supporters into action.”

            Wow. Talk about boogey-men and conspiracy theories.

          • The one elected in November and seated in January.

        • The runup to the brewing Civil War started in January 2017 when the Democratic Party, the administrative state, and the national media declared itself the “resistance” and did everything in their power to nullify the 2016 election. Polarization and anger have only gotten worse over time. The debunking of the Russia Collusion hoax has inspired no introspection whatsoever. The media has just moved on to new under-sourced stories. I’m not a Trump fan. I think he’s terrible person and a mediocre president. But the level of hatred and vitriol heaped upon him on a daily basis truly astonishes me. This cannot possibly end well.

          • You DO have to ask yourself why half the population reviles him – just for the things he says directly on Twitter and in his Press Conferences… You said it yourself.

            What kind of “leader” causes that level of revulsion in citizens regardless of the media?

            You don’t like the left media – but guy – have you seen the “right” media? Why is the left worse than the right media in your mind when the right also is biased, tells lies and spouts conspiracy theories ?

            Why do you only point to the left?

          • I am saddened to have to say that I agree with you.

          • I trace it back to the election of 2000. That started the Democrats Bush Derangement Syndrome which led to Obama Derangement Syndrome and finally to a possible fatal dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          • Reed Fawell 3rd

            “I trace it back to the election of 2000. That started the Democrats Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

            Yes, the Democrats and media also hated Bush 2. They also hated Reagan passionately, and they lied constantly about Reagan as they did Bush 2. I realized that in spades, after Reagan took office, and became a Republican as a result. I suspect the Nixon debacle combined with Vietnam war, the three assassinations, street riots and resurgence of the far left, and far right in late 60s, all of this interjected a new level of hate and activism to modern American politics. Though one can always go back further to 1930s, 40s, and early 50’s too.

            Now we have massive instant communication available to all that easily compounds hate and hysteria.

          • Eric the Half a Troll

            “The debunking of the Russia Collusion hoax …”

            Russian collusion by Trump was hardly debunked and it was no hoax. You have simply joined a cult if you believe that.

    • “We have a POTUS who is urging people with weapons to go to the cities where there is unrest…”

      I can’t find any news reports on this. Will you please provide a link?

      • Oh I think you know how to use Google… maybe just search for vigilantes and POTUS?

        • I did. I searched using the term “POTUS”. I also searched using the term “Trump” and “president Trump”. I searched using “vigilante” and “militia”.

          I found articles stating that militias are asking president Trump to “send them in”. I found nothing which even implied that he has urged militias, or individuals, to do anything.

        • Or, to quote someone who regularly posts comments to BR:

          “No, I’ve looked and cannot find that data… so back up your claims.”

          • In Sherlocks case – he’s citing DATA – if there actually is data it may not be that easy to dig up.

            I tried for instance on his claim about 25% of Virginia Asians are economically disadvantaged.

            I DID look at VDOE build-a-table and school profiles and was unable to get to that level of data.

            You, on the other hand, know how to use Google to search for the many remarks made by Trump on social media and in his press conferences.. I just sent you one.

          • Nothing even close to what you are claiming. Not even close.

            I did see that Donald Trump has apparently been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, though. I did not know that.

            Again, though, nothing at the link you posted backs up your claim that “We have a POTUS who is urging people with weapons to go to the cities where there is unrest…”

  3. At what point is it okay for individual or militias to take over? In many locales elected officials have abdicated their responsibility and are allowing or even supporting lawlessness and destruction, encouraging or even preventing the police from doing their job. At what point should these elected officials be dragged out and thrown into jail? We’re frequently lectured that we can’t worry about property destruction when lives are at stake. I’ll be frank, there are a lot of people who are prepared for widespread mayhem, and have no problem with exchanging lives for properties. I know plenty of people who would have no problem shooting 100 of these Democrat agitators if necessary to defend their homes or property. Sooner or later if this lawlessness is allowed to continue, the group of people with the majority of arms and ammunition will get involved, and if that happens on a large scale then we will descend into civil war.

  4. I’m not worried. I live at least 10 miles from an Interstate highway.

  5. In response to WayneS, who claims he cannot “find any news reports on this. Will you please provide a link?”

    “President Donald Trump has often flaunted the brawn of his supporters, adding a baseline of menace to his increasingly embattled presidency. “Law enforcement, military, construction workers, Bikers for Trump … These are tough people,” he said at a 2018 campaign event in St. Louis, Missouri. “These are great people. But they’re peaceful people, and antifa and all—they’d better hope they stay that way. I hope they stay that way.” Six months later, in an interview with Breitbart News, Trump made the threat of violence from his supporters more explicit. “I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough, until they go to a certain point,” he said. “And then it would be very bad, very bad.”

