A Tale of Two Governors

Pam Northam

by Kerry Dougherty

Every once in a while we get a delicious example of agenda-driven news coverage.

Last week, for instance.

On Thursday, headlines across the country gloated over news that Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons and his wife, Teresa had tested positive for COVID-19. Here, have a peek:

CNN: This Republican Governor Refused A Mask Mandate. Then He Got Covid.

AP: Missouri Governor, Opponent of Mandatory Masks, Has Covid-19.

Washington Post: Missouri’s Governor Has Refused to Mandate Masks. Now He Tested Positive…

Dripping with schadenfreude, aren’t they? Although they didn’t dare say it, the message clearly was, “We hope he dies. Would serve him right.”

Fast forward one day and these same media outlets learned that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and his wife, Pam, had tested positive for COVID-19. Did those headlines point out that he is part of the mask mandate crowd?

Nope. Instead, there was a sudden return to old-fashioned straight-news headlines, free of Thursday’s value judgments:

CNN: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Tests Positive for Covid-19.

AP: Virginia Governor, Wife, Test Positive For Coronavirus

Washington Post: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and First Lady Test Positive For Coronavirus.

Someday members of the American media will be judged for their lazy coverage of this pandemic, their unquestioning support of shutdowns and the hysteria they ginned up with their shallow reporting.

Oh, look. Here’s something the major news outlets failed to include in their bland coverage of the Northams’ positive tests: Pam Northam visited a daycare center in Fredericksburg two days before she tested positive.

Parents there are understandably livid, because they have not been allowed inside the center since the start of school. This is to comply with strict COVID regulations for Virginia schools. Yet the First Lady was inside and was reportedly rubbing children’s heads during a demonstration involving balloons and static electricity.

There’s this, from Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star:

Shawn Calaman wonders why Virginia first lady Pamela Northam was allowed to tour the preschool his son attends when parents haven’t been able to enter the building since March, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“I guess the photo opportunity was worth more than protecting our kids,” said Calaman, whose 3-year-old suffers from the aftermath of a respiratory viral infection. “I think the whole reason for her tour was just publicity and media attention.”

Calaman is right, of course. This was a photo op. Rules be damned.

It’s just the latest example of the bad judgment shown repeatedly by the Northams. Back in May, the governor pranced down the Virginia Beach boardwalk, leaning in for selfies with strangers after lecturing the rest of us about the importance of social distancing.

Now, at a time when parents are forbidden to step inside their own kids’ preschool classrooms, Pam Northam — incubating Covid — marched in and interacted with their kids.

Fortunately, young children are at low risk from COVID-19.

But this is just another item to add to a tedious list of public officials and their families — Lori Lightfoot and Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon escapades come to mind — endorsing onerous restrictions for the masses while doing whatever they please.

Let’s see if CNN, the AP and The Washington Post decide that the first lady’s ill-conceived preschool visit is worth covering.

Don’t hold your breath.

This column is republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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23 responses to “A Tale of Two Governors”

  1. Add this contrast to the list of reasons why I have zero faith in the dominant media outlets of this country. I accept nothing I read or hear from this crowd without expressly checking alternative media outlets for omitted facts and context. The only thing I trust them to do is frame storylines in a way consistent with their leftwing biases.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Wait! Do you similarly distrust the FLS reporting? Shouldn’t you check other sources to make sure the FLS is not biased?

      Pretty bad when you write a rant against the “media” then promptly quote them to demonstrate hypocrisy and outrage?

      And BR in general… in between rants against the MSM – it turns right around and QUOTES the MSM for other stories even as the authors claim they no longer subscribe because of bias – they’re STILL QUOTING stories?

      Hypocrisy? Oh go on………

  2. Baconator with extra cheese Avatar
    Baconator with extra cheese

    Hold on Jim… he’s Doctor Governor Northam… he’s quick to point that out when he wants to prove he knows better than those lowly non-doctors.
    But seriously this is a guy who publically said how hard it is to get shoe polish off your face…
    Rules are for thee, not for me….
    Hopefully Pam didn’t pull a Ralph and leave her mask in the car before touching children during a pandemic without permission.
    Could you imagine if Orangeman-Bad did such a thing… he would have been accused of attempted murder (wait he already has by not wearing a mask when yards away from others).

    1. Steve Haner Avatar
      Steve Haner

      So I guess the FLS was correct after all.

      Was in Kerry’s fair city Saturday night. Dinner on the waterfront (seating outside, lovely beach view) but then our host took us to see the New Cavalier (haven’t been in there in a long time) and we ended up in a…..bar. OMG. We did find a little room all to ourselves, so far off the path we had to track down a waitress. So far so good…..still able to smell the coffee. I’m really more worried about our venturing into The Cheese Shop on DOG Street – that was a packed room.

      The story is you let this thing control your life and have none, or you do your best to be careful. I think the Northam’s have been careful, but they got it anyway. I hope the politics around this goes away after November 3, but probably wishful thinking.

