Worth A Look, Worth A Laugh

I suspect the ad buy is pretty light so you might miss it (I have so far), but the Potts TV ad is pretty damn funny and a classic name ID spot. You can see it here. If that doesn’t work just go his main web site at www.russpotts.com. It may not move votes or change minds but a little humor at times like these is always appreciated.

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(comments below)


  1. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Best ad of the campaign. Quite refreshing.

  2. Married Man Avatar
    Married Man

    You’ve got to be kidding. “Best ad of the campaign?” Wow…. I wouldn’t go that far.

    It’s noisy… loud… and annoying. I think it will definitely move voters: either to go turn off the tv or go to the bathroom…

  3. Well at least his ad doesnt attack us.
    Thats all I am worried about.
    The last thing we need is another sack of money being spent attacking us.

  4. James Young Avatar
    James Young

    Hokie, as a Republican, I feel attacked. I feel attacked because there is mention that Potts is a Republican (an “independent Republican,” whatever that is), and therefore someone may associate the scumbag with me.

    Not only to I feel attacked; I feel soiled.

  5. Dedicated to Norm for his b-day:

    As far as the pot-banging commercial for Russ Potts’s Independent candidacy, it’s a total deadpan.

    Potts banging? He’s a politician stricken with passionate desire who wants to play another season in the big leagues before his political career dies.

    He’s banging the drum slowly…

    But thank goodness, it’s not overly sentimental yet.

    ~ the blue dog

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Sure didn’t take alot of imagination to come up with that one. Banging Pots? C’mon, STUPID!

  7. So what’s the ad saying, Russ Potts voters are late-night losers who eat mac and cheese straight from the pot? (aka, me?)

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    So, it’s September and the most interesting topics of discussion for voters to consider in the gubernatorial race thus far are:

    1) A commercial that features banging kitchen implements.

    2) Polling data that suggests a tie between the leading candidates

    And people wonder why policy takes a back seat during elections?

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