Now They’ve Really Ticked Me Off!

Peter Strzok

Recent news reports have revealed that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, senior FBI employees involved in the bureau’s investigations of the Clinton email scandal and Russia-gate, have made all manner of derogatory comments about President Donald Trump. Their observations aren’t anything worse than what we hear on Cable TV every day, and independent prosecutor Robert Muller removed them from his probe when he discovered their  bias, so I haven’t gotten too worked up about their indiscretions.

But when they knocked Loudoun County, they really raised my hackles. Strzok texted Page, a senior FBI attorney with whom he was having an affair, after news that Jill McCabe, wife of deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, had lost her race to conservative Richard Black. The outcome of the race was “disappointing,” he said, adding that Loudoun County is “still largely ignorant hillbillys.”

Two comments.

First, Mr. Strzok, according to 2014 U.S. Census data, Loudoun County has the 18th highest percentage of population (25 or older) with a graduate or professional degree, and the 6th highest level with a Bachelor’s degree, of any county in the country.

Second, you misspelled “hillbillies.” You might want to think about that before you call anyone else ignorant.

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12 responses to “Now They’ve Really Ticked Me Off!”

  1. musingsfromjanus Avatar

    You may be unaware that Fallon has officially confirmed the presumption that only liberals are intelligent.

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    I’m amused .. no ..amazed… that folks are .. shocked.. SHOCKED.. that Federal employees have opinions about politicians and HORRORS have preferences also !!

    so…. geeze.. they disliked.. Trump, Clinton and Obama also? SHAZAMMMMMMM

  3. At this point, I kinda think spelling is the least of his problems…

  4. Well this 2 degreed hillbilly would like to let them know common sense doesn’t require a college or graduate degree. What’s their twitter handles?

  5. LarrytheG Avatar

    You think Hillbillies in Loudoun County are bad…. 50 miles south in Spotsylvania – NoVa workers (come-heres) who have moved here refer to it as SpotsyTucky publicly in the local papers , public hearings, etc!

    Not untypically, College-educated folks who move into the exurban counties find themselves living in counties already inhabited by longtime generational families who grew up “on-the-land” and though some did go to college, most did not.. and they have never had much use for higher taxes for the kinds of amenities that folks who used to live in NoVa – want/”need”.

    Generational Spotsytucky folks, less educated , have often scraped by to make a living.. no commuting to NoVa for a job that required a college education! It worked the opposite way. Folks with college came to NoVa for a job then were SHOCKED to “discover” that their entry level salary would not buy them a single family house. So they started driving until they found “affordability”…

    But Spotsytucky did not have all the amenities that NoVa had/has.

    The fire and rescue were 100% volunteer. There was one high school and if you were on a “college-track” (called College Prep) you were were in a select few. The majority played sports and went home to modest homes surrounded by farm and forest.

    Thus in many exurban counties like Spotsylvania and Loudoun, the progression was for the less educated, lower income generational residents .. putting up with the onslaught of better-educated and paid but greedy commuters looking for less congested commutes, cheaper home prices, lower taxes… but still lots of amenities… like they were used to in Fairfax/NoVa, College-track schools, 24-7 professional fire and rescue, water/sewer, subdivisions – cul-de-saced with their own traffic signals…and state-maintained roads.. commuter lots…parks.. recreational programs, libraries…etc.. Such niceties were too expensive tax-wise for longtime residents.

    so – yes- “come-heres” versus hillbillies and deplorables.. though now days some of the come-here’s fancy themselves as “conservatives” .. Tea party types, even… who say they want “small govt” but also do want all kinds of govt services – like free commuter lots, more “free” roads to commute on, fire and rescue help with modern response times, etc.

    So the Hillbillies and the Commuting come-heres in Spotsytucky DO agree on Dave Brat as their Congressman… (65%).

    In Loudoun.. it’s another Conservative – Barbara Comstock.. who is being pressured by a “bluing” electorate (53ish%). That used to be Frank Wolf’s district and in 2010 he won by 63%. But even Wolf was considered a moderate R ( a RINO nowdays – and totally dead meat in Spotsytucky).

    So Loudoun, take hope.. your hillbillies are MUCH MORE “sophisticated” !

  6. djrippert Avatar

    Let me get this straight – Strzok and Page are having an adulterous affair at work. They are both part of a supposedly independent investigation into the activities of the President of the United States. They are issued government cell phones by their employer, the US Department of Justice. The wireless fees are paid by their employer.

    Those two half-wits use their employer provided cell phones to exchange 50,000 texts including many inflammatory comments. Then, the two dumbasses are apparently shocked that their employer has recorded their text messages.

    And the people of Loudoun County are ignorant?

    1. There’s more! He texted her while in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, in which all such communications were forbidden!!

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        typically SCIFs are thick-walled vaults… so something is rotten in Denmark on that concept. If you’re are able to use a cell phone in a SCIF – the folks who built the SCIF would be in violation of the law also.

        The other thing… is that if you have a cell phone in a secure building where there are classified documents on desks.. if you have a cellphone.. you’d be able to take photos of documents and send them on the cellular network to bad guys on the outside. Again.. I’m skeptical…. though my experience with the Feds on information security was that there were lots of ignoring the rules.. until an IG or other came on-board and found the abuses.

        oh.. and TMT.. last time I checked.. the GOP has a full share of ethics and law-breakers… witness Bush and torture… er.. “enhanced interrogation techniques” and Nixon.. Agnew… and a few others.. to wit:

        Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
        Michael Grimm (R-NY)
        Trey Radel (R-FL)
        Rick Renzi (R-AZ)

        1. djrippert Avatar

          I’m not sure about your definition of SCIFs. And when I say I’m not sure I mean that literally. I thought that if you wanted to have a sensitive conversation on your secure cell phone you were supposed to go into a SCIF to do so. I also recall something called Tempest which was a standard for computing and communications devices which shielded their emissions of information and Tempest devices were required in SCIFs. You may be right but if the walls prevent eavesdropping I’m not sure why the government incurs the extensive costs of Tempest compliance.

  7. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    Don – you don’t understand. Democrats are exempt from all rules and laws. Witness Bill Clinton and Juanita Broddrick.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      I agree that the rules should be respected but I’m more concerned about the stupidity of key personnel on Mueller’s team. An FBI agent who doesn’t understand text messages? A lawyer who doesn’t know that her employer can look at her text messages? An educated couple who doesn’t think that trading 50,000 text messages might arouse some suspicion?

      And about those 50,000 text messages over two years … at 30 seconds per message to think, type, read, etc that’s 4 hours per week every week for two years … between two people!

      What kind of an adolescent schoolyard is Mueller running?

      And apparently the FBI isn’t all that concerned. One of their agents is having an extra-marital affair at work with another DoJ employee (while they’re both working on the same project) and the FBI decides to …. wait for it …. transfer him to HR. HR?? Really???

  8. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    You know the problem with the FBI and many commenters on this blog is not that they are biased, it is just that they get everything so WRONG.

    Believe me, the problem in Loudoun is not HILLBILLY; the problem is ROCKABILLY.

    Give this a listen and tell me it doesn’t CREEP YOU OUT!

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