Loudoun County Public Schools – Part 1 – Chantilly

by James C. Sherlock

Freedom High Seniors Waiting to Receive their Diplomas. Credit Hazel Nguyen, Design Editor, Uncaged (student Newspaper at Freedom)

Part 1 of a series.

Sometimes, even at my age and experience, I am legitimately surprised.

After writing about the growth of leadership, support and administrative staffs in both institutions of higher learning and the public schools, I thought I had the picture.

I did not.

Then I looked at Freedom High School in Loudoun County.

This article is not meant to reflect criticism, just amazement.

Freedom High School in Chantilly has about 2,000 students each year.

Student demographics last reported were 42% percent white, 38% Asian, 9% Hispanic, 6% Black, and 5% multiple races.

  • Chronic absenteeism was half of that statewide.
  • Free and reduced price meal eligibility was 1/5th of the state average.

With median household income in Chantilly of $131,362 annually, Freedom has one of the least economically challenged student bodies in Virginia. Langley High School, drawing from McLean, with a median household income of $242,610, has, and is likely to keep, that record all to itself.

But Freedom has a larger percentage of students from wealthy families than all but a few Virginia public schools.

Freedom High features, in addition to its teaching staff:

  • A principal
  • 3 Assistant Principals
  • A Registrar
  • A ParentVue contact
  • An Athletic Director
  • An Assistant Athletic Director
  • A Special Education Dean
  • 3 Secretaries
  • A Bookkeeper
  • A School Nurse
  • A Lead School Security Officer
  • 2 Safety and Security personnel
  • 2 School Resource Officers (Deputy Sheriffs)
  • An Attendance Administrative Assistant

And then there is its Unified Mental Health Team:

  • Director, School Counseling
  • 9 additional School Counselors
  • A School Psychologist
  • A School Social Worker
  • A Student Assistance Specialist

Each represents a full-time job.  It is a big school in the wealthiest county in America, but I am astonished nonetheless.

Freedom students, unsurprisingly, blew away the SOLs.

Of the 2,023 graduates, three are headed to Ivies. If you wonder where UVa gets its Asian-American students, not a few of them are from Freedom.

These are the 2023 Freedom seniors headed to UVa:

  1. Jamie Anastasi
  2. Adithya Balasubramaniam
  3. Hannah Bartz
  4. Nikhil Boyalla
  5. Anushri Chatterjee
  6. Ryan DelVecchio
  7. Madhav Donepudi
  8. Caroline Egger
  9. Sabrina Farooq
  10. Manmayi Ghaisas
  11. Zara Hameed
  12. Rishi Kandimalla
  13. Lily Kang
  14. Areeb Khan
  15. Angie Kim
  16. Nikhil Limgala
  17. Umar Luqman
  18. Sarah Maiwald
  19. Ronit Malhotra
  20. Sneha Moothedan
  21. Visvajit Murali
  22. Srikar Nadella
  23. Christine Nguyen
  24. Lucy Nguyen
  25. Adhira Prasanna
  26. Meghan Puppala
  27. Varun Rajan
  28. Arjun Rao
  29. Pratha Ravani
  30. Grafton Rentz
  31. Nicole Shou
  32. Dhanya Sriram
  33. Daniel Tanudjaja
  34. Mira Thaloor
  35. Matthew Wang
  36. Matthew Werfel
  37. George Yao
  38. Isaac Yoo
  39. Eisabel Zamora
  40. Emma Zimmerman

They did the work. They earned what they got. We look forward to their contributions to society.

Congratulations to each of them.