    “Very bad indeed. Fast forward a year, and Trump has made the prospect of violence more palpable. Since Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into the president’s attempts to strong-arm Ukraine’s government into targeting Joe Biden, Trump has labeled the House of Representative’s constitutionally enumerated actions “a COUP, intended to take away the Power of the People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of the United States of America!” He has said that a successful impeachment would “cause a Civil War.” He has called for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the Democrat leading the impeachment proceedings, to be arrested for treason, while reminiscing about the death penalty punishment that crime had routinely carried. During an October rally in Pittsburgh, he mock-pleaded with his supporters, “Make sure you don’t hurt them, please. Thank you.”

    “Trump has, in other words, laid the groundwork for his acolytes to respond to impeachment—in his description an illegitimate, immoral, and illegal campaign to deprive patriotic Americans of their democracy, conducted by the Deep State, the “enemies of the people” in the liberal media, and Democrats who “hate our country”—with a corresponding urgency. With, if need be, brute force.”


    “Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told residents of Wisconsin last week to “have a plan” before going ahead and engaging in vigilantism against anti-racism protesters. Clarke’s “good friend” Donald Trump has not condemned the remarks.”


    “President Trump took his discord-and-turmoil tour to Kenosha, Wis., on Tuesday, re-roiling a town that had calmed itself after a week of unrest.”

    “Trump did not meet with the family of Jacob Blake, the Black man who was shot by a police officer seven times in the back, a stomach-turning act that the president likened to a golfer who misses a short putt.”

    “By contrast, he offered supportive comments about Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who drove to Kenosha from Illinois with an AR-15 to join the fray and is accused of shooting three protesters, killing two. Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder, but Trump made the public case that he was acting in self-defense.”


    There’s numerous other articles, if one has the capacity to read and seek actual reports from varied sources. We can even point to the 2016 campaign rallies for Trump where he urged his followers to beat protestors even at his rallies resulting in beatings. Particularly here in VA, we see vigilante groups showing up with loaded weapons to protest. Some have had public calls to “muster” their so called “militias” in VA counties, including my own county of Buckingham. I spoke to Sheriff Kidd of Buckingham, who noted to me that this “muster” was not called for by the county, nor was their any need for armed civilians to be called to muster. In VA state law there is room for an “unorganized militia” to be utilized for the common defense of the State or County but not at the whim of any armed civilian or group of civilians. These rallies appear to be politically motivated under the guise 0f an official muster for defense. The Sheriff noted that the same group was behind the “gun sanctuary” movement taking place in parts of Virginia. So, Yes, under this current occupier of the White House, vigilante action and civil unrest had been encouraged by his words and the violent unrest that has occurred under his watch. This is Trump’s America. He owns his many failings and his encouragement of fearful vigilantism. Vigilantism is defined as “law enforcement undertaken without legal authority by a self-appointed group of people.”

    • If you think I’m some sort of Trump defender then you are way off base. If the democrats had pulled their heads out of their posteriors far enough to nominate an moderate candidate who is actually competent then there would be no questions for whom I would be voting in November. As it stands, I will probably just write in my own name – again.

      However, as much as I am not enamored of Mr. Trump. I do I like to see people simply making things up about him. Mr. “Larry the G” made a very specific claim. I asked him to provide proof of that claim and thus far he has not provided such. It really is that simple.

      I’m sorry you wasted your time composing your rather long and obviously well-researched anti-Trump diatribe.

      PS – Based on the comments of yours which I have seen in the past, snide, thinly-veiled, passive-aggressive insults are beneath you.

      • Thanks to WayneS for reviewing my submissions in response to his seeking reports on Trump supporting vigilantism. I can understand how you may feel that reporting on Trump’s very words may seem “snide, thinly-veiled, passive-aggressive insults”, but have you tried quoting and framing any of Trump’s very bombastic quotes re: the progressives and Democrats whom he hates and enlists others to hate? His very words are rude exaggerations, targeting even peaceful protestors for violence, passive-aggressive, and falling into sociopathic narcissism on a regular basis. Check out the definition of a narcissistic sociopath and see if Trump does not fit that label to a T. So when we use Trump’s own words in reporting what he says and does, it seems that the piece may be insulting. There is no way to describe Trump in kind terms due to his own words and behavior. I prefer not to use rude name calling or insults in reporting on Trump’s behavior. Maybe the best we can say about this human being is that he appears to suffer from a mental condition described as sociopathic narcissism…a c0ndition that can be harmful to both the person having the disorder and those that he interacts with.


