New Candidate for State Song

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has really stepped in it this time. He’s ripped the scab off the old state song controversy. If he had his way, said the Governor, who played the harmonica while a bluegrass band performed the tune at a campaign stop in 2005, Virginia would adopt the old bluegrass gospel anthem, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”

“I’m sure my popularity will plummet even further after having waded into that,” he said, as reported by the Washington Times.

If the legislature adopted a proviso that the official version of “Circle” was the one recorded by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, I just might go along.

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10 responses to “New Candidate for State Song”

  1. Vivian J. Paige Avatar
    Vivian J. Paige

    Have to admit that is a pretty good rendition.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    What circle are we talking about? The Business as Uusal Circle?

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    “Circle” was originally popularized by a little group you might have heard about called the Carter Family, who are Virginia music legends. Somehow I think that the version we should be celebrating is that one.

  4. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Anonymous 12:25, There’s a June Carter/Johnny Cash version of “Circle” on YouTube. June Carter has a great voice, but the arrangement just isn’t as good. Sorry, but I’ve got to stick with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

  5. Stephen Braunlich Avatar
    Stephen Braunlich

    But which Nitty Gritty version? From Will the Circle be Unbroken Vol. 1, 2, or 3?

    My own vote would have to be for either the Carter family version, though I also enjoy the Staple Singers.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Sure it’s a great song. But ever since the early 1970s, every bluegrass concert ended with it. It is way too cliched to be the state song. Maybe something more original?

  7. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    It’s quite a beautiful soul-stirring song.. and I love to listen to it but I don’t see the relevance.

  8. “….I love to listen to it but I don’t see the relevance.”.

    Kind of like Gov. Kaine himself.

    My vote:

    One more summer in Virginia

    – The Statler Brothers

    Although, now that I think about it, the Carter Family may have done the original “One More Summer in Virginia” too.

  9. Just a fan in SWVA Avatar
    Just a fan in SWVA

    How long has the Governor been in Richmond? WCVE’s very original Page Wilson begins his show every week with an non-cliched “Virginia” that will stick with you.

    Sorry that’s the longest clip I could find on line but WCVE streams it live every Saturday at 8 pm.

  10. Groveton Avatar

    Just a fan in swva:

    That’s a great clip. It could be the state song. However, the lyrics need a little work. Where is the ode to traffic jams in Springfield?

    Actually, it is a good song. And it is based on Virginia.

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