“A Right Wing Group that Despises Public Education”

by James C. Sherlock

A commenter hiding behind the screen name “democracy” crawled out from under some rock to excoriate distinguished public servants and a philanthropic organization as “a right wing group that despises public education.”

That comment is now removed. I expect Jim Bacon did it. But it was there too long to let it go without rebuttal.

“Democracy” called them out because, apparently, they have spent considerable portions of their adult lives working to improve public education. In ways with which he or she did not agree.

Indeed.  Let’s see.

Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush has been criticized by some on the right as not being sufficiently conservative, as he supports positions on immigration and Common Core that are unpopular with some conservatives.

At the age of 17, Bush taught English as a second language and assisted in the building of a school in Ibarrilla, a small village outside of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. While there, he met his future wife, Columba Garnica Gallo.

In October 2013, he called for passage of immigration reform. In April 2014, he said of illegal immigration:

It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime. There should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.

He has publicly criticized the national Republican party from the center.

Clearly a right winger.

Eric Cantor. Cantor, from Richmond, graduated from Collegiate School, George Washington University and William and Mary Law School. Mr. Cantor rose to be the House Majority Leader.

In Congress he was a Reaganite supply-sider on taxes and growth. He lost in a primary to a challenger from his political right.

He moved from Congress to become vice chairman and managing director of investment bank Moelis & Company. He served on the U.S. Department of Defense Policy Board, a group tasked with providing the Secretary of Defense with independent, informed advice and opinion concerning matters of defense policy.

He has been named a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Another right wing extremist.

Joel Klein. Mr. Klein served in the White House Counsel’s office under President Bill Clinton, before being appointed to the United States Department of Justice. There, he was appointed United States Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division.

Mayor Bloomberg appointed Mr. Klein chancellor of New York City’s schools. As but one example, in 2007, he launched a major redesign of the formula used to fund schools.

Previously, funding for teachers had been based on the salaries of the teachers in the building, leading to more funding for schools in schools with students from more affluent backgrounds, as teachers tended to stay at those schools longer (and be relatively better paid than teachers with less experience).

Under Klein’s “Fair Student Funding” program, schools were given amounts of money based on the enrollment and demographics of students, such as special education and low-income. This eventually accounted for 66% of all funding to schools.

A Clintonite. All of them were known right wingers.

Christopher Cerf. Mr. Cerf clearly stumbled through Columbia Law School, finishing as as Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Law Review.

He worked for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, clerked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and was associate counsel to President Clinton. He later served on the advisory board of iCivics, an education non-profit founded by O’Connor.

He was Joel Klein’s right hand man in New York City Schools Chancellor’s office.

As Superintendent of Newark Schools, Wikipedia relates that

Cerf closed the worst schools, fired the worst principals, and used a new contract to pay the best teachers more. By the end of his tenure as superintendent, the graduation rate had risen to 77 percent, a 20 percent increase. He was able to improve students’ results in state standardized tests and increase the graduation rate while maintaining a balanced budget.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Sandra Day O’Connor and Clinton again.

Does it get any more right wing than that?

Eli Broad, who passed away in 2021, was one of the greatest philanthropists in American history. The Broad Foundation continues his work. See that foundation’s flagship initiatives.

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

is a philanthropy that seeks to ensure that every student in an urban public school has the opportunity to succeed. Bringing together top education experts and practitioners, the foundation funds system-wide programs and policies that strengthen public schools by creating environments that allow good teachers to do great work and enable students of all backgrounds to learn and thrive. The foundation has make $750 million in grants towards those goals.

See the notorious right wing journal Education Week for the contributions of Eli Broad and the Broad Foundation.

Broad personally invested tens of millions in expanding Los Angeles’ charter schools, particularly schools with a college prep-focus that serve predominately low-income, minority students.

A billion dollars of his own money to help minority students in public schools. Clearly some plot.

Eva Moskowitz. I am surprised that he did not include Eva Moskowitz, the founder and head of Success Academy in his “right wing group that hates public education.” Must have slipped his mind.

She is a Democrat with a Ph.D. in American history from Johns Hopkins. Ms. Moskowitz distinguished herself in her early career as an historian of the feminist movement. She taught women’s history at the University of Virginia as a visiting professor of communications and mass culture, 1989 – 1990.

She served on New York City Council from 1999 until 2006, where she was Chair of the City Council Education Committee. She was an ally of Joel Klein and exposed in public hearings the outrageous work rules of the teachers.

The United Federation of Teachers, New York’s union, despises her. As of course does Randi Weingarten, who Ms. Moskowitz directly challenged at the hearings. It’s a hell of a story.

Ms. Moskowitz is also Jewish, as are many Success Academy board members and donors.

Right wingers all.

Bottom line. You may detect two common characteristics of these people.

First, they are distinguished public servants who didn’t need the work. Recall from Shakespeare’s Mark Antony speaking after Caesar’s assassination. Perhaps we can fairly note that “democracy” says they form a “right wing group that hates public education” doesn’t rise to that level.

