Bacon Bits: Law and Order Edition

Students charged with non-aggravated assault by a mob at a Henrico County high school last week.

Lord of the Flies update. In late January a fight broke out after a basketball game between Deep Run High School and Glen Allen High School in the affluent West End of Henrico County. One student reportedly suffered a broken nose. According to WWBT-Channel 12, brawls had occurred “several times” over the previous two weeks. “My concern is that it’s developing as a pattern because the same thing happened with a different school, same venue, seven days later,” said one parent.

Three students of Deep Run High School in Henrico County have been charged with non-aggravated assault by a mob. It’s good to see students being held accountable for their actions. In predominantly White western Henrico, shutting down the “school-to-prison pipeline” is not a pressing concern. Maintaining order in the schools is. I don’t recall seeing many mugshots being published in news reports about school fisticuffs before. Perhaps the sub-text of this story is that parents and local authorities are sick and tired of the erosion of school discipline and aren’t going to take it anymore. 

Do legislators get it? Seven hundred and five schools in Virginia — including 30 middle schools and 30 high schools — do not have school resource officers (SROs). Delegate Karen Greenhalgh, R-Virginia Beach, has sponsored legislation requiring local school boards to employ at least one SRO or unarmed school officer (SSO) in each building. Governor Glenn Youngkin endorsed the bill, which passed the Republican-dominated House of Delegates, but it failed in the Democratic-dominated state senate, reports WRIC-Channel 8. Foes opposed the measure on fiscal grounds.  It would have cost the state $51.6 million, not including local matches by localities. Dems also argued that school police presence fuels the school-to-prison pipeline, which criminalizes students of color.

Throwing out the bad apples. Forty-six police officers across Virginia have been decertified since July 2021, WRIC-Channel 8 has found in its examination of the Virginia master list of decertified officers. That compares to a total of 146 who had been decertified since the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services began keeping the list in 1999. The increase in decertification follows a new law expanding the offenses for decertification to include excessive force and lying. Of the four Chesterfield County police officers decertified last year, one had solicited inappropriate photos from a 17-year-old girl. A Richmond police officer was put on administrative leave after fatally shooting his fiancee’s dog and lying about it to police. Several others cited by WRIC were decertified for lying to other police or filing inaccurate reports.

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13 responses to “Bacon Bits: Law and Order Edition”

  1. What is it about Governor Youngkin and the House of Delegates wanting to micr0-manage local school districts? These unfunded mandates will serve to raise everyone’s property taxes or lead to districts having to cut other services. Seems to be just more government control over peoples’ lives.

    1. vicnicholls Avatar

      Local school districts are poop. Take RPS: 49% of the 4th grade African American kids (majority minority district) are functionally illiterate and that stat is 2019. I pay taxes in Va and this is abusing taxpayer funds. If they can’t educate kids, then get the fart out of the way of those who will.

  2. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    “Three students of Deep Run High School in Henrico County have been charged with non-aggravated assault by a mob…. I don’t recall seeing many mugshots being published in news reports about school fisticuffs before.”

    Assault by a mob is not quite the same as a simple “fisticuff”. Doesn’t fit your narrative though, I understand. But maybe parents are getting mad in this particular case as this is reportedly the third time students from Deep End moved as a mob after a basketball game. Seems like something is wrong at that school.

    Btw, these school riots (what we used to call them) were fairly common after basketball or other sporting events between rival schools in the 70s. Back then they were more often race-based. Wonder what the basis of these riots was (assuming these other schools are also predominantly white… are they…?)

  3. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    You couldn’t hire 705 deputies or SRO’s right now. There are none to hire.

    1. Stephen Haner Avatar
      Stephen Haner

      Yeah, that’s a job they are lining up for…

    2. LarrytheG Avatar

      just fire those “woke” teachers teaching CRT , right?

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          hmm…. yeah.. he’d probably make a good SRO… right? 😉

  4. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Looking at the pic, must’ve been tough on the cops. Which one to handcuff?

  5. energyNOW_Fan Avatar

    Fairfax Co had a bad fight scene after BBall game this week. Off campus at the near-by stores. They are working on ID of participants and they may disallow attendance at certain games.

  6. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    That piece about the increase in the number of decertified officers was a good piece of reporting by Channel 8. It is also a success story from the criminal justice reforms enacted by the 2020 and 2021 GA sessions.

  7. LarrytheG Avatar

    more Top Down edicts from Richmond rather than delegating decisions to the localities who know more about their own situation. Remember all the blather from conservatives about “unfunded mandates” ? No more!

    It’s clear now where the GOP is on top-down governance, despite all their prior talk about the evils of ‘one size fits all” governance.

    Talk about the mother of all flip flops!

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