The Plot to Nab Northam

By Peter Galuszka

Self-styled “militia” members based in Michigan accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also considered nabbing Ralph Northam, Virginia’s governor, according to court testimony Tuesday.

Both Democratic governors were considered fair game because they supposedly had taken strong measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

At a hearing in Grand Rapids, Mich., an FBI agent testified that the militia members, thought to be part of a hard-right group, targeted Northam along with several others because of their aggressive stances in containing COVID 19.

A total of 13 people have been charged in connection with the Michigan case. Some were plotting to instigate a “civil war” and the others were planning on kidnapping Gov. Whitmer.

According to testimony, the idea was the seize Whitmer, put her on a boat, take her to the middle of Lake Michigan, damage the motor, set her adrift and see if she would be rescued.

There was no information about what could have become of Northam or if another boating mishap was in planning stages for him.

Reaction against strict methods of stemming the spread of coronavirus have been controversial, especially among conservative circles. President Donald Trump has encouraged such protests and has tweeted “LIBERATE VIRGINIA” to prompt opposition.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been among the worst pandemics in U.S. history and have so far claimed more than 215,000 American lives. It has proved to be a big problem as some universities in Virginia have reopened, leading some students to complain that they are being put at risk.

Reactionary feeling has been particularly strong on this blog as some right-leaning commenters have compared Northam’s remedies to trying to evoke a police state. Ironically, both Northam and Trump have contracted the disease.

I’d like to crack wise about all of this but I won’t because it is serious. A personal story: when I worked in Cleveland in the 1990s, I was out on a Saturday with my two young daughters running errands. I saw that the county fairground was hosting a “survivalism” show and thought we might drop in. It was a huge mistake. It was a gun show hosted by militias and survivalists. Among the Confederate and Nazi flags were guns, knives and gear to live for months in the wilderness after a war. The place dripped with anti-Semitism. There were plenty of pamphlets talking about how to destroy the federal government. It was referred to as “ZOG” or “Zionist Occupation Government.” I felt awful that I had exposed my kids to this. The message: Don’t screw around with Midwestern militia.

The news from Michigan shows just how far off base those views are and just how dangerous the mood is right now.

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  1. Ha. Compared to Michigan, Virginia’s shutdown was far more lenient and over far more quickly. But at least that blunts the other narrative, that these morons were mainly upset being bossed by a woman. Morons they indeed are as it seems more than one in the room or on the distribution list was FBI….I hope the feds are also as deep into the morons of the other political stripe, equally dangerous. I do not disagree about the potential for violence over this election, either way.

  2. Baconator with extra cheese

    Script flippin’ 101:
    Lock downs equal freedom and open society equals a totalitarian dictator.
    I can’t wait to taste my freedom come January!
    I never knew opening schools and churches was a tactic of Putin. Hopefully Biden will crush all schooling and churches and show us how high the eagle flies.

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  4. If Trump wins, they need to take the codes away from him.

  5. Now I see. Northam’s wearing blackface in the 80s wasn’t racist. It was an early effort at perfecting the art of disguise in case of kidnapping attempts. He would have told the Michigan militiamen that he was Michael Jackson. The fact that Jackson died 11 years ago probably wouldn’t have been known by the militia men. Now, if he claimed to be Merle Haggard …

    As for Northam’s “hard lockdown” – I don’t see it. Incompetent handling of the testing? Yes. Unwillingness to take the lead on school re-openings? Yes. Refusal to follow his own mandates with regard to mask wearing and social distancing? Yes. But excessive lockdown measures? Hmmm …

    In Virginia patrons cannot sit at a bar. In Maryland patrons can sit at a bar and be served but cannot stand at a bar. Maybe that’s what is irking the militiamen.

  6. As an aside, it’s Oct 13. Have any of the school districts in Virginia that adopted full time in-person learning or hybrid in-person / distance learning had to shutdown due to a ‘Rona outbreak?

  7. This just in – the leader of the Wolverine Watchmen confirmed that they chose Whitmer over Northam once they realized that nabbing Northam would require traveling to Richmond. “Those people in Richmond are crazy”, said Cletus “the Methman” Beauregard. “They’re still fighting the Civil War down there and we want to start a new Civil War not re-fight the last one. Besides that, we’d have had to drive through Northern Virginia to get there and might not have made it to Richmond before election day.”

  8. This is no laughing matter and I agree with Peter when he stated – “As much as we have to make wisecracks to keep sane in this political environment, this is no laughing matter.” I am tired of making “wise-cracks” because of one’s political conviction. Let’s be respectful that this group is dangerous and they broke the law. For those two governors and others, it was a serious matter. Agree or disagree with what either governor stands for, it was dangerous and criminal.