Second, we note the demonstrable trend among “democracy’s” cabal of public education haters to be Jewish Democrats.

Apparently it just worked out that way.

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45 responses to ““A Right Wing Group that Despises Public Education””

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    Wow! ” Second, we note the demonstrable trend among “democracy’s” cabal of public education haters to be Jewish Democrats.”

    Yes, his comment was clearly biased and opinioned… not unlike quite a few other comments in BR as well as some of the blog posts.

    talk about “cancel culture”!

    1. democracy Avatar

      So, did you vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020? Or did you take the “libertarian” route?

      Is the Republican Party now the party of racism and white supremacy, and do you call yourself a Republican?

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        me? geeze… guy.

        apparently you got Sherlock all excited about being able to delete comments…. 😉

        1. democracy Avatar

          Sad…what are Mr. Jimmy and Sherlock afraid of’? The truth?

    2. Eric the half a troll Avatar
      Eric the half a troll

      Yeah, that anti-semitic thing just came out of nowhere. That was some leap there!

      1. democracy Avatar

        That’s who they are.

      2. James C. Sherlock Avatar
        James C. Sherlock

        Do the math.

        1. James McCarthy Avatar
          James McCarthy

          Geez!!! A cabal of public education haters who are Jewish Democrats. Surely, they are also feeding at the Reds Under the Bed trough created by Arabella Associates and George Soros who are also calling the shots of newly created online journalistic enterprises like Virginia Mercury. PTL for the Baker Street sleuth.

          1. James C. Sherlock Avatar
            James C. Sherlock

            Ashkenazi Jews are the most accomplished and generous group of people that God ever put on this earth. I refuse to let them be slandered by “democracy”, you or anyone else.

          2. James McCarthy Avatar
            James McCarthy

            I happen to think second generation Irish Americans like me are the most accomplished and generous group of people that God ever put on this earth. I refuse to allow you not to include us in your bizarre commentary.

          3. sherlockj Avatar

            I am also second generation Irish-American, but I regretfully stand by my assessment.

        2. Eric the half a troll Avatar
          Eric the half a troll

          So you are gonna double down… I’ve seen that math before to be sure…

    3. f/k/a_tmtfairfax Avatar

      Don’t forget that the root of the public school monopoly was anti-Irish and Italian immigrant bigotry from James Blaine. While his national constitutional amendment failed, it was adopted by many states, either as part of their constitutions or in statutes.

      Just as we properly focus on the impact of African slavery going forward, we need to focus on other historical bigotry and its impact going forward.

      I suspect there are but a handful of today’s journalists who ever heard of the Blaine Amendment.

      1. James McCarthy Avatar
        James McCarthy

        The Blaine amendments were primarily anti-Catholic exclusions from public funding for schools. How that translates to “public school monopoly” is puzzling. Ironically, Blaine amendments are as blunt public policy instruments as the national right to work law you favor.

        1. f/k/a_tmtfairfax Avatar

          But for the Blaine Amendments, there would be public funding for all accredited schools. Public schools, which my kids attended, would be in competition with private and secular schools. Parents would have choices. We’d put more money into classrooms and have many fewer educrats.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            So you support tax dollars to pay for religious schools?

          2. James McCarthy Avatar
            James McCarthy

            But for the separation of church and state the US would be a Christian nation. It was government policy and laws which mandated public schooling to counter the ravages of the Industrial Revolution upon children especially those in urban centers. How much opposition did conservatives mount against those efforts as gummint mandates? Against the concept of children belonging to their parents?

    4. James McCarthy Avatar
      James McCarthy

      When you do the math as you’ve been instructed, you will find Jeb Bush and Eric Cantor in the canal of Jewish Democrats.

  2. democracy Avatar

    Wow, Sherlock. You just canonized lots of people who have tried their best to undermine public education and who have embraced – with glee – charter schools and vouchers when the research on both are dubious.

    If you think Bush and Klein and Cerf and Cantor are public school heroes, you’ve been hitting the vodka way too hard.

    Why do Republicans hate public education, and why do they lie about it so much?

    1. Turbocohen Avatar

      If Russia targets the USA from “Jewish space lasers” they should focus their beam of destruction on the US Dept of Ed. But, they won’t destroy a beacon of CRT/DEI for Marxism in America now will they, D? or is that d?

      1. democracy Avatar

        Dear god….

    2. killerhertz Avatar

      Government schools are the indoctrination camps of the state. That’s all there is to it. Now, move along.

  3. Thanks for this post, Jim. Now that “democracy” is attacking Larry, wonder how tolerant L will continue to be of the bias and vicious attitudes. Seems to me that name-calling and lies are the last resort of Dems incapable of higher discussion.

    1. democracy Avatar

      Did you vote for Trump?

      Ask Mr. Jimmy to publish my comment about NAEP scores. What is he afraid of?

    2. LarrytheG Avatar

      He’s attacking me by accusing me of voting for TRump?


      and Lordy, You’ve not seen that level of discussion here before?


      I’m good here.. are you and Sherlock?

