The one-two printed media punch

Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist, Jeff Schapiro:

“KAINE, WHO opposes the death penalty because of his Catholic faith but vows not to block executions, suggested he would not favor sending even Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, or Idi Amin to the gallows.God gives life, Kaine continued, and only God can take it away — and that includes the life of a heinous, blood-soaked monster.The answer is up there with Mike Dukakis’ response in a 1988 presidential debate. Dukakis said with a perfectly straight face he would oppose the death penalty for someone convicted of raping and murdering his wife.”

Washington Post columnist, Melanie Scarborough:

“If Virginia elects Democrat Timothy M. Kaine as its next governor, the problem is likely to become worse. Kaine supports allowing illegal immigrants to attend Virginia’s colleges and universities — even subsidizing them with in-state tuition rates — as long as they “make efforts” to become citizens after they turn 18.

When Republican nominee Jerry W. Kilgore opposed Herndon’s decision to use taxpayer money to provide a center for day laborers, many of whom are illegal immigrants, Kaine characterized Kilgore’s position as a “mean-spirited effort to go after people who are trying to make a living.” But drug dealers and prostitutes are just trying to make a living, too. So were the executives at Enron, Tyco and WorldCom. Why should immigrants be uniquely exempt from the requirement to earn a living within the law?”

Ouch! That hurts… err, … sooo bad.

~ the blue dog

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Not good for Kaine – though it seems to me that you discredit yourself once again:

    First, because on an otherwise thoughtful blog, you simply reprint items easily enough read elsewhere without adding anything original to the story – at the same time failing to provide links to the stories so that people can read the context. This is a sure sign of a “blogger” who is more interested in getting attention for himself than advancing the debate.

    Second, because you’ve so transparently been injured by Kaine’s staff’s refusal to treat you like a “real” journalist, watching you gloat over Kaine’s missteps just makes me think (again), “Steve Sisson, failed political candidate, got his little ego hurt and can’t move on.”

    Once again, you cheapen this blog. Bacon should tell you to take a hike – you’re baggage, and not worth carrying.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Kaine got the VCOP endorsement. That’s good enough for me to know that he’ll be a better crimefighter than Kilgore and that the DP is under no serious threat from the man.

    Sick people like Chad can go on gleefully attacking Kaine’s faith and character all they want. Brass tacks says that the man is still a better leader than a lightweight.

  3. 10:14 a.m. Anonymous: Talk is only cheap when you’re not willing to stand up and be counted.

    Obviously, you’re another Yellow Dog Democrat … err, I meant to say Kainiac Democrat displaying more ‘Profiles in Courage.’

    There’s no doubt in my mind.

    ~ the blue dog

  4. Dave Burgess Avatar
    Dave Burgess

    We know who is behind the “Blue Dog”. Don’t know zilch about “Anonymous”. A lot of tuff talk from someone who won’t stand up and be recognized.
    I guess being anonymous when you lash out against someone is like lashing out after you had a few drinks. It makes you braver, but not necessarily right.

  5. Oh Dave, I know who the anon is… It’s a Democratic party hack.

    So much for the ‘Big Tent’ party!

    ~ the blue dog

  6. SoccerMoms Avatar

    Kainiac? Kainiac?! Who thought that up? Lawd have mercy ….

    Has anyone seen Jim Gilmoron lately or those papers he was supposed to surrender to the Virginia Library?

    Why, I bet the Al-Quaida is storing those papers with the Weapons of Mass Destruction, which would explain why Kilgore thinks we’re all in danger. Sorta. Maybe.

    Seriously, does Kilgore stand for anything other than NOT KAINE? The exchange of e-mails on “The Race to Richmond” WPOST site is bizarre.

    How can he honestly think he is “entitled” to refuse to debate his opponent(s)?

    The fact that Kilgore thinks –while running for the highest office in Virginia — that he is entitled to refuse to debate Kaine or Potts and further has the audacity to quibble about which portions of the debate can or cannot be released to the public, is troublesome and strikes me as UnAmerican.

    If Lincoln and Douglas could debate, so should Kilgore/Kaine/Potts.

    Think of it as a job interview, Jerry. Do you want the job or don’t you?

    This is NOT a hypothetical question.

  7. MoneyandCorruption Avatar

    Andrea Mitchell referred to the Dukakis debate question posed by Tim Russert while eulogizing Mr. Russert. I think this is a poor example of good journalism and brings Ms. Mitchells’ judgement into question. Using an emotionally charged question about the rape and murder of your wife may have been a hard test for Mr. Dukakis, but it did not illuminate the issue. It should have been balanced with the question “If your son was falsely convicted of rape and murder would you advocate the death penalty for him?” The fact that the one question was chosen over the other indicates bias on the part of the questioner. Our law enforcement system does make mistakes. They come from the same gene pool as the rest of us. The death penalty makes those mistakes irreversible.

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