      • Hold on there Sea Biscuit!! Are you actually blaming the Democrats for forcing you to vote for YOUR party’s nominee for president? Do you not see the twisted logic of that argument??

        • 1) I am not a republican – never have been and never will be. Do not call me a republican. [ I consider it an insult and if you use that term against me again I will file a formal complaint with management 😉 ]

          2) The republican candidate sucks, but he was pretty much a given as far being that party’s nominee. The democrats had their choice of a range of candidates, one or more of whom could have been attractive to voters of a certain constitutional-conservative/libertarian bent. However, they chose to nominate a life-long political hack and fool who, if elected, will almost certainly be a puppet and tool of the far left and will most likely not even finish out his first term, thereby turning over the reins to a REAL radical leftist.

          I KNEW the republicans were going to disappoint me.

          I had HOPED the democrats wouldn’t.

          As I said, I’ll most likely end up writing in my own name – again.

          With that said, nobody can force me to do anything, especially vote for a particular candidate, and I never said they could or did.

  6. I have not given too much thought about the election itself being a problem, but I suppose that is a real possibility. Who knows how the election will go, it may be decisive. Either way I am worried about continued divisiveness in the year(s) after the election.

  7. Flew out of National airport in April 1968. Saw parts of DC ablaze. Unforgettable.

    • Let’s all have another lecture on the shortage of wealth creation and the small size of the black entrepreneurial class…Who loses the most when the looting and arson start?

      • People who live in the lower economic strata get hurt the most when there are riots and looting but using that argument to argue against riots and looting as if there is a connection is, in my mind, not really understanding the bigger picture.

        It don’t matter how many entrepreneurs there are if a larger segment that is poor with little hope of an economic future and actually fear law enforcement – that’s regardless of the color.

        It’s sorta like saying ” all you folks that are poor – don’t cause trouble for the few of you that have become entrepreneurs”.

        I think we totally miss the point.

        No – we cannot fix all the poverty and injustice – but we MUST say that we know it does exist and we do want to address it. If we do not do that – and insist that unrest “hurts” some of them – it’s a loser of an argument IMHO.

        You just can’t run away from this problem.

  8. Atlas, would those people that you know also not hesitate to shoot the Boogaloo Boys and right wing militia members who were threatening their property? If not, is that because they are actually members of these groups?

  9. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    To have a civil war you would have to declare the existence of two separate governments. In the episode of Bleeding Kansas we had 56 deaths between 1855 and 1859. Kansas had two governments. One in Lecompton and one in Topeka. One for slavery and one for free soil. The conflict ended with secession, the southern senators out of the way, and the admission of Kansas as a free state in January of 1861.

    We are not anywhere close to this. I suppose if the stars and moon align correctly civil war could happen. It did in the winter/spring of 1860 and 1861.

    What we see on the streets today is simple unchecked lawlessness.

    • A civil war, you say, requires two groups claiming to be in charge of the government.

      You don’t think that could happen in the U.S. after a disputed election? It takes no imagination whatsoever to think that the election outcome will be held up as late ballots are counted, that lawyers will drag out litigation for months, that both Trump and Biden will declare themselves winners, that the Supreme Court will adjudicate the outcome, and the losers will be absolutely convinced that the election was stolen and democracy in America is dead.

      The ensuing riots are just gravy on the biscuit.

      • James Wyatt Whitehead V

        Don’t forge the role of the so called “deep state” federal bureaucracy. They might end up with the final say. If Biden loses what is he going to do? Create a de facto government in Delaware? If Trump loses do you really think he will refuse to leave? At worst he will skip Biden’s inauguration ala John Adams. The politicians are simply using the violence and riots to build support for their side. If leaders in government really wanted law and order it could be delivered. All you have to do is look how Nixon handled 1969 forward.

  10. Back to Don’s point, if Northam and the mayors of Virginia’s major cities aren’t preparing right now for an explosion of post-election day violence, they are grossly negligent. What’s coming could make Charlottesville look like a kindergarten picnic.

