The Blunderbuss

Edited by Bob Rayner and Robin Beres, former editorial page editors of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “The Blunderbuss” gives you a thrice-weekly shot of reality-based reporting and commentary about public policy and culture in Virginia. Here’s what you get that you won’t find in any other news source:

  • Bacon’s Rebellion… the most recent Bacon’s Rebellion blog posts.
  • What We’re Reading… articles and essays from around Virginia and the country that expand Bacon’s Rebellion content.
  • What They’re Spinning… highlights from the Bacon’s Rebellion News Feed, a collection of articles and press releases from Virginia  candidates, political parties, advocacy groups, and independent writers.
  • Postcards from Virginia… crowd-sourced photos of the most picturesque state in the union.
  • All locked and loaded by Bob and Robin… who add their own spin and commentary.

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