Blackface Controversies? That’s Still a Thing?

“Ralph Northam Assures Trudeau His Political Career Will Suffer No Consequences Whatsoever,” reads yesterday’s headline ripped straight off the Internet.

RICHMOND, VA—As Justin Trudeau found himself embroiled in a scandal over painting his face dark for ethnic costumes in the past, he began to despair. “How will I ever overcome this, eh?” he said, shaking his head. “I apologized, but we Canadians are always apologizing, so I’m not sure how to make anyone see that I really mean it this time.” …

Just then, the phone rang. On the other end of the line was Virginia Governor Ralph Northam with words of comfort for his progressive ally…

Oh, wait, that’s not an actual news story. It’s from the satire site, The Babylon Bee. For a moment there, they had me snookered.

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3 responses to “Blackface Controversies? That’s Still a Thing?

  1. Halloween and other costume parties are getting more and more complicated for white folks, eh? ;=0

  2. The difference is that Trudeau was man enough to admit his guilt, whereas, Coonman Northam, has lied consistently about his conduct and has abused his Office by using state money and power to virtue signal. Which one deserves a plague of flesh-eating bacteria?

  3. I wrote too soon. Sh&# Boy Trudeau is claiming white privilege made him do it and he wants more gun control to make amends. I guess the gods would be right to send some flesh-eating bacteria to Ottawa too. How sad.

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