    • Well said. The question isn’t whether Biden or Trump wins. The question isn’t whether Trump is a good or bad person. The question isn’t which side might start a possible disruption.

      The question is whether Northam will be prepared for violence around the election.

      Funny I haven’t heard any of Northam’s defenders answer “yes”.

      • Listen to yourself. You’re saying that 50 governors in the US need to PREPARE FOR VIOLENCE as a result of an election.

        This is not because of Biden – I can assure you. No one that I know is in the streets with weapons and Biden flags..

        Ya’ll are in LA La Land… geeze.

        • >>PREPARE FOR VIOLENCE as a result of an election.

          This is not because of Biden – I can assure you. No one that I know is in the streets with weapons and Biden flags..>>

          You always jump to blame or defense of leftists rather than taking in Jim’s point: It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. It doesn’t matter who’s to blame for violence. The question is whether cities and states will be prepared. Larry, your thinking sometimes really escapes me.

          • Sorry Crazy – When I see trucks carrying people armed with weapons and flags and feel they are being encouraged… that’s a step to far in my book.

            Any leader – left or right that encourages that is complicit.

            We have way too many people these days that seem to be looking forward to this – it’s nutty.

        • Of course 50 governors have to prepare for violence. What the hell do you think governors do? Did governors outside of New York and Virginia increase vigilance in the aftermath of 9/11 even though their states were not directly attacked?

          The fact that Northam is completely useless doesn’t mean that’s the job description of governors nor does it mean that other governors won’t be prepared.

  11. Funny how all the right-wing Baconauts here are putting a distance between themselves and Trump. For a few years the same people have been enabling Trump by pretending he doesn’t exist. I’d love to scrounge up their comments about Obama back in the day!

    • well they’re saying that – but it’s clear they’re NOT going to vote to get rid of him… they got “excuses” you know… as if Biden is as wacko as Trump clearly is…

      There is no question in my mind – Trump is a mortal threat to the country – he’s got some serious issues – listen to him at his Press Conferences –

      • “listen to him at his Press Conferences”

        I cannot imagine why Biden, or anyone, would “debate” him. How do you debated a liar?

        • It’s just Bizarre. What POTUS calls other people “Crazy Nancy” or “Sleepy Joe” or “Little Rubio” or “failed” or “incompetent” or dozens of other pejoratives assigned to Mayors, Governors, other countries Leaders… his OWN military leaders, ordinary people, entertainers, sports players, etc.. This is NOT “normal”.

          He DIVIDES people. He abuses and bullies people.

          What kind of leader does this?

          If Biden did that also then we could say – both have problems… But Biden has never done anything close to that – never!

          His defenders say Trump is “terrible” .. but then they say BUT and they point to the media as causing the problem – as if Trump does not say these things… it’s just bizarre.

          good lord!

        • The problem is that Biden couldn’t debate a footstool and win. Even a completely honest footstool. That’s the choice we have. Two dyed in the wool loons.

          • You are correct. But one of them would NOT go off the rails and would instead listen to his advisors and Cabinet folk AND he would step aside if he became unfit.

            The other guy has no intention of doing anything any different than what he says at his Press Conferences and on Twitter EVERY Day.

            I don’t know what folks are thinking that somehow – he would not get even worse?

            Listen to him. Do you not believe what he says?

          • “Listen to him. Do you not believe what he says?”

            I do not believe what he says, which is why I’m not worried about him.

          • Eric the Half a Troll

            One really needs to ask oneself if one is finally, after four years of this madness, willing to vote for America over party. I am starting to understand one’s answer and it is disheartening, tbh.

        • “How do you debated a liar?”

          With another liar – hence Biden debating Trump.

    • Well, if 1/10th of their predictions on mayhem occur, they will have served Putin well with the predictions alone.

      Republican Love America! They just hate half of those who live there.

    • Mine might surprise you. Be my guest.

    • My biggest complaint against Obama was his excessive use of presidential executive orders to get around Congress. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. As I correctly guessed – that tactic has now become standard operating procedure.

      • Wait a minute. Because Obama wrote too many EOs, we end up with this guy who not only writes EOs out the wazoo but threatens Congress and Governor and Mayors with overridng them if they don’t do what he wants?

        Are you freaking kidding? All of this because of Obamas EOs?

        • There is such a thing as a slippery slope. Once Obama decided to rule be decree he opened the door to an acceleration. Once the election’s losers fell into Bush Derangement Syndrome it opened the door to Obama Derangement Syndrome which escalated to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          Real presidents from the past actually worried about their legacy and how “winner takes all” was less important than preserving democracy and the rule of law.