    I don’t agree with Mr. Trump, but I certainly don’t wish him nor his followers ill. That doesn’t mean that I will vote for him. My morale convictions don’t let me wish anyone ill, even the group that we are talking about above.

    • I don’t think they are dangerous. They are half-wits planning to abduct an American politician. When was the last time a sitting American politician was kidnapped? They were somehow going to get through all the security around a governor’s mansion, kidnap the governor and simply drive away? Then they were going to put her on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan to see if she got rescued? Really? That sounds like the kind of plan that a group of criminal masterminds would hatch? I’m surprised that the pictures of those arrested didn’t include The Penguin and The Riddler.

      Call me when some ex-Army Ranger is caught planning to use a high power rifle to assassinate a politician. These dimbulbs couldn’t knock over a 7-11 let alone kidnap a governor.

    • We can take the threat seriously, and still find humor in the idiocy of their “plan.” Nuclear codes are rather serious too, but that banter didn’t seem to bother you.

      Some criminals are just evil. Some are evil and stupid. The stupid part is sometimes funny.

      Two Men Arrested After Vehicle Search Finds Drugs in Bag Marked “Bag Full of Drugs”

      • There is no humor with respect to those who would use violence to overthrow government no matter how “stupid” it might be.

        When people collaborate as groups to acquire weapons of war and discuss going after public officials – those who think that amusing need to rethink IMHO.

        Last time I checked advocating for violent overthrow of the govt was a pretty serious crime and it did not matter how “smart” or “stupid” the perpetrators were much less a POTUS encouraging them.

        • America’s Most Wanting. It’s a new TV show about Conservatives.

        • Advocating for violent overthrow of the government is indeed a serious crime. It’s called sedition. But mention that regarding violent left wing perpetrators and Democrats go nuts.

          “Yes, the DOJ Should Charge Violent Anti-American Radicals with Seditious Conspiracy”

          The Obama administrations charges people with sedition, however, and it’s not a problem.

          “Nine Members of a Militia Group Charged with Seditious Conspiracy and Related Charges”

          When the Trump administration infiltrates, investigates and arrests “right wing” groups, like the one in Michigan one would think his administration would get some recognition for being even handed. Never. It’s used as an excuse to blame Trump.

          Nobody on this blog (that I’m aware of) has been advocating violence or showing any sympathy whatsoever for the Michigan gang of misfits. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But I will also make fun of them. Sorry if that offends you.

          Is it funny to “joke” about killing the President?

          Johnny Depp is Not the First Celebrity to Joke About Wanting Donald Trump Dead

          We have no clue how many viable threats have been made on the President. The Secret Service doesn’t publicize that information.

          We do know of numerous assaults’ on Trump supporters. It happens rather regularly, including to the elderly.

          Trump supporter attacked in Fall River: Suspect’s ‘face was so filled with hate and anger’

          POTUS takes issue with policies and those who promote them, as do we all. Overt threats of violence is what the left does. Examples are too numerous to list exhaustively.

          • anyone walking around with significant weaponry, body armor and explosives and talking about it on social media – you call a harmless moron at your own dumbass risk.

            We have had no shortage of lone-wolf would-be POTUS-killing/mad bomber type wackadoos; they’re not the same as heavily-armed, organized groups of domestic terrorists who coordinate their activities.

            When a bunch of these yahoos show up in pickup trucks to “protect” something – better put some distance between you and them if you can.

            Those types used to roam the south back in the day.

          • re: ” When the Trump administration infiltrates, investigates and arrests “right wing” groups, like the one in Michigan one would think his administration would get some recognition for being even handed. Never. It’s used as an excuse to blame Trump.”

            When Trump tweets “Liberate Michigan” , claims Obama was investigating him, accuses the FBI of a “coup” and openly asks the AG to investigate his political enemies, and pardons convicted and promises to pardon others, what makes anyone think he’s not also trying to interfere with the FBI investigation of these terrorists?

            Does anyone really trust Trump to do Law and Order “right” instead of openly corrupting the Federal agencies who do law enforcement and intelligence functions?

            Trump is to be “credited” with what?

        • Typical liberal fear porn, the newest weapon in the arsenal of idiocy from the left. A couple of dipsticks talk about kidnapping a governor or two and the left explodes in a riot of fear. A pack of asshats take over six blocks of Seattle and kill one teenager and maim another and it’s … mostly peaceful protests.