      1. democracy Avatar

        Did you vote for Trump? Did you vote for Glenn Youngkin after he ran an overtly racist campaign?

        Do tell.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          how did you get THAT idea?

    3. VaNavVet Avatar

      What percent of Democrats are you accusing of the name-calling and lies? Did Sherlock lend you his crystal ball?

  4. James C. Sherlock Avatar
    James C. Sherlock

    And yet, “democracy” still has a voice here. Go figure.

    1. James McCarthy Avatar
      James McCarthy

      As do you.

  5. For the record, I have not deleted or banned any comment by “democracy.” To the contrary, I manually re-posted one of his lengthy comments delivered by email but for reasons unknown did not appear in the comments. I ban vulgar language and ad hominem attacks, but I do not censor people simply because I find their views objectionable. All who obey by the rules of engagement are permitted. Even “democracy.”

    1. democracy Avatar

      If that’s the case, then were is the comment I posted under “The Youngkin Plan for reversing Learning Loss”?

      I posted it ON your blog, not by email, but you claim that
      “for reasons unknown did not appear in the comments.”

      Uh huh.

  6. democracy Avatar

    Jeb Bush is NOT a Jewish Democrat. He DID, though, help steal the 2000 election for his brother.

    Joel Klein is in the tank for charter schools, and he hates teachers, like many Republicans do, and he blames them for problems that are not their doing. As one critic noted, “Joel Klein telling us how to run our schools is like Dick Cheney telling us how to broker peace in the Middle East.”

    Eli Broad? As Diane Ravitch noted, Broad was determined

    “to disrupt and destroy public education. Not only did he launch an ambitious plan to privatize 50% of the public schools in Los Angeles, but his Broad Superintendents Academy “trained” scores of aspiring superintendents in his philosophy, which meant top-down, tough management and a willingness to close schools with low test scores and replace them with charter schools, no matter how much the schools were loved by students, teachers, parents, and the local community. Anyone could apply to his Academy regardless of previous job experience or lack of education experience.”

    “I was invited to meet Eli Broad at his penthouse apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City about ten years ago. He explained to me that he didn’t know anything about education but knew management. Lack of management skills, he said, was the biggest problem in education. I have yet to see any evidence that Broad leaders were more successful than those educators who rose through the ranks, and many examples of Broad leaders who failed. Nonetheless, Broad used his money and influence to put his people into important urban districts, even paying for staff to surround them and supplements to their salary. He was one of the leading figures in the national effort to discredit and stigmatize public education, setting it up for privatization.”

    These are the kinds of sentiments that curry favor at Bacon’s Rebellion.

    1. DJRippert Avatar

      “Jeb Bush is NOT a Jewish Democrat. He DID, though, help steal the 2000 election for his brother.”

      And there it is … !

      How many times have commenters on this blog insisted that only Republicans deny elections?

      Yet here is “democracy” claiming that the 2000 election was stolen.

  7. VaNavVet Avatar

    The OP in question could be an independent or a moderate Republican who happens to support public education. This poster might come from a family with a long history in public education. As for the screen-name “democracy”, there are probably many in the GOP who do still support the concept. The “Great Sherlock” gazes into his crystal ball and sees all. LOL

    1. Lefty665 Avatar

      Sherlock is no Holmes.

      1. James McCarthy Avatar
        James McCarthy

        But Sherlock seems to reprise the old radio show:
        Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Sherlock, er Shadow, knows.

        1. Lefty665 Avatar

          AKA the usual judgemental Jesuit blather.

    2. Joe Jeeva Abbate Avatar
      Joe Jeeva Abbate

      VaNavVet – I would hope that “there are probably many in the GOP who do still support the concept (of democracy)”. After the extreme vetting of the 2020 election results, with crucial states elections handled by monitors and appropriate recounts, over 60% of Republicans have taken the stance (along with Trump) that the election was stolen. While this may be an indefensible opinion in the face of actual election counts, it certainly allows for the undermining of any election in the future and for the continued violence we see in the current political climate. When a politician like Gov. Youngkins makes an underhanded joke about the violent Pelosi attack, one wonders if the GOP has a moral or ethical center when it comes to politics. Who is the current ethical and moral spokeperson for the Republican Party?

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        Per “democracy” …

        “Jeb Bush is NOT a Jewish Democrat. He DID, though, help steal the 2000 election for his brother.”

        22 years later and still in denial.

      2. VaNavVet Avatar

        Appears to be Liz Cheney

    3. DJRippert Avatar


      “Jeb Bush is NOT a Jewish Democrat. He DID, though, help steal the 2000 election for his brother.”

      1. VaNavVet Avatar

        More recent posts do tend to move away from “democracy” as a moderate Republican. It does not rule out an independent such as yourself.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          DJ sounds more and more like a Trumpster these days IMO,

  8. Lefty665 Avatar

    He (Eric Cantor) served on the U.S. Department of Defense Policy Board, a group tasked with providing the Secretary of Defense with independent, informed advice and opinion concerning matters of defense policy.

    Now we know what went wrong, think F-35 and Littoral Combat Ships.

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