Candidate Saxman

Del. Chris Saxman has generated a substantial online buzz regarding his Senate candidacy.

And I’d say that candidacy is all but certain. No, it’s not just the hospitality suite at the Republican “Advance” this weekend. Nor is it merely his speaking slot on the official program.

My certainty comes from the answers he gave to questions I posed to him in an interview for a forthcoming Bacon’s Rebellion ezine column. When he announces his candidacy, he will likely have the backing of some “conservative members of the House of Delegates,” whose names will be announced when he launches the campaign. Who is on the list will be interesting, indeed.

But even more so will be the issues on Which Saxman will run:

I will focus on the issues that the citizens of the Commonwealth want me to focus on. For far too long, politicians have gone around telling people what the politicians want to do. I think it is time for the pollsters, consultants to stand down for awhile and let the candidates listen to the people. Then, the eventual winner will be able to represent the people of Virginia TO the federal government instead of representing the federal government to the people. It is an important but necessary distinction. Unless you sit down at the kitchen tables of Virginia and really discuss the issues that impact people on a daily basis, you will always be distant from the reality of their lives. We need politicians to listen for a change so that a change can be made.

It’s an admirable approach. It’s also one that, if memory serves, Jim Webb used during his Senate campaign.

There’s one other thing Saxman says he will do that I find very interesting:

I will honor the spirit of Virginia law and not raise money during the legislative session. I think it is important to uphold that law. That is a tactical disadvantage clearly but I think people want a new day or new direction for the Commonwealth and that will mean campaigning in an entirely different way.

This is, indeed, a novel way of campaigning. It’s risky, to be sure, because Jim Gilmore will be raising money throughout the time the legislature is in session. But another thing we learned from the Allen/Webb race is that money doesn’t matter as much IF one has a steady flow of positive free media. And in taking the approach that he will be addressing the people’s business before his political ambition, Saxman might just be able to diminish the horse race aspect of the contest.

Of course, Chris could still say he’s not running. But given what he’s told me, I think his candidacy is all but certain. And if so, then Virginia Republicans will have a legitimate and compelling alternative at their nominating convention.

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3 responses to “Candidate Saxman”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Good for him if he decides to do so. The VA GOP could use some new blood statewide.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    You called that one wrong big time!

    Saxman wasted everyone’s time with his longwinded preening I’m too good to run farce at the Republican straw poll yesterday.

    Saxman comes across as just another self-important RINO who’s too scared to take on Jim Gilmore.

    Saxman’s non-announcement came despite the fact that Gilmore was barely able to garner any applause for his straw poll speech and came close to getting booed off the stage by the real conservatives at the advance.

    RINOs on the run, RINOs on the run! And John Warner and the WAPO don’t like it.

    It’s a new day in America.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Welcome Mr. Ron Paul supporter.

    Maybe if you guys showed just a little respect you might garner support.

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