          Or, how about this leftist jackass that actually did murder somebody in Denver …

          Wait! I can’t hear your yelps of fear. Where is the “chicken little / sky is falling” over the leftists who actually are killing people.

  9. Peter, you will find that every conservative on this blog disowns the idiots who concocted the plot against Whitmer and Northam. Those kooks and losers (the plotters, not the bloggers!) get zero sympathy from 99% of the population. Furthermore, I’m pretty darn sure the plotters don’t spend a lot of time reading the libertarian/mainstream conservative musings on this blog.

    Just for the record, I’d like to see you denounce left-wing violence and disown those who commit it and apologize for it.

  10. Baconator with extra cheese

    Come on… we all know the left wing is all peaceful protests… Antifa is a myth… and any of the violence was white supremacist plants.
    Only Big Orange can manifest violence.

    • Baconator with extra cheese

      What’s even better is an opion published on the Richmond Free Press website that actually accusses white supremacists of mudering the black men in Richmond… truly fascinating they would publish that.
      But maybe they’re on to something… Baltimore and Chicago should investigate.

    • I was surprised to hear Biden claim Antifa was “an idea”. I never knew Biden had any experience with even the concept of “an idea”.

  11. Bacon. I am not “apologizing” for a damned thing. You made this bed. Sleep in it.

  12. Did you ever consider that the ‘plot to kidnap Northam‘ may have been planted – by Peter? Or Northam himself? What better way to get Northam sympathetic national headlines? What better way to make criminals – the Michigan plotters – look stupid to boot? What better way to turn a Michigan plot into a national conspiracy? What better way to set Peter up to criticize the blog that publishes him?

    It of course was not a plant, but rather allowed a lot of people to delay once again assessing their own conduct and to accuse those who disagree with them of holding the views of madmen.

  13. Captain Sherlock,
    I am not making this up. I am not making up the FBI or Michigan State Police probes. I did not make up the national news about this story. As far as Bacons Rebellion goes,I have been a participant for about 15 years. I do not need your approval or need to give you an explanation.

  14. I believe I just wrote that the story was not a plant. No one made it up. The FBI reported what their investigation has so far revealed to them. It is understandable that it has become national news.

    Just as no one asked you to explain or validate your participation here.

    It is not understandable that you seek to transfer accountability for the plans of madmen in Michigan to those of us on this blog that disagree with your opinions.

    The fact that you have used that story to attack those of us that have urged the courts and the GA to do their jobs and stand up to Northam’s insistence on ruling by decree for another 7 months (at which point he can declare another emergency and restart the clock) on anything remotely related to COVID is the issue here.

    I believe that both some of the things he has done and the Virginia law that enabled them will be found unconstitutional. You may think your views will win the day in court. Fair enough. We’ll find out.

    The Virginia Supreme Court should have ruled on the constitutionality of the order that the Governor forwarded to them, but to do that they would have needed to hear from both sides, not just the Governor.

    By the action they took, they rather made themselves subjects along with the Governor of those filing federal complaints. It is clear that the Court regrets its action that ordered residential rent avoidance without compensation to landlords. By doing that they made errors reversible in federal court on both process and constitutional grounds, and they know it. That is why the refused a subsequent gubernatorial request to extend their order. Too late.

    These are hugely consequential issues, and to dismiss them out of hand along with those of us that raise them based on a story like this is not worthy of you.

  15. It was not a planted story. Part of the FBI plan to protect Governor Northam was to wear a disguise and keep him in a safe location, a Richmond hotel. He was registered under the name Denzel Washington.

    • Every now and then you say something that makes me spit out my drink laughing! Thanks for another good one. I think we all needed it after Peter’s tantrum.

  16. How is this a tantrum? I just saw the news.

  17. I was referring to your comment to Bacon, “not apologizing, made your bed, now sleep in it”, etc.

  18. It was pretty obvious at his news conference that Northam was absolutely loving the attention. It gave him a wonderful chance to use a national platform to bash Trump (and Trump’s “Liberate VA” tweet was stupid.) Yeah, whatever agenda these morons thought they were serving, it boomeranged on them badly.

  19. OTOH, Northam doesn’t have the opportunity to post on BR.

  20. Good point. But it was a moron who made the bomb that killed 168 in Oklahoma. The FBI is very concerned about far-right extremists. I don’t back violence or destruction by anyone but this all is on a different level than lighting a fire in a Dempster Dumpster.

    • and yet, Ted Kaczynski is anything but a moron.

      He is sick.

      While it is nice to think the 40% that steadfastly support Trump are in the left tail of the Bell Curve, there are otherwise brilliant people who, if not just taken in, are willing to pull the temple down on their own heads to prove their point on race, healthcare, capitalism, taxes, Roe v Wade, etc.