          The only way we’ll get the toothpaste back in the tube is to elect a president who engenders confidence, operates with ethics and understands his or her place in history. Think Eisenhower, Carter, Reagan. Trump is clearly not that president and I’ll wager that whoever ends up pulling Slow Joe’s strings won’t fit that definition either.

  12. Warning? Or hoping?

  13. Avengers’ Diana Rigg died at 82. You poor young whipper-snappers missed that one. 1960s fantasy girl. Right up there with Honey West’s Anne Francis.

  14. Thank God Richmond is banning firearms at demos. Suck it up 2A fanatics!

    • I was wondering how many here saw that – no big rukus about it…

      so Bacon says – the Gov and Mayors ought to prepare for it or be “grossly negligent”.

      Hmm.. he must not have seen that, eh?

      • Larry,

        You seriously think that “prohibiting guns at public events” will help anything when it comes to the civil war that Jim is predicting?? You should audition for McEnroe’s spot doing toenail fungus commercials.

        • Well no, not everyone, but it will discourage a few and the others will be risking dealing with heavily armed troops and taken away to prisons.

          I’m not sure what you would expect the government to actually do if we have armed people and insurrection. What would you expect Northam (or any Governor) to do if that happens?

          You would expect them to put down such insurrections, no?

    • Right. Because criminals follow gun laws. They’ll break, flaunt, fold, spindle and mutilate any other law on the books, pass a law restricting ownership or possession of firearms and they’ll fall right into line.

  15. Don is right for Virginia to prepare for the chaos that is likely to ensue, because the Transition Integrity Project did a war game and nearly every scenario predicted it – much worse than 2000.

    Having said that, I doubt Virginia authorities, nor any other state for that matter, are going to publicize and feature their planning for this scenario.

    • Even if Northam prepares, deploys the State Police, calls out the National Guard there will be no lethal force used. Northam will be fighting riots with mittens on.

      • Are you hoping for lethal force? Is that success in your eyes?

        • So we just let cities burn, people get hurt, property destroyed, businesses shuttered, and total disregard for the authority of law and order?

          • James – do you think if there are reasons why people are in the streets in the first place – has to be part of the issue and if you don’t deal with that – then you will continue to have unrest and even more lawlessness?

            BTW – we still have FLS – and these days they actually have a fair number of right-leaning editorials!

            talk radio – Brian Strobel? the do-be-do song? Swap Shop?


          • James Wyatt Whitehead V

            Larry I have a long list of grievances against society and government. But I am not going to take my rage to the streets, harm others, defy law, and throw molotov cocktails. I am going to let my elected leaders know how I feel with my voice and ballot and go on about my daily life. Maybe even try to contribute to the uplifting of society not the dismantling of it.

          • James – how about peaceful protest? Ever done that?

            So how do you do peaceful protest without allowing bad guys to co-opt it?

            or do you just think none of it is acceptable – like 2A in Richmond – as long as it is peaceful?

          • James Wyatt Whitehead V

            I am all for a peaceful protest Mr. Larry. Just not my style personally. I don’t think anybody wants to listen to me anyways. What I have seen in Richmond, Portsmouth, Cville, and Fredericksburg was not going to make MLK very proud. A peaceful protest is organized, its participants are actually trained in nonviolence, it is an event with a permit, it has the cooperation of local authorities, safety is a paramount consideration, and it has a positive message that can lead to a better society.

  16. We really have been here before. Andrew Jackson. He personally fought off an assassin at the US Capitol, tamed the tariffs, crushed the nullification crisis, destroyed his own Vice President John C. Calhoun. To gain reelection and settle a personal score Old Hickory declared war on the Bank of the United States. He won, he eviscerated Henry Clay, and left Nicholas Biddle with a bank that had no money in it. And when the Panic of 1837 came along with the Trail of Tear it was Martin Van Ruin who was to blame in the public’s eye. Jackson even one upped the Clay faction by turning a cartoon into the Democratic party symbol, the donkey.

  17. the “debunked hoax”

    pretty sure people are in prison and a Senate report confirms Russian actions.

    Yes, people were actually found guilty of collusion and are currently doing prison terms and the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee concurred that the Russians had interfered and still are.

    Apparently if you say “debunked hoax” enough times, POOF the folks in prison just plain disappear! Tell that to Manafort and Gates and others who actually were found guilty of colluding with Russians.

