The Secret is Out

Bob Lewis of the Associated Press, bemoaning recent television ads released by Kaine and Kilgore.

“Deceptive attack ads have become a staple of big-time, consultant-driven, focus-grouped modern campaigns. Long-outdated quotes or positions are superimposed onto current issues or controversies lacking any of the context about how years of developments have radically changed those issues. Unfavorable conclusions are presented darkly while the mitigating facts critical to an accurate understanding are omitted.”

Now, that was supposed to be a secret! Who told him! If he knows, do you think any of the voters have caught on? Let’s hope not!

In the alternate universe I sometimes imagine, reporters have to run campaigns and political hacks get to sit on the sidelines and get huffy. I figure the ink-stained wretches will be slinging the mud and making with the kidney punches in a matter of days.

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Robert E. Lee would have agreed with you. He once observed that we had somehow managed to appoint our best generals to edit the newspapers.

  2. The ads for both Kaine and Kilgore are detestable. No wonder people don’t bother going to the polls. We should have “None of the above” on the ballot, if he wins, then you have a new election until someone comes to the top that people can actually support.

    Now THAT would be Fundamental Change.

  3. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Ray, I like it! Go to the polls and cast a vote demanding both parties go back to the bench and find another set of candidates. Instant recall. I’ll find a patron if you will come to Privleges and Elections to testify. That would radically change things — the choices and then the behavior once chosen.

    You could get the same result by requiring that a certain percentage of the voting age population come to the polls, and if they don’t its a non-election and new candidates are required.

  4. Well, when Jim Bacon makes you AG, maybe we can work on it.

  5. I have a problem with requiring people to do things. Usually, when I want someone to do what I want, I have to pay them.

    When we are willing to have the government raise taxes in order to pay people to do what we say we want, we are likely to want a lot less.

    Or, we might go to the polls voluntarily.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    If you required all ballots to include a “none of the above”, and then built the software/hardware so that the voter HAD to pick one for each election, you could have a good measure of whether the elected person had a mandate, and you would also virtually eliminate the question of undervotes.

  7. criticallythinking Avatar

    I might be writing about Bob’s article this week, so I don’t want to preview too much, but I will say that, in looking for a “reciprical” example set his two choices were nothing alike. The one was a deliberate lie, while the other was a rational refutation of a candidate improperly claiming credit for something he didn’t do.

    In another recent picture in the Potomac News, Leslie Byrne looked like she was at least 6 inches taller than Bill Bolling. Is she really taller than he is, or was it (as it looks from the angle) a case where the photographer set up the picture so she just “happened” to look taller. Realise that being taller is a significant advantage.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    “while the other was a rational refutation of a candidate improperly claiming credit for something he didn’t do.”


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