      A bomb is merciful compared to these people. 215,000 is not enough.

    • The OK bombers and Kaczynsksi sadly were not morons, did not make the kind of noise that draws attention, planned and executed well. The FBI does have to take all such threats seriously, even when it becomes clear its just hot air.

    • McVeigh wasn’t a moron, but he was a domestic terrorist.

      “I don’t back violence or destruction by anyone but this all”

      Sure you do, that’s why you add caveats.

  21. These type guys have been around a long time – more or less hiding in the shaddows but now with the advent of the internet and a POTUS who tweets “Liberate Virginia” – they are embolded and I’m frankly surprised about some treating this as a joke and actions by “morons”.

    These are dangerous people. The FBI has known this and said so – for decades. Some of them showed up in Richmond just like they did in Michigan, with weapons – to intimidate the Governors and legislators.

    Big mistake thinking they are just exercising their “rights”. Some might have good intentions but others embedded in their groups are basically home-grown terrorists.

    You can bet the FBI is following the social media tracks of these guys and some may lead to groups in Virginia.

    • Who showed up in Richmond with weapons to “intimidate the Governors and legislators”?

      • Weren’t you told exercising rights is “intimidation” Wayne. Especially when that body is passing legislation to further curtail those rights.

        • That’s why I asked. Larry has a habit of accusing people of “intimidation” when he disagrees with the issue over which they are peacefully exercising their right to protest, while at the same time excusing arson, theft and property destruction when he approves of the issue about which people are protesting.

  22. Seems to me Bill Clinton’s presidency was characterized by some degree of fanatic right-wing and militia activity. This is bipartisanly not good, by any Yankee’s definition of decency.

    Yankee used to mean anyone north of Maryland, but now the new Mason-Dixon line boundary has shifted, and extends to almost as far south as Larry in Fredericksburg.

    OK but the Dems want to say everyone who is not progressive liberal can be painted with the “bad human being” paint brush.

  23. TBill. You are right about the uptick in hard right activity in the 1990s. NYC had a klan rally and I covered two within three
    Months in Ohio and wva. In 1996 a wva militia group was busted for plotting to bomb a large fbi facility

    • Yet somehow those klan rallies happened in NYC, Ohio and WVa without anybody getting killed. I guess the governors and local politicians in those cases understood how to keep the idiots away from the counter-protesters. Think about that as Terry McAuliffe files paperwork for running for governor again.

  24. Gotta love leftist thinking. A bunch of yahoos without a clue are spraying e-mails and get caught by the FBI hatching some moronic plot to kidnap governors. Oh my! The sky is falling. This is worse than the bubonic plague of COVID.

    Meanwhile, in Chicago, there have been 605 murders already this year. Not half-witted plots, actual dead bodies. That’s 181 more murders than were committed in all of 2019.

    Dead silence from the left.

  25. Ripper,
    One reason no one died at those klan rallies was that law enforcement followed a strict, non nonsense security plan developed by nyc mayor Giuliani. Yep, the gop guy. Must say it did work.
    As far as excessive urban homicides, look at Richmond. No one seems to know what to do about it and they are on their third police chief this year.

  26. When you show up wearing sneakers and carrying signs – it’s a protest.

    When you show up with things to throw and shields – it’s more than a “protest” and the folks with sneakers and signs oughta be leaving.

    When you show up in body armor carrying AR-15s and Trump/Confederate flags and such and claiming it’s not intimidation – you’re not fooling anyone no matter how much your lips have been flapping on social media. You’re telling everyone you’re ready to rumble.

  27. Profiles in Courage.

    NM Gov. Lujan Grisham: State to step up COVID-19 enforcements

  28. In terms of ordinary common sense – if somone walks into a Walmart or Lowes carrying an AR-15, dressed in camo and body armor – the store is pretty much going to clear out and 911 calls made. That’s a simple reality.

    Now, someone can claim that this act is not “intimidation” all they want but I’d suggest asking those who flee the stores for their views.

    Just about ANYWHERE that a group of people show up carrying weapons and dressed in body armor is going to result in people leaving as fast as they can.

    Finally – if those guys show up with arms and dressed that way to get into a courtroom, an airplane or a Trump Rally or a lot of other places – say the DMV, McDonalds, or a football game – don’t tell me that exercising such “rights” is expected and normal. It’s not.

    People ARE intimidated by such actions and they ought to be. Arguing to the contrary is illustrative of now some others “think” but it’s not “normal”.

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