    This is a problem these days. People believe what they want to believe no matter the facts or realities then they turn around and say others are “deranged”! It’s like Alice in Wonderland.

    Senate Republicans apparently also “believe” the “hoax”:

    “Senate Report Affirms U.S. Intelligence Findings on 2016 Russian Interference

    The U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help elect Donald Trump was accurate and based on strongly sourced information and sound analytical judgment, a bipartisan Senate report has concluded.

    The report, released Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the January 2017 assessment made public by U.S. intelligence agencies at the direction of former President Obama correctly described Moscow’s interference operations and was delivered without political considerations. It also affirmed a classified version of the assessment.

    “The committee found no reason to dispute the intelligence community’s conclusions,” Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the panel, said. He warned that Russia’s operations had continued over the last three years and have been imitated by other adversaries to “increasingly use information warfare to sow societal chaos and discord” in the U.S.”

    • Larry can you explain to my why a dozen members of the Mueller team accidently wiped their cell phones clean by punching in the wrong pass code 10 times in a row before turning them over as requested to the DOJ? What exactly where they hiding? How can a dozen men with law degrees commit the same error? The President has endured 4 years of a silent coup. No commotion whatsoever.

      • James – Can you link me to it? I had not heard this.

        Usually, by the way, anything that is on a cell – got there over the cell network – the problem that we’ve had is not cleaning the phone but encrypting it.

        • Here you are Mr. Larry. It’s the NY Post but heck you can’t find this stuff in main stream anymore. Sourced from DOJ records.

          • Thanks. Did you read through the DOJ report?

            It looks to me that as people left the Mueller team they were turning in their devices – laptops, phones, userids on the servers, etc.

            Usually when that happens – all the data that was on those devices was already captured and archived. You can wipe out the data on the device but not on the server archives.

            It might have been they had no such server but I doubt it especially for the cell phones as they undoubtedly went through the commercial cell companies.

            Virtually anything that you receive or send on a cell phone goes to a cell tower and then through a server that captures it.

            Police use this all the time to see what a suspect was sending/receiving but it’s harder with a “burner” phone and it’s almost impossible if the phone is encrypted – so that all the messages in and out are encrypted.

            This harkens back to Hillary’s home server that was “bleached”. It does not matter if they wiped her server if the emails were going to other people because other servers would have captured all of those emails and saved them.

            The only thing they would not have captured was anything that was actually put on the server from the keyboard or other static media and did not over a network.

            Think of it like your computer that you are on and you are keying in this response. Yes.. it is on your computer but once you hit the send button – it’s also on wordpress and Jim’s server. You could delete it off your computer but Jims server would still have it and probably wordpress also.

            Bottom Line – you really cannot ‘wipe” data off a device if it has connected to other networks.

          • James Wyatt Whitehead V

            I don’t think those Mueller lawyers were washing their cell phones for supper.

          • James – normally if equipment is turned in and planned for re-use, it is “wiped”as a normal process.

            A lot of folks will try to go ahead and wipe out personal info – the same way you might if you were going to sell one of your devices.

            Everyone who turns in a device for the government (and many corporate) will go through this process. They want to start with a “clean” machine before it is reassigned.

            That “report” is a series of emails that looks like Mueller people are turning in their equipment to the office that receives them.

            Many folks and I suspect Muellers folks know that they really cannot “wipe” information if their device has sent/received info over a network.

            For instance, the police can very likely get the texts I have sent/received on my phone – with a warrant – even if they don’t have my phone – they get them from the phone companies servers.

            Most phones these days have a system setting on it that says “backup and reset”. Many folks when they get rid of a phone – they hit backup and reset as matter of course to remove personal information.

            I’m not convinced from reading the emails that anything more than that was really going on and the fact that only right-leaning groups like the Post, Fox and Judicial Watch are involved makes me want to hear some other sources concur that something nefarious was going on.

            I just think a lot of folks don’t understand that with a team like Mueller – there had to be one or more servers they were connecting to – and most servers are backed up – every day onto separate media. It’s damn near impossible to truly “wipe” data – it would take numerous folks to completely wipe the data.

            Now – if Muellers people REALLY wanted to hide stuff – they should have and could have used some common encryption tools like

            no need to wipe out anything… no one else can see it.

          • James Wyatt Whitehead V

            Mueller’s lawyers got sloppy just like Nixon’s plumbers. I bet somebody like John Sirica could help those men remember their pass codes.

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