Great Moments in Virginia Governance: John Marshall Higgins

It looks like John Marshall Higgins, former superintendent of the Rockbridge County Regional Jail and former member of the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors, will himself be heading to jail. He was convicted Sunday on multiple charges of failure to protect inmates, denial of medical care, and accepting money for favors.

According to WSLS, Higgins accepted at least $3,000 in payments and other items from family and friends of an inmate in exchange for special treatment. The money was funneled through a scholarship fund operated by Higgins and his family. In turn, he allowed the inmate to have unsupervised contact visits, ice cream deliveries, unfettered access to jail facilities, and, at the inmate’s request, an upgraded cable package for the jail.


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4 responses to “Great Moments in Virginia Governance: John Marshall Higgins”

  1. Stephen Haner Avatar
    Stephen Haner

    And then there is the former executive at the government-funded C-ville transit agency Jaunt, who was inspired by the name. First Class to Paris! On our dime. Is there room in that other guy’s cell?

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Can we include spouses? Oh wait, never mind. It’d cost too much to pull the Republican’s out from under the bus 🚌

  2. WayneS Avatar

    I think 5 years in prison would be a fair sentence.

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    I’m as much concerned about him mistreating prisoners and denying medical treatment for some while giving others special favors for money.

    This guy was ELECTED to BOS, no?

    And he was a paragon of a model citizen before he “stumbled”?

    I think elected and appointed Government people should be held to a higher standard myself. He violated his oath to serve.

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