Virginia: Best State to Make a Living has ranked Virginia the “Best State to Make a Living” in its annual study , beating out Washington state, Texas and Illinois to snag the top spot.

The ranking considers four factors: Average Income, which increased in Virginia over the past year; Cost of Living based on ACCRA Cost of Living Index, which slightly decreased; Unemployment Rate, which decreased; and State Income Tax, which stayed the same.

Last year, Virginia ranked No. 4.

It’s refreshing to see the Old Dominion score so well, especially after the State Integrity Investigation project, in which it scored an “F” for government transparency and accountability.


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(comments below)


  1. the state that got an “F” in transparency and accountability is 1St in making a living?

    really? who knew?

    somehow.. I think there is a deeper meaning to this… and it’s probably not good.

  2. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Not if you work for Bacon’s Rebellion

  3. accurate Avatar

    Congratulations Virginia! Based on how well Texas has been doing I’m a little surprised, but our average income is low (we have no income tax and our unemployment rate is pretty good), but congratulations. I scour the internet weekly for bulletin board for construction inspector jobs and Virginia seems to have openings quite frequently (Texas does too, but part of it is because we’re so big). Nice to see.

  4. Groveton Avatar

    Now, remove federal and federal – related employment from Virginia and rerun the list. Or, assign Virginia just the national average of federal and federal related jobs and rerun the list.

  5. HardHatMommy Avatar

    Groveton – the data, sans federal related or driven employment, would send Virginia plummeting down the list faster than you can say BRAC.

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