  3. djrippert Avatar

    Once again, it pays to remember the hierarchy of America’s budding socialist movement – elite (1%), useful idiots (4%), sheep (95%). The object of the game is for the elite (using the useful idiots) to pillage the sheep. This is how Fidel Castro ended up with a personal net worth of $900M+.

    Northam is a low grade useful idiot. However, even low grade useful idiots don’t have to abide by the rules set by the elite. In addition to Pam Northam’s unique visit to the daycare center her husband was busy pressing the flesh at George Mason University. One might think that a politician with no chance for re-election who is not running for any office might refrain from face-to-face encounters in congregate settings like college campuses during a pandemic. But “out of sight” means “out of mind” and “out of mind” is often followed by a demotion from useful idiot to sheep.

  4. LarrytheG Avatar

    Some of the reporting seemed to indicate they may have got it from member of their house staff.

    And if so, what it really points out is how insideous the virus is. You can do 99% “right” and still get it from someone close to you that perhaps also was doing 99% but had a lapse.

    This really points out how, for instance, in a K-12 school one person can bring it in and if there is not continuous testing – it can become an outbreak.

    Which takes me to the question – how often where the Northams getting tested? Folks who are in contact with other people outside their family – on a continuing basis are not only vulnerable themselves, but they can spread it and do.

    Many of us are starting to get back out – but I do wonder what we really are justifying it on because the virus has not gone away and congregate settings are still pretty iffy… I went to one 3-day gathering for the last half of the first day – my rationalization was that 1/2 day was better than 3 but .. like others tired of being cooped up. Good to see friends again but would feel terrible if one of us got it as a result of gathering – most all of them are over 50 and several older than that – with health issues.

  5. S. E. Warwick Avatar
    S. E. Warwick

    Still can’t understand why he didn’t use some of his military doctor experience to set up national guard field hospitals in the parking lots of the congregate care facilities back in March when the outbreak deaths first showed up. Seems like it would have allowed quarantine of the Covid cases and protected the others.

  6. Nancy_Naive Avatar

    They were being nice. It should have read “Idiot medical science denier stricken by preventable disease.”

  7. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    There is something deeply hypocritical about continually bashing Gov. Northam for supporting safety precautions against the pandemic and then bashing him even more when he and his wife contract it.

    1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

      Not hypocritical, pathetic.

    2. …I was thinking incongruous, myself.


  8. Atlas Rand Avatar

    At issue Peter, and Larry too, is that the Governor and his wife are not following their own advice. If they had just contracted it from their staff, tested positive, and quarantined, that would be one thing. If they had had even exposed people carrying out essential government business, even that too is understandable. But they exposed people needlessly performing non essential tasks, the same non essential activities they have been urging others to avoid. Just to get some photo ops with some children Pam Northam needlessly endangered those children. That is where the rub is. Not only that the adult administrators the children’s parents entrusted them with allowed this needless endangerment to take place. I’m sure not only did Mrs. Northam go into the school but probably an escort as well that included security, photographers, and staff. I can’t even imagine the fallout if Donald Trump went into an elementary school or daycare and later tested positive for COVID. Hopefully none of the children contract it, since it does appear she was wearing a mask appropriately.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      more gotcha hypocrisy in my view and even more ironic, using the hated and biased MSM to tell the tale – every other day they tell lies… 😉

      I think Northam did screw up probably because they were not testing often enough (every few days?)

      Her mask was not perfect but way better than many.

      So this is basically going after Northam because of what the MSM said about other governors.

      All this proves is that even folks who take precautions – even Governors can get infected and that everything that happens is subject to culture war crappola that some seem to live for.

  9. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Maybe I am missing something but did Ms Northam know she had the virus before met with the children?

    1. Matt Adams Avatar

      The point would be as the parent illustrated, is that Mrs. Northam was able to tour and see the children’s classrooms while actual parents have been bared from entering the building since March.

      From my own personal experience daycares have introduced extremely strict measures to ensure the staff and children are as safe as possible.

  10. When dog bites man (or woman) that is not news. On the other hand, it could be news if you are arguing for the banning of dogs.

  11. Atlas Rand Avatar

    No Peter, I’m sure she was unaware. I think little of the Northams, but I’m confident they would not deliberately try to harm anyone. The point is that she was being a hypocrite by needlessly exposing these children to herself l, whether she did have it or not. That is why we are still restricting non essential activities and contacts. In a normal day going into a school or daycare for a photo op is no big deal. In the midst of a pandemic it’s thoughtless and self serving.

    1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

      Deliberately? Like downplaying?

      1. Both, I think. She would not have deliberately exposed someone else to the virus, nor would she have exposed someone else to the virus deliberately.

  12. How NYState/NYTimes leaking Trumps taxes before the debates? The press will no longer sit by without taking part in partisan agenda.

    1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

      Yes, yes. Look how much trouble the Times and WaPo went through to get permission to publish the Pentagon Papers… why now they just jump into politics, eh?

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        And why in the flipping world would the POTUS meet with a known lying leftist rag – WAPO “hit man”, Bob Woodward, not once or twice but 18 times?

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